Opal colored ab Rhinestone clip earrings. Stones flow up the ear. Golden setting. 1"T x 1"W. Beautiful.

(Item#ER 5-672, Opal color abs clip earrings. Price $29.99)
A beautiful pair of clip earrings. Green navettes with brown swirls, and peridot rhinestones in a golden setting. 1" long
x 1/2" wide. Signed Made In Germany.

(Item#ER 5-187, Greens and peridot clips. Price $24.99)
Dangle clip earrings set with a double row of clear stones in silver tone. 1 3/4" long. One stone is slightly clouded.
Heavy metal prong set. Lovely detailed vintage earrings.

(Item#ER 5-260, Double row clear chatons, silvertone clips. Price $19.99)
Multi Prong Rounds Two-Tone Earrings | Vintage Fine Jewelry
MoonGlow Channel Sets Vintage Earrings
Antique Shamrock Gold Earrings
Colors! Vintage flower lucite earrings, colors of blacks, coral, turquoise and yellow, centered with a crystal rhinestone.
Florals are riveted, eyelet set. Gold tone vintage screw-back earrings. 1 1/2" x 3/4".

(Item#ER 5-269-40213T, Colorful floral drops, screwbacks. Price $44.99)
Olive Branch MOP Vintage Earrings
Large Center Cabs | Navette Earrings
Champaign Pearl And Light Amber Bead | Long Earrings
Opal AB Paved Earrings Costume Vintage Jewelry
Gold Earrings AB Green Elongated Cabochons and Peridot Chatons
Crystal Rhinestone Vintage Bridal Jewelry
Green glass navettes, green glass rhinestones, and green lucite cabs. Vintage clip backs are done in an exquisite
light goldtone. Could use a gentle cleaning, it was left unpolished. 1" in length x 3/4" across.

(Item#ER515, Green lucite cab and glass navettes and chatons clips. Price $24.99)
Vintage golden earrings. The larger stone has decorative prongs, the peach stones are glass, the round beads are
lucite. Clip-back earrings, they flow up the ear rather than dangle. 1 1/2" in length x 3/4" wide.

(Item#ER514, Yellow and peach clips. Price $24.99)
Antique golden screwbacks with garnet red, green, blue glass rhinestones and
opal center stone. Appx. 1" across.

(Item#ER509, Golden petals rs and opalescent centers. Price $49.99)
Satin greens and clear stones come together making a pair of vintage butterfly earrings. Post earrings. 5/8" x 3/8".

(Item#ER 5-510, Satin greens post earrings. Price $24.99)
Mother of pearl, faux pearls, pink enamel, detailed workmanship, all centered with a fine blue bead. Antique
screwback earrings - 1" x 1 1/4". Exceptional antique.

(Item#ER508, MOP and pink florals screwbacks. Price $49.99)
Four nice 'lavender colored' emerald facet stones, and three nice 'amethyst
colored' chatons set into golden vintage screwback earrings. 1"L x 1/2"W.

(Item#ER 5-511, Lavender and amethyst colors, screwbacks. Price $29.99)
Multiple colors of champaign in round pearl beads, and detailed light golden leaves. Earrings are clip-ons, 1 1/4" in

(Item#ER505, Champaign colors and golden leaves, clips. Price $22.99)
Layered with blue chatons and swirled sky blue square cabochons.
Sparkling screw back earrings are silver-tone, 1" x 5/8".

(Item#ER 5-509, Square and rounds, blues, screwbacks. Price $34.99)
Pinkish moonglow with Channel Set diamente' rondelles. Silvertone screw backs.
1 1/2" in length.

(Item#ER507 Pinkish moonglow, channel set rondells, screwbacks. Price $39.99)

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Sim Opal Earrings, or Antique Dangle Earrings.

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