1 1/16" in diameter. Every different angle brings on a new glimmer of
color from the light refraction capabilities. Crystal glass. Cushion
pads for comfort. Vintage clip on earrings.

(Item#ER211, Vintage colorful multi cut lg earrings. Price $44.99)
STAR. Beautiful Blue moonstones with blue rhinestones and a silvertone pin wheel leaf mount. Signed STAR. Clip
earrings - 3/4" x 3/4". Beautiful.

(Item#ER217, Signed Star blue moonstone rs clips. Price $24.99)
ANTIQUE EARRINGS...Sterling damascene. Black enamel with
engraved figures and fan. Signed: MADE IN SIAM, STERLING, E.
SENG  CHONG. Screwback earrings - 1 1/4" across x 7/8" long.

(Item#ER204, Antique Sterling Damascene screwbacks. Price $39.99)
Antique Jelly belly earrings and crystal rhinestones. Birds are set in silver tone with screw-backs. Red enamel eyes, one eye has a
tiny paint scratch, almost like a crescent moon. An exceptional earrings. Screwback earrings.

(Item#ER208, Antique Jelly belly earrings and crystal rhinestones. Price $44.99)
Antique - Gorgeous pair of yellow glass and gold beaded earrings. These earrings have stunning style with glass
beads and hand wiring. They are very pretty and would be a joy to have and wear. Beautiful screw back earrings for the
gals with or without pierced ears. 1" across.

(Item#ER216, Antique yellow earrings. Price $24.99)
LISNER. These radiant blue ab stones are brilliantly displayed
with a silvertone feather like setting. Clip earrings - 1 1/4" in
length and flow up the ear.

(Item#ER212, Signed Lisner blues rs clips. Price $29.99)
Black multi facet cut glass/black spinel, what every lady needs for that special occasion. The tops are completely
covered with multi cuts and is glamorous. Signed WEST GERMANY. Silvertone and all prong set with decorated
prongs. 3/4 inch across.

(Item#ER201, Black multi facet cut glass/black clip spinels. Price $19.99)
Wrap up any outfit with our collection of jelly belly bird earrings.
Check out the Siam Sterling, Star, unsigned Miriam Haskell, and blue moonstone earrings.
Signed STAR Silver Earrings with Blue Sets and Blue Moonstones
Glitzy vintage clip earrings. Clear stones of 4 sizes and 2 shapes - all prong set rounds and octagons. A couple stones
shows a little vintage clouding. The silvertone metal is impeccably shiny.

(Item#ER 2-539, Glass stone vintage clips. Price $19.99)
Curved vintage ears are fashioned to flow up the ear. Faceted glass crystals centered with a large button simulated
pearl. Clip earrings - 1 1/2" long.

(Item#ER 2-552, Lg Button sim pearl and rs curved vintage earrings. Price $24.99)
Up Scale vintage earring. Clip earrings are fashioned to go up the ear. Earrings are filled with imitation pearls, ab round glass beads,
lotus flower and leaves. Rounded goldtone backing. All beads are hand wired. Clips are rivet set to backing. The hinged back clips
shows wear. Signed Japan. Fabulous! 1 1/4" long x 1/2" across.

(Item#ER 2-551, Up Scale vintage earrings set with volumes of sim pearls. Price $34.99)
1950s Pink Clip Backs
Clip back earrings. Simulated champaign pink glass pearls with ab facet center stones. The centers are light
transparent pink. Older vintage, hand wired to the backing. Marked Japan. 1" x 1".

(Item#ER 2-713, Vintage clips pinks and ab facet. Price $13.99)
Sugar Coated Earrings
Vintage clipback 'Sugar Coated' light pink centers, and glass simulated pearly pearls on the outer row. All beads are
nicely hand wired. Signed Japan.
Measures 7/8" across.

(Item#ER 2-712, 'Sugar Coated' light pink clips. Price $14.99)
Silvertone finish, heavy mounts. Tops hold clear glass rhinestones that taper in sizes, and teardrop pearls below.
Pearls are either real or imitation. The pearls could use a cleaning, the silver is lightly worn. Earrings - 1 1/4" long x
1/2" across.  c. late 1890s.

(Item#NA312/PG2, Silvertone finish, heavy mounts. Earrings. Price $49.99)
Gold Pinks and Purples Screwback Earrings
Vintage Gold Erarings Open Back Punch Metals
A lighter weight screw back earring with pressed meta filigree backs.
Light lucite pink flower tops filled with a large purple center glass
rhinestones. Screwbacks - 3/4" in diameter.

(Item#NA311/PG2, A lighter weight screw back earring. Price $24.99)
Glitzy clip earrings with round and bagette stones.
Antique Fan Damascene Signed Earrings
Signed Lisner AB Blues RS Silver Earrings
A Dazzling UP SCALE Pearl, ABs, Lotus Flower and Gold Earrings
Pearl And RS, Flows Up The Ears Designer Unsigned Earrings
Antique Screwback Earrings
Antique Screwback Pre WWII | Yellow Glass
Black Faceted Spinel Earrings
Antique Jelly Belly Earrings | Paved Birds With Pink Moonstone