CIRCLE BROOCH PIN. Beautiful red and green Micro Mosaic. Safety catch on the back. Measures 1 1/4" across. Newer

(Item#BRCH1204, Mosaic circle pin. Price $19.99)
Micro mosaic guitar pin. Beautiful guitar pin for all music lovers. Just
under 2" long and 3/4" wide in a gold tone with a c clasp on reverse.
Micro mosaics designs are intricate, and very fine. Newer vintage.

(Item#BRCH1205, Mosaic guitar. Price $19.99)
ROMA Micro mosaic Pin. Antique  pin/brooch. 1" diameter. Safety pin closure.

(Item#BRCH1201, ROMA mosaic. Price $39.99)
Antique Micro Mosaic Brooch. Miniature tesserae tiles differing in sizes. Detailed
back. 1"W x 3/4". Safety pin closure. Signed - Made In Italy.

(Item#BRCH1202, Mosaic Made in Italy. Price $49.99)
Antique Bar Pin. The pin shows normal antique age wear. C-clasp on backside. 1 1/2 inches long. Mid to late 1800s.

(Item#BRCH1206, Unmonogrammed bar pin. Price $19.99)
Monogrammed bar pin. Old style writing. Bar pin measures 1" in length.

(Item#BRCH1207, Monogrammed antique Bar pin. Price $14.99)
Micro mosaic. Closes with a safety pin clasp. 1 1/4" in length.

(Item#BRCH1208, Mosaic mandolin. Price $29.99)
Antique Tile Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin, Milgrain Bead Edge. Dome rounded top, brass setting, signed Made In Italy. Old
style safety pin back. 1" in diameter.

(Item#BRCH1203, Mosaic Bead Edge. Price $45.99)
Antique Micro Mosaic, Micro Mosaic Made In Italy
Micro Mosaic with Safety Pin Clasp
Antique Tile Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin Signed Made In Italy
Antique Bar Pin Un-Engraved Pin Clasp
Monogrammed Bar Pin Writing unsure of the letters
Circle Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin
Lisner. Large golden floral brooch with crystal rhinestones and
matching clip back earrings. Brooch - 2" x 2", 3/4" thick. Round safety
catch. Earrings - clips, 1" x 1". Nice heavy set. Each piece signed.

(Item#BRCHSET102/12, Golden floral Lisner Set. Price $49.99)
Heavy oval brooch with imitation pearls and volumes of pink crystals of various sizes, 2" x 1 1/2". Complimentary clip
earrings. Curved oblong, pink crystal colors match the colors in the brooch, 1".

(Item#BRCHBSET103/12, Pinks heavy oval brooch complimentary ears. Price $39.99)
Vintage SIGNED LISNER Brooch Set Vintage Lisner Brooch Demi Parure
Designer Signed Lisner Brooch Set Lg Golden Florals
The brooch has a large amber glass, which has a wave of darker amber running through it. It is decorated with crystal
chatons, bordered by navettes, 2 1/4" long by 2" wide. Clip earrings, the earrings are designed to run the outer edge of
the ear, 2" long by 3/4" wide. Hard to find signed MADELEINE.

(Item#BRCHSET06/12, Rare signed Madeline large set, brooch ears. Price $189.99)
RARE Signed MADELEINE Vintage Jewelry Madeleine Signed Brooch Set
Excellent vintage crystal clear rhinestone bar pin
Vintage crystal clear rhinestone bar pin. 50s era. Sparkling clear rs line up the 1 1/8" bar pin, silvertone.

(Item#BRCH12-5-zxcvbn44, Crystal RS bar pin. Price $14.99)
Vintage Micro Mosaic Guitar Pin
Micro mosaic guitar pin for all music lovers
Antique ROMA Micro mosaic Pin Signed ROMA
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