Red plastic newer vintage. Necklace - 17" in length. Beautiful bright red vintage plastic jewelry.

(Item#Under1-105, Red plastic light weight necklace. Price $2.99)
White lucite beads alternate with tan wood grain beads. Beads are 1/2" in diameter in the front and graduates down to
3/8" in the back. Necklace - 18" in length, spring ring closure.

(Item#Under1-104, White lucite and tan wooden necklace. Price $2.99)
Sim. pearls and stones. Necklace measures 15 inches in length.

(Item#Under1-108, Sim. pearls and stone necklace. Price $2.99)
Carved/molded lucite or another vintage plastic, lighter weight. Exceptional condition. Barrel screw clasp, gives an
invisible finished look. Pendant portion - 2 1/2"L. Necklace - 22".

(Item#Under1-709-201, Carved/molded lucite necklace. Price $16.99)
Carved Sim Bone or Celluloid Necklace
Steel cut floral necklace pendant. Add a chain and it's ready to wear.  Pendant measures 1".

(Item#Under1-116, Steel cut floral necklace pendant. Price $4.99)
Cut Steel Necklace Pendent
Antique wire earrings. Detailed triangular earrings, green marbled lucite stones. Antique silvertone wires holds a
heart on each wire. Total length - 1 1/2" long.

(Item#Under1-108, Antique triangular wire earrings. Price $29.99)
Vintage clip earrings with lucite stones and black flocking. Lucite stones - teals, deep pink, topaz, and dark blue. Long
clips - 2 3/8" x 1 1/2".

(Item#Under1-101, Vintage clip earrings black flocking and rs. Price $2.99)
Silvertone Antique Wire Earrings
1940s-1950s Large Clip Earrings
Sim Pearls and Colorful Stone Choker Necklace
Plastic Vintage Necklace | 1980's
Cheap Vintage Necklace Beads
Three Strand Pearl Necklace with Crystal Beads
Vintage Necklace Parure Set on Sale at Teresa's Vintage Jewelry.
Hand Blown Swirl Blue Glass Beads
Venetian art glass foil bead necklace
Three strand imitation pearl with crystal beads and clear chatons. The extender chain has verdigris, slight pearl
coating flaking. Necklace - 15".

(Item#Under1-304, Three strand imitation pearl necklace and earrings. Price 15.99)
Blue swirl glass stones and gray/blue volcanic beads. Matching clip earrings. Extension chain has verdigris on the extension chain, left unpolished. Signed Japan.

(Item#Under1-302, Blue swirl glass stones and bead necklace and earrings. Price 19.99)
 2 1/4
Measuring 2 1/4"long with a 1/2" x 3/8" clear glass stone, goldtone setting. With a jewelers loop you can see slight
discoloration under the stone.

(Item#Under1-10-326, Clear glass stick pin. Price $2.49)
2 1/4"long. 3/8" imitation pearl. Goldtone setting. Slight bend in the pin stem.

(Item#Under1-10-325, Sim pearl stick pin. Price $1.99)
Saturated deep rich ruby emerald cut lucite cabs. Silvertone. Two clear stretchy bands holds the prong set stones. 3/4"
tall, 2 1/2". Will fit most wrist.

(Item#Under1-802, Ruby red lucite stretch bracelet. Price $3.99)
Linked Chunky red Stretch Bracelet
Puppy Brooch! Delightful green rhinestone eyes. Measure 1" x 3/4". Excellent condition with bright stones.

(Item#Under1-647--773043, Puppy brooch. Price $4.99)
Two poodle pins. Golden textured coat and red eyes. Poodles measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/8".

(Item#Under1-643-773043, Twin poodle pins. Price $15.99)
Doggy Brooch! Blue rhinestone eyes. Measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4 inches. Excellent condition.

(Item#Under1-646-773043, Blue rs eye golden dog brooch. Price $7.99)
Dog figural brooch. Golden wire hair, turquoise eye, molted glass body, imitation pearl collar. 1 3/4" tall x 1 1/2.

(Item#Under1-642-773043, Adorable dog figural brooch. Price $9.99)
Sea theme with fish, glass charms. Blue and green murano glass charm bracelet. Fancy lobster clasp.
7" in length. Silvertone.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-779, Sea theme with fish, glass charms. Price $8.99)
Colorful 3 strand silvertone bracelet. 7" in length. Silvertone. Lobster clasp.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-784, Colorful 3 strand silvertone Bracelet. Price $3.99)
Red millefiori glass bracelet. 7" in length not including the clasp.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-788, Red millefiori glass bracelet. Price $4.99)
Repeating curved links filled with pearlized opalescent rhinestones. 7" in length. Silvertone. Lobster clasp.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-785, Repeating curved links and opalescent stones. Price $3.99)
Dangling and colorful heart charm bracelet. 6 7/8" in length. Silvertone. Lobster clasp.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-787, Dangling colorful heart charm bracelet. Price $2.99)
Slender satin glass 4 strand bracelet. 7" in length. Goldtone. Lobster clasp. Hang tag signed NY.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-783, Slender satin glass 4 strand NY bracelet. Price $8.99)
Sunshine links, multi-colored lucite links. Fold over clasp. 7" in length.

(Item#Vnt-Newer r 1-786, Sunshine link bracelet. Price $3.00)
Charm bracelet, green and clear crystal drops and sim pearls. Lobster clasp. 7" in length. Silvertone.

(Item#Vnt-Newer 1-782, Green clear crystal drops. Price $4.99)
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