Signed. Blue cats-eye navettes and leaves, pink stems, golden ribbons accented with crystal
chatons, heavy metal enameled brooch. Few flecks on enamel. Just mentioning this for accuracy. In
excellent vintage condition. 2 1/2"T x 1 1/2"W. Signed MADE IN USA, Signed 'S' inside of star for Fred
Gray. Outstanding. These older Fred Gray floral pieces are hard to find in great shape.

(Item#BRCH1124, Signed S Blues pinks enamel floral. Price $129.99)
A white metal rectangular piece at top with paste round crystal stones. It
suspends a Peking glass which is banded in a white metal frame. No
missing stones, although the central vertical bar 'partially' covers a space
where a glass stone would be 'if it were not covered by this bar'. Some
stones have slightly darkened. Excellent victorian condition. 2 7/8" from
top to bottom. Long pin stem extending outward on reverse.

(Item#BRCH1103, Suspended peaking white framework. Price $189.99)
Antique veil pin. Gold or gold wash, hand incised design on the oval
circumference. The center straight bar is silver or platinum lined with
probable paste stones and one on either side of the bar in the gold
area. The c-clasp (has a slight bend). Measures 1 1/2" x 3/4".

(Item#BRCH1104, Veil pin gold and white. Price $169.99)
Antique golden pin accented with ruby red and sapphire rhinestones with two crystal navettes. Round
safety catch. 1 1/2" tall.

(Item#BRCH1110, Antique sapphire crystal sets in pin. Price $24.99)
Marked. Open weave lattice work, three-dimensional waves, scalloped outer edges,
and layered with two large dark amber glass stones. 2"W x 1 1/4"T. Marked on the
backside 95 and has a c tube catch. Antique 1895 brooch.

(Item#BRCH1106, Open weave dimensional scalloped amber stones. Price $139.99)
Signed 'PR. ST. CO 1/20-12K ON STERLING'. Bright golden pin/brooch set with a brilliant
ruby colored glass stone, open backed. There is a slight bend in the pin stem on the
backside. It closes nicely. Measures 1 3/4" in length. Antique signed pin.

(Item#BRCH1102, Golden set ruby red stone, pin stem. Price $89.99)
Antique Bubble Filigree Brooch, Golden Brassy, Detailed Leaves, Green Glass Orb Atop. Unsigned, a gold wash does show spotting on top but hard to see. Superb
antique condition. Measures 2 inches x 1 inch. C-clasp closure.

(Item#BRCH1108, Green orb and golden brass filigree leaf work. Price $89.99)
Victorian Edwardian Gold Gilt Sash Brooch Pin
Victorian Edwardian Sash Pin C-Clasp
Victorian sash gold gilt over base metal pin/brooch with a large faceted
amethyst like lucite foiled back stone. Decorative applied vining grapes
and leaves. The metal base top is decorated with a texture of hammered
metal. 2 5/8”W by 2'T. It has a C hook on the back.

(Item#BRCH11-018, Sash gold guilt grapes and leaves. Price $149.99)
Peking Glass & Black Paste Diamonds Victorian Brooch
An Art Deco Cold Enamel Fred Gray
Signed 1895 Openwork Victorian Brooch C Tube Catch
Antique Pin Golden Ruby Sapphire and Crystal Stones
Antique Picture Locket Repousse Curved Bar
Antique Locket 2 picture frames complete with papers and clear films
Designer Signed Art Brooch Set
Art. Two tone vintage jewelry set in gold-tone and silver-tone. Brooch - 3 1/2"W x 1 1/2"T. Earrings - clips, 1 1/4"L x
3/4"W. Impeccable set. Designer signed Art on backside.

(Item#BRCH11-478, Two tone ART signed Set. Price $49.99)
Antique Brass Brooch, Filigree Detailed Leaves, Green Glass Orb Atop
Antique Bubble Filigree Brooch
Open filigree work with c catch on reverse antique brooch
Juliana brooch and earring set
Juliana set. Prong-set crystal stones in emerald green and peridot
over goldtone metal. Each stone is riveted (see backside). The
design on the pin features a flower and leaves. Pin - 3 3/4"L x 1/2"W.
Earrings - clips, 1 1/4" x 7/8.

(Item#BRCH 11-347/348, Juliana Emerald Set. Price $119.99)
Circle wreath and matching earrings, lavender and purple stones prong set
Open the heart locket so you can press in two photos
 Faux pearl with 2 enamel pink flowers
Vintage locket brooch. The heart locket opens so you can press in
two photos, or a love note. Faux pearl with 2 enamel pink flowers.
Excellent shape. 1 1/2" across x 1 3/4" long. .

(Item#BRCH 11-603, Pearl flowers atop heart locket. Price $24.99)
Circle wreath demi parure lavender and purple stones. The larger lavender chatons are prong set in dogtooth
settings. Brooch - 1 1/2" across. Earrings - curved clips, 1" in length.

(Item#BRCH 11-267, Circle lavender shades Set. Price $49.99)
Antique bar brooch. Gold wash pressed metal, verdure and scrolls across.
One end of the top shows light antique darkening from opening and closing
the pin. C clasp on back. 3" x 1". Excellent antique condition.

(Item#BRCH 11-415-887-10, Bar gold wash pressed metal. Price $39.99)
One end of the top shows light antique darkening from opening and closing and holding the pin
Gold wash pressed metal, verdure and scrolls across
Antique Veil Pin with Paste Stones
Antiuqe centered with 10 paste stones
Glamor yourself with ornaments. Shop for a victorian Peking Glass brooch,
antique Bubble Filigree Glass brooch, signed PR.ST.CO. pin, antique veil pin, or paste stones.
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Metal floral pattern curved 1 1/2"W bar suspends a small chain and a short cranberry glass disk crystal along with a heart locket.
The heart lock holds 2 pictures and consist of 2 metal heart frames, 2 original papers, and 2 clear films. Gold field, unsigned.
Locket - 3/4" x 7/8" long. Brooch - 2" long.

(Item#BRCH11-479, Floral atop suspends heart locket. Price $99.99)