Imitation glass pearls and golden glass beads. Gold loss on beads.
Price $.99
Clip earrings. Chip in the clear coat that covers the decorative pink.
Price $2.99
Spring wrap bead bracelet good for crafts. Missing beads on one end.
Lucite and glass beads.
Price $1.49
Browns Vintage Stretch Memory Wire Jewelry
Spring bead bracelet good for crafts
Pink Vintage Earrings
Glass Gold and Pearl Spring Memory Wire Bracelet
Glass Gold and Pearl Spring Memory Bracelet
Memory wire bracelet. Rows of champaign glossy and satin lucite
beads. Missing a few across the end.
Item#Bracelet 110/CRASIS
Price $1.99
Memory Wire Bracelet
Three rows of pretty beads, just missing a few at the end
Glass beads and faux pearls. Metal spaces shows oxidation.
Wearable. Old repair at the end.
Item#Bracelet 109/CRASIS
Price $1.99
4-Row Memory Wire Vintage Bracelet
Greens Memory Wire Bracelet
Crafts or Repair. Antique and vintage elements can be used creatively to fashion jewelry
necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc.
Southwestern Bangle Cuff Bracelet
Silvertone cuff with southwestern design. Imitation turquoise. Tarnished or moderately worn. 1 1/8" wide in front and
tapers down in size. Inside diameter is 2 1/2" from side to side and has a 1 1/4" gap.
Item#Bracelet 1809/CRASIS
Price $5.99
Creamy 3-Row Vintage Costume Jewelry
Red Accordian Style Bracelet
Vintage red thermoset panel stretch bracelet. 1 1/2"w. Golden. I'm not sure it's repairable, it has come disconnected at
a link. Wear on the inside. A few scuff marks to the red. Hong Kong.
Price $1.99
Large red tear drop vintage stretch bracelet. Although everything is secure, the two strands of elastic needs replaced.
Multiple lucite hollow beads.
Price $14.99
Vintage Geometric Stretch Vintage Plastic Bracelet
Spring wrap bracelet. Multiple sized creamy pearls. Shows wear.
Item#Bracelet 311/CRASIS
Price $1.99
Creamy 3-Row Memory Wire Bangle
Pretty in Pink Bracelet with marquis opalescent and pink rhinestones
Absolutely beautiful but needs a new clasp
Signed B & N, Gold GF Sweetheart Stretch Bracelet
Sweetheart bracelet
Soft pink opalescent marquis and dark pink large chatons. The clasp has been flattened. I don't think it's fixable. There is a bend in
the center. You can see it in the last photo. Measurements: 7 3/4" x 7/8".
Price $19.99
Signed B & N, Gold GF Sweetheart Bracelet. Red star center. The band has become
disconnected at a link. Either the little spring has come unattached, or broken.
Price $12.99
Jewelry elements can be
used creatively to fashion
jewelry necklaces,
bracelets, brooches, etc.
Beads are fun to add to
crafts for lamp shads,
memory cards, kids crafts,
arts, photo projects, scrap
booking, wire work just to
name a few. Experiment
with different ways to create
stylish pieces out of
everything from gemstones
and pendants, to earrings
and necklaces. The eye for
creativeness can take you
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Red plastic beads are is finished with stylized golden prong caps. The beads have
crazing / fractures, and is noticeable upon close scrutiny. Necklace - 15 1/2"L.  Fringe
- 2". Beads: 1/2" thick.
Item#Necklace 3709/CRASIS
Price $19.99
1930's Art Deco Fringe Drop Necklace
Vintage, maybe unworn. Silvertone. Heavily made. Hazy large stone on
one earring. I tried to show this in the photo. Clips, 1 1/4" x 1".
Item#ER 1032/CRASIS
Price $9.99
Buy the lot and save money. This lot is sold as is. To use in crafts, repurpose, and
some can be worn as is.
Lot price: $69.99
Cylindrical facet cut glass beads, 3/8", with tiny white glass spacers. 3/4" decorative clasp has missing tiny
rhinestones. Necklace -  21 1/2" long.
Item#Necklace 2405/CRASIS
Price $19.99
Carnival AB Facet Glass Antique Necklace
Or buy a piece at a time below.
Golden ab and imitation pearl in a leafy bracelet. Vintage rub wear to the top of each pearl. Wear on the backside.
Measures: 7 1/4"L.
Price $9.99