Topaz with a large thick Portuguese cut stone. The metal work is a twisted rope design which is 100% intricately detailed. The stone itself measures 1 1/4" x 5/8" and is
set with kings crown prongs. A couple prongs missing, or was never there to start with. 1 3/4" wide x 1 1/8" long. Weighs about 25g. Excellent antique condition.
Price $169.99
Thick jet black brooch. Heavy made with tear drop stones, navettes, and two sizes of chatons. A couple imperceptible minute flea bites on the edge. Spectacular
condition. Longer pin stem on the backside exceeds the locking clasp. Set in a silver tone. 2 1/4" x 2 1/4".
Price $119.99
Wow, wow, wow! Dressy with a spectacular array of chatons and facet cut pear stones in a swirl pattern. Medium and light pinkish lavender stones. 1 3/4" x 1 3/4".
Price $89.99
Antique Art Deco Dress Collar pins (2). Encrusted with large emerald square cut stones that run down the center, and surrounded by crystal chatons of multiple sizes.
Hand set in a thicker silver-tone metal. The geometric shape has a wave. 2"L x 7/8"W. Pin stems slightly bowed. Very little antique wear. Excellent antique pins.
Price $149.99
Enamel Red brooch pin. The brooch is arched in the center and filled with deep red rhinestones on deep red enamel. 2 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" deep.
Price $39.99
A 4" heavy D&E Juliana, de lizza elster brooch. The center stone is 1/2", saw-toothed prong set. Surrounding are multiple colored tear drop stones, various sizes of
round chatons, some saw tooth set and some prong set. Multiple colors - orange, red, blues, browns, cirtins, greens, and others. 4"L x 2 1/4"W, the flower is 5/8" deep.
Price $159.99
The brooch is an openwork filigree, silvertone, suspending a jet black glass stone. c. 1930s -
1940s. 2 3/4" across x 4 1/4" length.
Price $44.99
Antique Brooch, Wear it Longwise or Up & Down, c-clasp
This brooch can be worn vertically or horizontally. Silvertone floral motif with pink ab glass stones of two sizes, set in a
silvertone metal. C-clasp closure. 2 1/2 x 1 1/16 inches.
Price $69.99
Two shades of transparent pinkish stones compliment this absolutely stunning old time piece
Magnificent For Any Special Occasion Huge Pinks Antique Brooch
Lovely antique hand cut butterfly pin. Weaved butterfly wings, hook c-clasp on the backside. Brooch - 1 1/2" long and the wing span is 1 3/4". c. late 1800s.
Price $79.99
Victorian Pin c. 1870-1880 Engr Pansies and Foliate
Antique victorian pin, engr pansies, foliate, border. Black enameled. Oval-shaped
polished gold, gold content unsigned. Pin stem on reverse has a slight bend. 1" x
3/4". C-catch tube hinge, extended pin-stem. In excellent antique condition.
Price $89.99
See necklace. Please see our art deco emerald crystal necklace that
compliments these
collar pins.
Austria. Double floral brooch, one dark blue and one medium blue. Slender navettes on each side, centers are filled with crystal clear stones. Designer signed Austria.
2" across.
Price $39.99
Thick Jet Black Brooch Longer Pin Stem
Backside is silver tone, pin extends nicely beyond clasp
Silver Double Floral Head Brooch Signed Austria
Designer Signed Austria Double Floral Head Brooch
D&E Juliana De Lizza Elster Masterpiece brooch
The stones are all prong-set, 1/2 inch centered saw-toothed prong set stone
Oversized 4 inch heavy D&E Juliana, de lizza elster
Antique Hand Cut Brooch Butterfly c-clasp
Open Work Filigree Punch Metal Antique Brooch
Hand Cut Brooch
Antique butterfly brooch
Pair - Antique Emerald Cut Art Deco Dress Collar Pins
Hand set in silver tone
Ravishing Red Antique Enamel Brooch Pin
The brooch poofs up in the center giving it depth
Enamel red and deep red rs
Edwardian Smokey Topaz Brooch Kings Crown Prong Set
Styling is nothing new. Even our ancestors styled themselves with unbelievably impressive Edwardian brooches.
Enjoy the days when you hear someone say...I remember when Grandma wore a brooch
just like that!