Victorian Gilded Lead Screw Back Earrings
Late 1800s small size but heavily hand made screw back earrings. Earrings measure 1/2" wide and hold a lovely blue glass stone. c. late 1890s. The gilding is worn
top and bottom.
Price $119.99
Very classy vintage clip back earrings. Faux turquoise is surrounded by a golden filigree molding, set into a black
molded back of bakelite or lucite. Measures 3/4" wide.
Price $12.99          
White flowers with yellow centers. The material of the flower reminds me of stoneware with enamel but I can't be certain if it is that or glass. Screwback earrings 1" in
length. Lovely spring and summer flowers.
Price $5.99
Coro screwback earrings have large faux baroque pearl in the center and are
surrounded by golden and jade glass beads. The glass beads are wired onto the
base. The base is somewhat darkened on the backside from vintage age and is
left unpolished. Very pretty, 1" x 1".
Price $19.99
Diamond RS Leaver Backs
ORA. Paved tops in a pattern with sixteen crystal glass blue chatons. The backs are a shimmering silvertone. Screwbacks, 1 1/8" x 3/4". c. late 1940. Pristine.
Item#ER 10-507
Price $34.99
White Flower Screwbacks
Detailed Antique Plastic Coral Screwbacks
Slender golden flowers are set with colorful rhinestones and decorated with a golden bow. These have wear a little
on top, but mostly the backs. Earrings are 1" in length.
Price $.99
Cherry red moonglow with Channel Set diamente' rondelles. The screwback earrings dangles 1 1/2".
Screwbacks swings and dangle  over 1 1/2".
Price $25.99
Purple, white, and green victorian revival domed mount earrings
These great looking earrings are comprised of Octagon and Chaton stones in the smoky shades. Silver tone clip on setting. Earrings are unsigned, certainly designer
quality. Earrings - 1 1/4" high x 3/4" wide.
Item#ER 10-572
Price $44.99
Floral Screwbacks $0.99
Diamond rhinestone leaver back earrings. Shiny golden base, large center surrounded by eight smaller stones. 1" in
length. Excellent condition.
Price $29.99
Cherry Red Moonglows and Channel Set Stones Screabacks
Double rows of dangling crystal chatons. The earrings are post for pierced ears. Measures 1 5/8" in length.
Item#ER 10-980
Price $22.99
Exquisitely fashioned in rich gold plated screw backs. Colorful coral red roses are detailed with petals. Hard vintage
lucite, very showy, 3/4" wide.
Price $24.99
Signed Coro Baroque and Jade Earrings
This is a very versatile color and will go with anything. Crystal marquis, crystal chatons, and a black marquis. Post
earrings for pierced ears. Silvertone backing. Measures 1 1/8 x 1/2".
Item#ER 10-981
Price $21.99
Three layers, the adept craftsmanship and faceting create refractions of light like no other. The center layer is a single
crystal chaton, and two layers of princess square crystals. Silvertone, 5/8" across, screwback earrings.
Item#ER 10-570
Price $44.99
The frames are opulent and ornate with tiny seed pearls and two purple
chatons and a large domed marbled green antique lucite cabochon. Gold
washed backs. Clips, 1 1/8" in length.
Price $69.99
Vintage Clip Backs

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