Dainty clip earrings. Openwork design. Vintage golden clip earrings, 1/2"  in diameter.

(Item#ER1205, Dainty golden clips. Price $4.99)
Art Deco sophisticated geometric earrings. Lucite purple and wood beads, with long transparent plastic barrels and
gold hoops. Vintage shoulder-duster earrings. 14 KT. gold wires, 4 1/4" in length.

(Item#ER1201, Art deco geometric gold wires. Price $49.99)
Shimmering golden earrings holds a single ruby red chaton. A beautiful pressed
metal. Screw backs. This style reminds me of an unsigned ISKIN.

(Item#ER1204, Golden floret screw backs. Price $19.99)
Golden earrings centered with a pink pearlized lucite cab. Post earrings for pierced ears. 1 1/2" in length. Ear nuts are

(Item#ER1207, Golden pink pearlized. Price $4.99)
14KT Gold Wires Geometric Shape earrings
Your online shop for estate jewelry and heirloom pieces. Find antique and vintage earrings
at bargain prices. Signed 14kt, gold earrings, engraved ears, button, and dangles.
Golden and Pink Post Earrings
Golden Floral Screwbacks
Golden Clip On Earrings
WEISS. Gold tone earrings filled with copper tone ab rhinestones that sparkles with amazing colors, surrounded by
textured goldtone scalloped edge. 1 1/8" in diameter. Vintage WEISS clip back earrings.

(Item#ER 12-027, Weiss golden and copper tone rs. Price $34.99)
Silver Clip Earrings Features Aquamarine Briolettes
Elegant sterling silver earrings featuring aquamarine briolettes, crystal metallic blue and light azure glass stones.
Sterling silver clips - 1 1/2"L x 3/8"W. Signed 925 along with an 8 laying on its side.

(Item#ER12-467, Sterling aquamarine crystals clips. Price $14.99)
Red ball dangle earring. Round stones with fancy prong sets. Strawberry red rounds dangles. Antique
screw back earrings - 1 3/8" long.

(Item#ER12-342-656121, Red rounds screw backs. Price $29.99)
STERLING. Jet black antique faceted glass button style screw back earrings. 3/4" x 3/4". Signed STERLING.

(Item#ER12-zxcvb40, Sterling jet black screw backs. Price $29.99)
Shimmering imitation glass pearls mingle with 17 crystal rs stones. Silvertone clips. Fancy backs. Earrings - 1 1/4 inches by 3/4 inches.

(Item#ER12-zxcvb38, Glass pearl detailed clips. Price $34.99)
KRAMER vintage clip back earrings. Elegant molded white pearl
lucites, button clip earrings. Dome set in textured golden scroll
setting. Clips are signed Kramer.  1" x 7/8".

(Item#ER12-zxcvb41, Kramer golden and white clips. Price $24.99)
Designer Signed WEISS Coppertone AB Clipbacks
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Large crystal faceted stones, so 'plentiful' it's hard to say how many
cuts there are. 10 ornamental prongs are used to hold each in
place. Stones are rivet set / aka eyelet set on the backside. This
stone is most  efficient in capturing brilliance and sparkle. Earrings -
1" across, or 1 1/4" diagonal. Stones - 1/2". Style: Clips.

(Item#ER 12-1034-09. Lg facet stone, golden, clips. Price $34.99)