Layaway for orders $80 or more:
60-day Layaway option with two or three equal payments. See Terms of Layaway below. NOTE: Once I receive your layaway order I
will send you an invoice for your first payment along with layaway information.  

Terms of layaway:
To place an order on layaway:
  • The total order must be $80.00 or more before s&h.
  1. $80 to $119.99 can be equally divided up by 2 payments.
  2. $120 or more can be divided by 3 payments. You have the option of telling us if you wish to have 2 payments instead
    of 3.
  • Your first payment will be due when you hear back from us about your layaway plan, usually within 24-48 hours. Please
    watch your spam filters to insure you receive a reply. After we receive your 1st payment, your jewelry will now be on hold.
  • 2nd and 3rd payments:  
  • Options:
  1. We will send you a notice about your next payment, appx. 30 days, give or take. If you do not receive our notice, please
    check your spam folder or let us know. Sometimes we are out of the office a couple days at a time, we will get back to
    you as soon as possible.
  2. You may always pay early without any penalty.
  3. Once your payment is complete, your order will be shipped.
  • What if I want to make an early payment? Go ahead and make the payment.
  • If payment is not received within a week from the due date, the item(s) will be placed for sale again. 50% of the first payment
    and 25% of the second payment will be forfeited and the item(s) will be put back up for sale.
  • Layaway items are non-refundable and no returns or exchanges.
  • Once you start a layaway, you can't exchange or apply the amount to something else.

Information we need from you:
    Required Fields:
  • First and Last Name.
  • Email.
  • Mailing Address.
  • Zip Code.
  • Copy and Paste the ENTIRE 'line item number' of each jewelry piece you are ordering.
Method of Payment - We currently accept PayPal with verified addresses. U.S. orders only.
  • The chart below reflects s&h on  jewelry and jewelry sized items for the U.S. See additional s&h information below.
  • Orders less than $30.00, you must email and specify you wish insurance at an additional cost. (See more info below.)
Jewelry orders only (US):
orders ranging from: (before s&h)
Insurance Info:
S&H Cost:
$0.01 - $30.00
If you desire insurance, you must write and ask for
insurance at an additional cost. You pay for insurance.
See Policies
$30.01 - $49.99
s&h includes insurance
$50.00 - $149.99
s&h includes insurance
$150.00 - $249.99
s&h includes insurance
$250.00 - $349.99
s&h includes insurance
$350.00 - $449.99
s&h includes insurance
$450.00 and over SEE DETAILS ------>
I will invoice for the difference of what automatically
gets charged
*For orders over $450, we must invoice you
for the difference. PayPal allows 6 different
S&H charges, and no more in their program.
We have used that amount.
$450.00 - $549.99
s&h includes insurance
$35.95 *see above
$550.00 - $749.99
s&h includes insurance
$40.95 *see above
$749.99 and over SEE DETAILS ------>
s&h includes insurance
Once order is packaged and weighed, we will
invoice the difference. *see above
Shipping Method: Items are generally shipped USPS using Priority Mail or First-Class Mail in the US.
How to Order, Layaway Details, and Shipping Info
Many of your questions can be answered by searching the links below or on the FAQ tab.
Read our ordering and shipping information below.
Shipping chart below.