Your inquiries are important to us. Please note that due to a large volume of mail, we cannot respond to every inquiry,
but be assured that each is read and considered. We do not appraise jewelry.

Our wish is that you are thrilled with your experience in shopping our on-line store and with your purchase. If you have
any questions or need further assistance, please let us know.  To help with shopping, we try to offer larger images.
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Please do remember you are buying an Antique Jewelry and Vintage Jewelry Heirlooms. All items are sold as we
acquired them. They have been worn unless otherwise stated, and may need cleaning. Condition of collectibles can
be expected to show some signs of wear or imperfections. We list items from antique stores, estate sales, family and
friends, etc. and we try to describe and give detail of all items. Many of the details we collect from the original owners.
We are not appraisers and we do our very best to describe items accurately, and show details in photos.

About once a year we send out an invitation to visit us. If you wish not to receive this short email, please let us know.
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    3. (Item#Bracelet 1026az, Golden Topaz. Price $14.99)
Email us OR use the automated email address below (it works with most email clients).
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    What if a jewelry
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    sold? If the jewelry item
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    Questions our customers ask:

    Do you have automatic payment options? No. The automatic payments and add to cart buttons are no longer
    available. I do still take PayPal. Please see payment instructions below.

    Why don't you have automatic payments? The website building platform is being changed and I'm on my own
    now. As per notice from Yahoo: "We will no longer be supporting or allowing Yahoo SiteBuilder
    websites to be updated". And, "We have made the difficult decision of ending support for SiteBuilder to focus
    on our other website tools to keep your business looking good online. Creating a new website can be daunting, so
    we have put together a number of solutions to help you get a new website built quickly and easily".

    Therefore, I found it necessary to remove all automatic type payment options. You can still order by contacting me

    Will you stay open for business? We will be open till the end of 2021. After conversing with Yahoo a few
    times I decided to leave my store up through the end of 2021. I won't be able to add new jewelry items, but I am
    more than happy to sell everything in the shop.

    I do love this ‘vintage mom and pop site’ I created but it's time I rethink things. Thank you, and all the people I’ve
    gotten to know and to my customers for your wonderful support.

    What will you do at the end of 2021? I haven't decided yet, I'm leaving my options open.