This is retired to a shadow box (comes without shadowbox). This set can not be worn as is. The hand wiring is
'aged' and fragile. Necklace - 14 1/2" long, coral branch and white glass, delicate hand wired, J hook clasp.
Screwback earrings - orange coral branch, hand wired, 3/4"L x 1/2W.
*If you desire to wear this set, I would advise to have a professional jeweler check and reinforce it, or restring it,
before trying it on. No returns.
Price $139.99 (no returns)
Long and round beads are capped with black iridescent metal caps. Necklace - 23"L, 2 strand black capped white
beads, J hook clasp. Earrings - 1 1/8" across. Signed Hong Kong. J hook closure.
Price: $24.99
Blues, and crystal white, facet cut and diamond cut glass beads, and pinkish lucite beads. Necklace - 18"L, J hook
closure. Screwback earrings - 1 1/4" in length.
Price: $19.99
Karla Jordan Kollection. Blues to parfait pink, intermingled with dark slate colored speckles. Choker necklace - 14"L x 1 1/2"W. Earrings - post, 1 1/4"  in length.
Comes with original tags, paper and metal. Earrings on original cards. Unworn.
Price: $59.99
Blue and crystal diamond bicone ab glass, silvertone settings. Minor flea bites (seen with jewelers loop, shown in pics when enlarging they are unnoticeable).
Necklace - 15" in length and closes with a J hook. Clip earrings - dangle 1 1/4".
Price: $44.995
Vintage sandart set with blues to parfait pink intermingled with dark slate colored speckles
Vintage jewelry set signed Karla Jordan Kollection
I do believe this rare set would look stupendous in your jewelry shadow box, making it the centerpiece
Colorful vivacious matt lucite colors cascade down where they pour themselves into a cluster of tassels. Silvertone. Necklace - 16 1/4" with another 1/2" for the j-hook
closure. The tassels dangle 4". Clip earrings - dangle 2 1/4".
Item#NECSET 5-131
Price $79.99
Pink Satin Rhinestone necklace with matching earrings
Huge pink glass stones that shimmer with opal colors and sparkling pink rhinestones
Dramatic pink satin glass rhinestone set with opal colors, golden filigree setting. Necklace - 17" long, the center ornament measures 1 1/2" tall, spring ring clasp. Clip
earrings - 1 1/4"L x 1"W. c. 1970s.
Price $39.99
Vintage necklace and bracelet, white opalescent stones. The stones have a Schiller effect (play of colors that flickers
as it is moved in the light). Silvertone. Necklace - 16"L x 5/8"W. J hook fastener. Bracelet - 6 1/2"L, fold over clasp.
Price $139.99
Demi necklace, clamper bracelet, earrings. Crystal and blue colors. Necklace - measures 23"L, pendant diameter 1
5/8". Spring ring closure. Bracelet - clamper measures just over 2 1/2" inside measurement, opens in the front with a
3" opening. Screwback earrings - 15/16" across. 1960s set.
Price $79.99
Vintage Bead Demi Parure of Blues Pinks and Whites
Four piece parure consist of a necklace, earrings, brooch, and bracelet
Four piece parure Chiffon Yellow Set
Necklace, earrings, brooch, and bracelet parure. Heavily made vintage chiffon yellows. Necklace - 15 3/4"L not including the j hook
clasp. Bracelet - 6 1/2"L not including the fold over clasp. Screwback earrings - dangles 1 1/2"L. Brooch - 2" x 1 1/2".
Price $149.99
Vintage Jewelry Tassel Demi Parure
Juliana. Vibrant vintage raspberry red rhinestones, aurora borealis reds, and clear rounds in goldtone. Necklace - Narrow navettes
stones and multiple rounds. 14 1/2" long (not including the j clasp) x 7/8" at the widest. J hook fastener. Bracelet - just under 7"L x
5/8" W. Wide fold over clasp. Juliana pieces were not marked.
Item#NECSET 5-730
Price $189.99
Facet Diamond Bicones Vintage Crystal Jewelry
Diamond Bicone earrings match the necklace
Opalite Necklace and Bracelet Demi Parure
Vintage Juliana Necklace Set in reds, you can't get better than this
Vintage Juliana Necklace and Juliana Bracelet demi parure

Bold and dashing, jeans and t-shirts comes to mind when wearing a necklace.
Buy vintage jewelry online to complete your style.

When you talk about jewelry with exceptional sparkle, you must be talking - Rhinestones!
They beautifully pick up the reflection of the suns light!
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The clamper bracelet matches the necklace perfectly making this a demi parure
Black and White Luxury Bead Necklace Jewelry Set