Silvertone demi-parure, opaque swirled pinks in rounds, rectangular, and oval cabochons. The necklace center stone measuring
1/2 x 3/4, stones tapers down as they go to the backside. Necklace - 14 1/2" long not including the J fastener. Earrings - clips, 1 1/2"
long x 1 1/4" across.

(Item#NECSET 1203, Demi parure necklace clip earrings. Price $179.99)
Ornate golden demi parure. Cut crystals nicely sits in square golden cups with charming silhouette curves. Necklace
-  16 1/2" in length, oblong linked extension chain, J clasp. Earrings - screwbacks, 1 1/2" in length.

(Item#NECSET 1201, Golden two piece demi. Price $129.99)
Smoky aurora borealis crystals. Shimmering stones are in multiple sizes and shapes. Silvertone settings. Necklace -
generous three strands of heavier stones, 16"L necklace, shepherd's hook. Earrings = clips, 1" x 1".

(Item#NECSET 1208, Smoky aurora borealis Set. Price $129.99)
Beautiful multiple pinks, one of a kind art deco plastic thermoset. Necklace - nine strands elongated thermosets, 18"L, j hook
closure. Earrings - clips, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".

(Item#NECSET 1204, Amazing deco Set. Price $129.99)
Loaded with Heavy Pink Oval Cabochons, Rounds...Vintage Jewelry Set
Pinks | Vintage Demi Parure
Loaded Art Deco Thermoset Parure
 Nine Strands Thermoset Art Deco Jewelry Set Matching Earrings
Opal Ruby Pearl Vintage 3-Pc Necklace Parure Set
Opalescent Opal Necklace Bracelet and Earrings
Shimmering Opalescent Ruby Stones and Pearls Parure
Ribbon Vintage Demi Parure Rhinestone Necklace Bracelet
Baguette Tear Chaton Vintage Rhinestone Necklace Parure
Roses and Rhinestones | Vintage Jewelry Parures
Necklace set demi parure, red tapered triangular baguettes and pink round stones. Necklace - 14 1/2"L, J hook clasp. Earrings -
clips 1"L.

(Item#NECSET 12-682, Demi baguettes rounds. Price $149.99)
What a fabulous vintage set! It is done in a gold colored metal with golden topaz demi
entwined with clear baguette bow shaped loops, round stones and pear shapes.
Necklace - a 1 3/4"W clear baguette bow, double necklace strand dangles through
loops for an additional 2 1/2" ending in 2 teardrops. Necklace length is 14" not including
the fold over clasp length. Bracelet - 2 strands with bow design, 6" length not including
the clasp.

(Item#NECSET 12-188, Topaz color Set. Price $169.99)
Jewelry Parure 4 PC Set. The set consist of opalescent Opal like glass stones which nicely shows a schillers effect, ruby red rs in 2 sizes, imitation pearls, in goldtone.
Necklace - 14 1/2"L, 2" center medallion, long bar chain links, fold over clasp. Bracelet - 7"L x 1"W in center front, fold over clasp. Brooch - The brooch is 1 3/4"W x 1
1/4"T. Stunning set. Earrings - screw back, dangles 1 1/2".

(Item#NECSET 12-184, Necklace, bracelet, brooch, earring. Price $129.99)
KRAMER. Golden segments, square set crystal rounds. Necklace - 15"L, J hook clasp, signed Kramer of New York.
Earrings - clips, signed Kramer.

(Item#NEC SET 2110/pg12, Kramer Set. Price $129.99)
Showy elaborate jewelry, bright gold tone with a wealth of texture.
Topaz and yellow colored faceted glass rhinestones beautifully sits
atop arched links. Necklace - 17" wearable length x 5/8" wide, J
hook clasp. Earrings - 1 1/4" x 1/2".

(Item#NECSET2112/pg12, Elaborate Set. Price $159.99)
The details of this piece are unique. Hand carved vintage lucite (or
another material), dyed deep. Necklace - 1/2" center bead graduates
in sizes to the back, carved screw in barrel closure. Earrings - 7/8"
across with silver tone clips.

(Item#NEC SET 2107/pg12, carved Set. Price $89.99)
Pink Carved Necklace and Earrings, the details of this piece are so unique and just stunning
Beautifully Hand Carved and Dyed Vintage Set
Five long slender jade like marbled green cabochons set into a golden gilded frame sided by seed pearls and faceted
amethyst round crystal rs. Necklace - 16 1/2" x 1 1/2", J hook clasp. Earrings - clips, 1 1/2". Both pieces are 1/2" thick.

(Item#NECSET 12-300-38761R, Jade like large cabochon Set. Price $134.99)
Ornate Center Mount with Brilliant Crystal, a unique style you should keep an eye out
Heavily Made Texturized Topaz and Yellow Chatons ATop
Exquisite Chaton Vintage Necklace Set
Signed Kramer of New York Golden Set
3-Strands Smoke Crystal ABs Necklace and Earrings
Who knew Glamour could be so darn good? Choose a red, crystal, golden or topaz
set and add a glamorous polish to your outfit.
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