Circle Art Nouveau Champleve Enamel Pin Brooch
Circle Art Nouveau Pin c clasp on reverse
Champleve Pin c.1900 C-Clasp
Antique Lotus Art Nouveau Champleve Enamel Pin
Blue White Art Nouveau Champleve Enamel pin
©AVON. Golden bar pin with a centered crystal rhinestone and ornate design.

(Item#P110/B1909, AVON golden bar jewelry. Price $4.99)
Blue White Antique Enamel Pin C-Clasp
Portrait, dot transfer. Lady is wearing a Tiara. Filigree ornate golden openwork frame. Signed Western Germany. 1
1/8"T x 1 1/8"W.

(Item#P107/B1907, Dot transfer portrait lady. Price $19.99)
Vintage Avon Pin
Vintage Brooch Spanish Dancer
Portrait of a Victorian Lady Antique Brooch
Champlevé Pin. Water lily in shades of white, blue, green in carved
cells with a touch of trimming. They even show the stamens in the
center flower. 1 5/16"L. c-clasp pin. Gilded. Perfect antique condition.

(Item#P101/B1901, Champlevé Lotis Pin. Price $69.99)
Champlevé Pin. In shades of blue and white carved cells. Age spots on
the backside. Gilded. c-clasp closure. 1 1/16 inch long. This pin has an
art deco flair making it more rare.

(Item#P102/B1902, Champlevé Diamond Shape. Price $44.99)
Art Nouveau Pin, black and white enameling with circular S pattern.
Gold gilded. 1" across. C-clasp closure. Perfect antique condition.

(Item#P103/B1903, Black white circular S pattern. Price $69.99)
Antique Brooch, Carved Mother of Pearl
Scenic carved mother of pearl lady in cane field antique brooch. Deep carved. Radiates a beautiful colors. Embedded c clasp closure. A little natural bow to the center.

(Item#P104/B1904, Scenic carved mop lady in cane field antique brooch. Price $34.99)
Colorful MOP Lady Picking Sugar Cane
Vintage Spanish dancer brooch, puffy sleeves, rs bodice, beautiful layered dress. Light wear to enamel seen on
enlargement when photographing.

(Item#P108/B1908, Spanish dancer brooch. Price $16.99)
Deep Carved Mother of Pearl Embedded C-clasp
Antique Victorian Pin Gold Wash c clasp
Victorian Pin C-Clasp
Unique antique victorian pin in goldtone, leaves and berries in open design. Gold wash with c clasp. 1 1/2" x 1". Late 1800s.

(Item# P111/B1905, golden grapes and vines. Price $79.99)
Large Green Blue Juliana Brooch
1930's Good Luck 4 Leaf Clover Signed
4 leaf clover. Five gems of turquoise, carnelian, tigers-eye, jade, centered with a chrysocolla stone. Gold-wash. 1 1/2"
tall. Marked "Pat 2066969".

(Item#BRCH19.2/NA207, 4-leaf clover marked pin. Price $49.99)
Large Juliana brooch. Aurora borealis glass stones, marquise green, blue/green stones,  prong set leafs, and lucite
prong set leafs, all set with eyelets / rivets in silvertone. 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" and is stunning.

(Item#BRCH19.1/NA206, Juliana leaves marquise. Eyelet back. Price $89.99)
Various shapes and sizes of glass rhinestones, marquise stones, fancy cut round center stone, and imitation pearl
dangles and rhinestone rondelles. Heavy large brooch, 3" tall x 1 3/4" across. Looks new, it has always been placed
away in a jewelry box. Exceptional, never worn.

(Item#BRCH19.3/NA208, Shimmering heavier brooch. Price $39.99)
Vintage Celluloid Plastic Flower Antique Pin Heat Set c-clasp
Antique Brooch Carved Plastic Flower
Brooch is also a Necklace Pendent Vintage Booch
Antique plastic jewelry. Pure black, antique plastic flower pin with engraved leaves. Clear flower stamens in the center (see photo
on right). Excellent. C-clasp. Heat set pin. 3" across.

(Item#BRCH 19-677, Black antique floral jewelry. Price $79.99)
A beautiful brooch. Various shades of blue and teal stones, along with moonstones. Gold tone. Large blue imitation pearl in
the center. The reverse is set with a loop where you can place a chain and wear this as a necklace. 1 3/4" x 1 3/4".

(Item#BRCH 19-196, Blues, teals, whites, blue lg pearl center. Price $44.99)
Champlevé is an enamelling technique, a process of cutting away indentations in metal, filling the depression with pulverized vitreous enamel till forms the
design. After the enamel has annealed and cooled, it is filed, smoothed, and polished.
The raised metal that was left of the original surface remains visible and
were typically gilded. It was
a highly important decorative element of Art Nouveau jewelry.
Antique mother pearl pin
Vintage Twinkling Starlit Brooch
Star like brooch. It looks light gold in some lights, and silver in others. Nicely detailed dome brooch with lavenders,
pink chatons, and imitation pearls. 1 1/2" across.

(Item#BRCH 19-zxcvbn68, Starlike with lavenders pain chatons pearls. Price $19.99)
Antique mop Mother pin. Mother is in cursive set into an iridescent
nacre mother of pearl with detailed lines and leaf shape. The lettering
wraps thru to the back to form the secure c-pin closure. Size is 1 3/4'L x

(Item#BRCH 19-zxcvbn67, MOP mother. Price $34.99)
Mother is in cursive
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Bright Bold Silvertone Brooch RS Rondells
Victorian Antique - Adorable and Sweet French, with hallmark-s, and signed "CHAMPLEVE" "STERLING". Would have most likely been a treasured accessory for one of
those incredible French Bebe's and would look fantastic on. Original guilloche enamel brooch in sterling, ornate white enhanced by delicate pink/red posey flowers that
surround the entire brooch, not just the top and bottom. Just lovely, for to own this brooch is to own a piece of history, and here is your chance to own a piece that won't
set you back thousands of dollars. C-clasp, signed, hallmarked. Measures 2 1/16" x 1 5/8".

(Item#BRCH710/19, Antique
Champlevé brooch. Price $129.99)
Victorian Antique - CHAMPLEVE STERLING with Hallmark-s
Victorian CHAMPLEVE STERLING Guilloche Enamel Brooch
C-clasp, brooch is signed and hallmarked