Earrings Feature Large Florals
Lilac Aster Flower Necklace and Earrings
Deep Orange Thermoset vintage set
Yellow Babbles Vintage Necklace and Earrings | Lg Oval Front Button Calsp and Ears
Vintage Plastics - Soft pastel lemon yellow crescent moon thermosets with crystal clear rhinestones, in silvertone.
Necklace - 16"L, J hook closure. Earrings - 1 1/4"L, clips. This set originally came with a signed Kramer but the
bracelet I lost years ago.

(Item#NECSET 24-203, Golden yellow moon Set. Price $89.99)
Covered with light lilac asters and features beautiful purple rs pistils
with a generous sized black band of beads as stamens, giving this
set extra beauty. Lucite florals centered with a beautiful glass purple
rhinestone. Necklace measures 15" in length with a fold over clasp.
Earrings, clip-ons.

(Item#NECSET 24-204, Lilac floral Set. Price $89.99)
Lemon yellows necklace with coordinating earrings. The 22" necklace holds a large pendant and a beautifully detailed
matching hidden button clasp. The pendant is 2 1/2" long. Coordinating earrings. These came from the same auction
together, but the necklace is signed Western Germany and the earrings are signed Hong Kong. They go well together.
A little vintage wear with luster loss.

(Item#NECSET 24-208, Necklace and clip earrings. Price $34.99)
Orangish thermosets in the vintage goldtone necklace and earring set. Necklace - 16 1/2"L, J hook closure. Earrings -
1 1/2" in length. Gorgeous demi parure set.

(Item#NECSET 24-209, Orangish necklace earring Set. Price $89.99)
Trifari. White Necklace and Bracelet Set. White ribbed
beads alternates with golden beads. Necklace - 30"L,
spring ring clasp. Bracelet - stretch, designer Trifari hang
tag (hang tag first used in 1954).

(Item#NECSET 24-211, Trifari Set. Price $99.99)
Designer Trifari Neckalce and Bracelet
Two-piece Vintage Trifari Demi Set
Prettiest Pieces Necklace and Bracelet signed Avon
Avon. Wear this as one long necklace, or wear it as a short necklace and bracelet. Necklace pink beads that graduate
in size with the largest being 1/2"W. Bracelet - 7"L, one size of beads. Both pieces has a golden fold over clasp.  
Designer signed AVON set.

(Item#NECSET 24-2-085, Avon necklace bracelet Set. Price $59.99)
Cameo necklace and clip earring set in lovely goldtone
Matching amber glass faceted stone cameo necklace and clip earring set
Deep green crystal necklace and earrings. The necklace is 15
1/2" long and stung on it's original cotton cord. J hook clasp.
Earrings, clips, are 3/4" across and wired to golden brassy

(Item#NECSET 24-723, Green crystal Set. Price $99.99)
2 - piece set. Amber glass faceted cameo, necklace and clip earrings,
in lovely goldtone. The necklace is 24" long, the center cameo
measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/2". Clip earrings, 3/4" x 1/2".

(Item#NECSET 24-733, Cameo Set. Price $99.99)
An older vintage, deep green crystal necklace and earring set
The jewelry shines with luxe sparkle
Vintage Kramer Necklace and Earrings Yellow Thermoset
Do you wear silver? Gold? Add in an unusual Pink and Black Kramer set. It's just the perfect piece to own.
Click here White Trifari Necklace and Bracelet Set.
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The pink ab's refracts colors between pinks, oranges, and hints of opalescent blues. It's that ohh la la moment
wearing this jewelry set. Necklace - 15"L, J hook clasp. Bracelet - 6 3/4"L, fold over clasp. Earrings - 1" clips.

(Item#NECSET 24-431-10, Necklace, Bracelet, Clip Earring Set. Price $109.99)
Exceptional and impressive. Antique necklace and earrings holds volumes of shimmering radiance in crystal stones
and teal blue. The chain is of square links with a nice rounded corners. Necklace - 15"L, sports clasp (thumbless
clasp). Front pendent - 1 1/4"L. Earrings screwback - 1" x 1".

(Item#NECSET 24-1031-08, Antique jewelry Set. Price $149.99)
Kramer, an unusual and infrequent design. A line of pink and black enamel florals are centered with a flashy pink centerstone. The
necklace strand holds several pink glass stones. A wonderful contrast and vibrancy of colors. Unless you are examining with a
magnifying glass or up close, a handful of imperceptible little flea bites in the enamel here and there. Necklace - 16"L, J hook clasp.
Earrings - clips - 1 1/4" T. Necklace and earrings signed KRAMER.

(Item#NECSET 24-635-11, kRAMER jewelry Set. Price $129.99)