A beautiful rare celluloid pink necklace and earrings
Pretty Pink Round Celluloid Necklace and Matching Earrings
Treat yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous 3 - Piece Moonglow Parure
Moonglow Bracelet
Moon glow push in hidden clasp
Cool pinks with cool blue jeans. Round ribbed bali-like beads and smaller brassy-golden beads, with a round back filigree push in brass closure. The necklace is 21" in
length and the pink beads measure 7/16" across (just under 1/2"). The decorative locking clasp is 3/4 inches across. Matching clip on earrings are 1 1/8" across with
brassy backs. One of the earrings has a hint of yellowish old glue residue on the earrings that show more in the pictures than in real life.
Item#NECSET 1002
Price $89.99
Spectacular Heavy Set, colors reflecting from 3 strands of crystal ab's, 1940s triple strand necklace with matching earring. AB
faceted glass beads, detailed down to the glass spacers which are also faceted. Silver tone loop decorated 3 strand end
connector. Necklace measures 15" and has a j-hook closure. Clip-on earrings measure 1". Beauty!
Item#NECSET 1003
Price $89.99
Rare vintage designer signed Coro Red Flower Bud Necklace Set. Amazing 4-Strand necklace with matching clip-on earrings. This set is in great vintage condition! 4
Strands of red flower buds with ab facet centers and fits up to 17". Matching clip-on earrings are signed Coro and measures a tad over 1".
Item#NECSET 1006
Price $79.99
Vintage Designer Signed Coro Necklae Set
Coro Foral Red Buds
PARURE SET. Necklace measures 16 1/2 inches long and nicely tied between each bead. Closes with a "hidden" push in clasp. Earrings are screw backs and measure
close to 3/4". The stretch bracelet holds a long moon glow top. It needs restrung or possibly just tightened up. But the bracelet is too cute, too fun, too old and unusual not
to offer it free with the set! Antique moon glow set, est. c. 1920s. Moonglow thermoset "earrings, necklace, bracelet".
Item#NECSET 1007
Price $89.99
Unique Detailed Beaded Necklace w/ Clip Earrings
Unique and unusual beaded necklace with matching clip-on earrings. The thermoset colors are coral, oranges, and blacks.
Antique golden flowerettes for accent. Total length is 30". Hidden rose box clasp. Yes, matching earrings for this lovely
necklace. They are clip-ons, 3/4" x 3/4".
Item#NECSET 10-056
Price $34.99
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Finding the perfect piece of vintage Park Lane jewelry
Black stones surrounded by a silvertone stunning setting
This beautiful setis like hoding a bouquet of golden sunshine
This jewelry set proves beauty only deepens with the passage of time
Vintage Topaz n Clear Large Rhinestone Choker
Vintage red heart with ruby rhinestone necklace set
A heart-warming vintage red heart with ruby rhinestone necklace set. Molded with ripples, these red hearts are glass set
in a golden metal setting that mingles amongst ruby red stones. The necklace measures 15 ¼”L. The clip on earrings
have the same stones, matching and are 1 ½”L.
Item#NECSET 10-345-862633
Price $89.99
Shimmering with a rich golden setting and glistening rhinestones. The necklace is transformed by a single strand that slides through a sumptuously clustered collection
for the centerpiece, right at the base of the throat, with striking colors of emerald green and crystals. The necklace is 15”L with a fold over clasp, suspending center is 2”.
The screw back earrings have the same stones and are ¾”.
Item#NECSET 10-270-30964J
Price $89.99
Vintage Topaz n Clear Large Rhinestone Choker. It shows a killer couture
that displays clear beauty,that is made to make you melt. Large citrine
step cut stones circulates with rounds of the same color, and smaller
clear rounds. The stones are set in closed back golden settings. This
vintage necklace is 14 ¼” and closes with a hook clasp. The screw back
earrings have the same stones and are ¾”.
Item#NECSET 10-309-731317
Price $109.99
Park Lane signed. Art Deco necklace and earring set. 1” x ¾” rectangular with black onyx faux lucite stones, gold bar sides, and silver corners with 3 small rs each.
The earrings are actually pierced, but have a clip back with a hole in it, where the post goes through ~ you don't see this often ~ it is very ingenious because it
eliminates the need for that little post ear nut. The squared gold tone chain is interlocking links, 17”. There is a slight scuff on the black stone. Each piece is signed
“Park Lane”.
Item#NECSET 10-235-67954v
Price $79.99
Opalescent Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Choker SET with pretty rainbow stones and is a real sparkler
A weightier absolutely gorgeous necklace and bracelet set. Opalescent
Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Choker Necklace with pretty rainbow stones
and is a real sparkler. All gemstones are brilliant with original colors in
gold tone. The center large rounds are under ½”. This is a choker style at
14 ½” without counting the length of the j hook. Can be adjusted smaller.
The bracelet is also elaborate with a double/triple jeweled strand.
Measures at: Just at 6 ¾”. Would make an excellent statement set or
vintage bridal jewelry.
Item#NECSET 10-726
Price $139.99
3 - Grand Strands of Crystal AB's suprising style
Heavy Crystal Necklace and Earring Set

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Antique and Vintage Necklace Sets -  choker necklace, aurora borealis, glass rhinestones,
celluloids, clip on earrings, crystal ab, whiting davis demi parure just to name a few.
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'Antiqued' mountings of twisted rope design hold sparkling autumnal amber rhinestones. Open filigree flowers and
leaves lay over the necklace center, and earrings giving added depth to the pieces. Wonderful flat chain in foxtail design
is slinky and flexible. Finishes with flat loop on one end, a fold over clasp on the other. Vintage necklace and clip earring
demi has the richness look of Florenza jewelry. Unmarked.
Measurements: Necklace: 15"; center pendant 1 1/4". Earrings: 1".
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#NECSET 10-503-11
Price $129.99
Massive bib necklace holds a vast amount of glimmering rhinestones. It
drapes nicely and complements any suit, dress, or jacket. The necklace
is coupled with matching clip earrings.
Measurements: Necklace - 15"L x 1 1/4" in front. Earrings - 1 1/4".
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#NECSET 10-505-11
Price $119.99
A quintessential set, elegant but casual at the same time. Adaptable jewelry set, it is to be worn as a long necklace, 'or' a
necklace and bracelet set. The wide magnetic motifs are of a handsome wide design attaching firmly. A moderate
weighty set.  
Measurements: Long Necklace - 24 1/2" x 1/2". Short Necklace - 17 1/2 x 1/2". Bracelet - 7" x 1/2".  Clasp Width - 3/4".
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#NECSET 10-403-10
Price $89.99

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