Carved bakelite rose brooch in rich butterscotch, early bakelite
period. The pin back is heatset in the back with a c-clasp. The
pin stem is slightly bent, I have not straightened. Pin - 1" in

(Item#BRCH603, Butterscotch bakelite rose. Price $39.99)
Little vintage pink mouse pin with big black ears and ruby red rhinestone eyes and a long black tail. His body is
hollow, his ears and tail moves. MADE IN HONG KONG. 2 1/2" long.

(Item#BRCH606, Pink Mouse Pin. Price $3.99)
Lace floral off whie celluloid brooch with clear rhinestones. Nice dimension and high relief flowers. Might benefit from a little cleaning, I have cleaned it. Excellent vintage.

(Item#BRCH605, Off white lace floral celluloid. Price $29.99)
Silver Designer Signed WARNER Reverse Carved Glass Brooch
WARNER. Vintage glass cameo brooch, reverse carved and open
on the backside creating great light from every angle. Silver-tone
frame. There is a small spot of plate loss beside the signature on
the back. In overall excellent vintage condition. Silver tone frame.
Measures 1 3/8" across x 1 7/8" long.

(Item#BRCH610, WARNER. Vintage glass. Price $44.99)
Exquisite Carved Black and Clear Vintage Plastic Brooch
Carved Vintage Plastic Brooch Rivited c-clasp closure
This is a gorgeous older brooch. Deep carved vintage plastic black and clear brooch. The cameo is very detailed down to the
necklace. C" clasp closure. Measures 2-/4" X 1-7/8". C-clasp closure riveted on.

(Item#BRCH612, Deep carved black white clear. Price $89.99)
Egyptian Scarab Golden Pin
Antique Pressed Metal, Serpents and Wings
Egyptian revival pressed metal. The pressed brass has an elaborate design that includes cobras, wings and lotus blossoms, with a green celluloid scarab beetle
insert. The beetle is detailed on the front side as well as the backside. 2" x 1 1/2". Pat number on back under pin clasp: PAT 2066969.

(Item#BRCH613, Pressed metal egyptian scarab. Price $79.99)
Tussie Mussie with serpent at tip. Hammered metal, a chain attachment dangling two plain round fobs, long pin stem and c-clasp, hand made, gold wash. There is a
spot in the center that has age darkened. A very beautiful Tussie Mussie. 2 1/8" tall x 1/4" diameter.

(Item#BRCH611, Tussie Mussie pin. Price $149.99)
A Large Stem of Flowers Brooch and Matching Earrings
Stemmed gold tone brooch and earring demi paure. The floral holds huge expression with oranges, yellows and whites. 3 1/4"
long x 2" across. Earrings, clips, 1 1/8"  long. A bright sassy set to brighten your day.

(Item#BRCH 6-181, Multi floral Set. Price $89.99)
Silver Elongated Lilac Brooch
Three Stone Silver Lilac Brooch
Elongated Silvertone vintage pin. Oh so pretty. Chunky
vintage lilac clear acrylic resin stones has a lovely sunny
glow that glistens. Sets are prong set and open backed. 2"
by 1/2". Excellent condition.

(Item#BRCH6-448, Three lilac clears. Price $29.99)
Vintage Pink Plastic Mouse | Designer Signed MADE IN HONG KONG
Carved Bakelite Pin Brooch Heatset Pin on Reverse
Carved bakelite rose brooch
Tussie Mussie Serpent At End
Tussie-Mussie with Chain and Fobs
Serpent Tussie-Mussie
Antique Celluloid Brooch Lacy Detailed Work
Ornate with creamy white carved celluloid
Antique celluloid brooch
This is a truly fine example of the extraordinary jewelry of years ago. Early plastics, celluloid's, bakelites.
Tussie Mussie c clasp, Tussie-Mussie with Serpent, Brooches and Pins.
Art deco geometric bar cloisonné brooch pin. This attractive unusual brooch gives ultimate flash using a black vintage plastic base,
brass colored triangles, green gemstone chips, and silver flecks. I want to call it an executive brooch, and it can be worn in any
directions. Measures 3" in length.

(Item#BRCH 6-414-10, Art deco geometric. Price $89.99)
The decoration is formed by
soldering silver, gold, or other
thin strips onto the jewelry,
then adding vitreous enamel.
In older periods also inlays of
cut or chips of gemstones,
glass, and other colorful