Floral Vintage Floral Brooch
Vintage Juliana. Shades of lighter and darker peridot greens. Open backed navettes, and round rs. Brooch - 3"T x 1
1/2"W. Earrings - clips, 1 1/2"T. Gold-tone metal.

(Item#BRCHSET302/1952/20, Peridot brooch, clip earrings. Price $59.99)
Massive Juliana D&E Garnet Rhinestone Demi Parure
Slender Marquis and Chaton Red Brilliant Stones Juliana Parure
Vintage Rhinestone Brooches
Dimensional Juliana D&E garnet marquis and rhinestone brooch demi parure ensemble. A central garnet chaton stone surrounded by rays of garnet marquis cut
stones, banded with a complete row of rs. All glass stones, prong set, gold-tone setting. Brooch - 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 1/2". Earrings - clips, 1 1/4"L.

(Item#BRCHSET303/1953/20, Marquis dimensional brooch set. Price $149.99)
Multi-colors with pinks, yellow, clear, and blue and greens. Stones are navettes and rounds of different sizes.
Gold-tone settings. Brooch - 2 3/4"L x 1 3/4"W. Earrings - clips, 1 1/4" long.

(Item#BRCHSET306/1955/20, Multi-color floral set. Price $59.99)
Juliana demi parure. Long slender topaz navettes, citrin and crystal round stones in both pieces. Brooch - 2 3/4" x 3/4"
wide. Earrings - clips, 1 1/4" long, they go up the ear.

(Item#BRCHSET305/1954/20, Juliana Demi topaz set. Price $99.99)
Designer Signed Weiss Brooch and Earring Set
Weiss. Multiple rows of givre navettes with green round crystal stones. The brooch is set in a mound, giving nice depth
to it. 2" diameter. Earrings, 1" clips. All pieces are signed Weiss.

(Item#BRCHSET304/1951/20, Round Givre Set. Price $64.99)
Silver Heart Leafs Lined Flowers & MOP Brooch and Earrings
Vintage jewelry clover leaf set. Open work, silver-tone. Mother of pearl disk, colorful enamel flowers with bead centers,
green, pink and purple rhinestone between each heart. Brooch - 1 1/2" x 1 3/4". Earrings - 1" x 1" clips.

(Item#BRCHSET3-028/1950/20, Clover Set. Price $29.99)
Matching Brooch & Earrings Brooch Set
Long Slender Navettes Juliana Parure
Large Paved Bird Brooch multi colors
Paved Vintage Bird Brooch with Long Pin Stem
Paved bird brooch. Larger round and pear shaped stones. Every stone
is prong set from head to tail. Measures 4" long (that includes the 1"
tail), x 1 1/2" across. The pin clasp has a slight bend and the clasp is
hard to close, but it does hold nicely tight. Long pin stem dates it to an
older vintage brooch.

(Item#BRCH20-035, Paved 4" Bird. Price $119.99)
Victorian French Jet Florals with Seed Pearls Tube Hinge & c-clasp
Victorian French Jet morning brooch. Carved florals centered with 3 genuine seed pearls. The back is a five bowl with
loop sides. Rose gold or rose gold wash. T-bar pin and C-clasp. 2 1/4" x 1/2". Circa early to mid 1800s.

(Item#BRCH20-036, Victorian Floral. Price $199.99)
Vintage Love Knot Heart Brooch 3 Hearts Dangles from Brooch
Antique Pave Heart Love Knot Brooch
Golden brassy love knots and hearts brooch pin. Each heart has a different
design and ranges from 3/8"L. to 3/4"L. The first and middle hearts are open (no
backs) on the backside, the last one is a closed heart. Brooch - 2" long. Spring
ring clasp.

(Item#BRCH20-050, Golden Hearts. Price $49.99)
Victorian French Jet Mourning Brooch large c-clasp
Victorian French Jet Mourning Brooch. Two rows of Faceted French Jet. There is a small bow in the end. Tiny amount
of paint worn off the back. T-bar pin and C-clasp, with a long pin stem extending outward. Size is 2 5/8" x 1/2".

(Item#BRCH20-064, French Jet Bar. Price $189.99)
Antique Black Heart Love Knot brooch pin. Paved stones are clear and brilliant set
into a silvertone enameling. Love knot - 2 1/2" wide. Heart - 1". Over all length - 2
1/8". Round hinge pin stem, Secure locking pin clasp.

(Item#BRCH20-078, Black Heart Paved. Price $139.99)
Coro Vintage Jewelry Three Brooches - Bird Scatter Pins
Three Coro vintage jewelry pins. Birds in flight are signed CORO. 1 1/8" x 7/8". Lustrous gold-tone.

(Item#BRCHSET205/20, Coro Birds. Price $39.99)
Hand holding a rs diamond, rs around the wrist
Vintage jeweled plastic elegant hand pin
Vintage pin, pink hand holds an imitation diamond and
rhinestones around the wrist. Pin style c shaped clasp. 2 1/2" in
length x 1".

(Item#Brooch 20-736, Hand. Price $69.99)
Coro floral long stem flower and matching clip earrings
All pieces signed Coro
Coro. Floral long stem demi parure set. Brilliant pink ab's and
rhinestones. Brooch - 3 1/2" x 1". Clip earrings - 1" long. All
pieces are signed Coro.

(Item#BRCH 20-434, Pinks, floral set. Price $49.99)
What's more impressive with a jacket for that stroll in the park? A Scatter Pin,
an Antique Pave Brooch, and a shimmering brooch.
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