Beauty and an artistic liveliness from hundreds of years ago, making jewelry, still goes on today. Jewelry made of berries, pebbles, bones, shells, etc.
were strung with leather gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, platinum, white gold, etc.

Various Jewelry Designers over the years have created many beautiful pieces. Listed here are a few of the designers, just to name a few.  Accessor
Craft Products Co., Adele Simpson, Aeronaut, AFJ, Aksel Holmsen, Alice Caviness, Alpaca, American Queen, Anson, Art, Austria, Avon, Baer, Bates &
Bacon, Bell, Benedikt, Bogoff, Botticelli, Bowman Foster, INC., Boucher, Brier MFG. Co., Brookcraft, Barclay, BSK, Buccellati, Bulgari, Calvaire, Carence
Crafters, Cartier, Cassell-Burt, Castlecliff Co., Inc., Caviness-Alice, Celebrity, Chanel, Charel, Cinter Manufacturing Co., Coro, Crown Trifari, Danecraft,
Foster and Bailey, Georg Jensen, Gerry's, Gray Kingsburg, Gubelin, H. Pomerantz, Hagler-Stanley, HAR, Harry Winston, Harry Iskin, Hattie Carnegie,
Hobe, Hollycraft, Imperial Bouquet, James Jensen, Jensen, Georg, JJ, Joan Rivers, Juliana, Karu, Kaywin Novelty Co., Klein, Kramer, La Rel, Laguna,
Lang ( Sterling, Lea Stein, Lidz Brothers, NYC, Lisner, Lustern, Mandel, Marino, Maurice Jacobs, Mazer, Joseph, Meister, Miriam Haskell, Napier, NLH,
Norma, Ornella, Oscar Charlin, P.S. CO., Panetta, Park Lane, Pell, Peruzzi, Rader-Pauline, Reeves, Renoir, Reed & Barton, Sandor, Sarah Coventry,
Schiaparelli, Schlumberger,Schrager,SIAM, Tammey Jewels, Tara Fith Avenue, Tiffany, Trifari, Unicorn, Van Dell, Vogue, Warner New York. Weiss,
Whiting & Davis, Wiesner-Joseph.

Jewelry is a special ornament, not limited to fine jewelry, costume jewelry, precious gemstones or precious metals, although jewelry had been made out
of almost every kind of material. Jewelry, spelled jewelry in American English, comes in many forms.....not limited to: necklace, bracelet, rings,
brooch/pin, earrings, pendant, locket, charm bracelet, lapel pins, cuff links, tie clasp. Jewelry has always been worn for many purposes. Upper class
royalty wore jewelry such as crowns and mourning jewelry is a prime example of memento jewelry. Necklace parures were very decorative, functional
jewelry can compass tie clasp, sweater guards, or cufflinks.

The antique jewelry and vintage jewelry market online is strong. Buyers and collectors from around the world turn jewelry websites looking for those
prized collections.

Late Georgian years designed large diamond set bow brooches know as Sevigne, that were the fashion with bodices. Also set with diamonds were the
floral sprays and feather brooches.  The eighteenth century is also called the "Age of Paste". Paste jewels is a high lead content glass invented in 1730.
Those who could not afford the high priced diamonds could at least afford the paste, which emulated the style. Antique jewelry is a pleasure to own, not
only for the beginner, but the novelist.

Jewelry fashion changed dramatically in the nineteenth century. A scrolled filigree was used to make a small amount of gold go a long way, called
cannetille. An antique necklace might have seed pearls, emeralds, diamonds, a row of yellow gold lozenge plaques with cannetille decoration. Hundreds
of pieces of jewelry have been designed over the years. Yellow gold chains, girandole pendants, gold brooch with collets.....c-catch.....tube
hinge.....safety pins on chains. Earrings with screwbacks, clips, and wires. Pendants with gems, pearls, diamonds, silver gilt, bezel-set open-backed and
closed-back. There are fine antique rings of gold, silver, cushion-cut, oval-cut, and others, garnets, colorless paste.

Some antique jewelry has been made of cut steel, berlin iron, silesian wire work, riveted faceted beads or studs polished steel which dates to back in the
16th century. Surprisingly, many of these antique jewelry's do not run as costly as I would have imagined.

One of the most popular expressions of sentiment was wearing jewelry containing human hair. These antique pieces were often worn as a memento for
mourning. Most commonly, locks of hair were braided or coiled. Also used were snake motifs which symbolized eternity, seed pearls or a gold thread or
wire tied around the hair which was symbolic of tears, black onyx and black enamel.

Another form of sentiment was the miniature. Before photography, miniatures were the way to wear a likeness/portraits of a loved one. It could perhaps
be painted ivory, yellow gold (yg), and glass, or bisque and enamel. Antique eye miniatures is one of the most rarest forms.

I love the large jewelry brooches with pendant drops. About 1840, these antique brooches were referred to as bodice brooches. Victorian brooches
usually had an extended pinstem (short, small chain with a safety pin).

Coral jewelry was popular throughout the nineteenth century. Coral was worn to fend off disease and evil spirits. Living jewelry is a term used for jewelry
made with materials that were once from living creatures. Pearls, ivory, mother of pearl, and coral.

Hairwork is the second type of hair jewelry. The entire piece of jewelry is made of woven hair finished in gold or gold filled fitting, and decorative
elements as accessories to the piece, popular in the mid-19th century.

Around the 1860s, Tiffiny & Co. had established itself as America's most fine jewelers. Signed older pieces, in my opinion, are highly collectable antique
jewelry pieces.

French jet (glass) molded black glass is another fine collectable antique. Along with bog oak, tortoise shell. Beautiful bracelets were made, earrings,
brooches and pins, necklaces.

Different periods made different jewelry styles. Revivalist jewelry, etruscan jewelry, renaissance jewelry, Egyptian, and more.

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