A multitude of multi-faceted pink glass rhinestones and pink glass
moonstone cabochons. Goldtone. Necklace - 14 3/4" including the fold
over clasp. Screwback earrings - dangles 1 1/2" in length.

(Item#NEC SET 1502, Pink glass Set. Price $99.99)
Necklace - elongated and round light blue stones set in silvertone,  stones, center dangles 3/4", necklace measures
15" in length including the fold over clasp. Screwback chandelier earrings - flawed earrings are included free.
Matching stones. One is longer than the other. Perhaps they got them mixed with another pair at the estate sale. Try
them on and see what you think.

(Item#NEC SET 1504, Blue stone necklace, free earrings. )
Givre Glass with peach and whites, pear shaped stones and rs rounds. Necklace - 14", Earrings - 1 1/2" long. Givre is
French for frost and is used in elaborate jewelry.

(Item#NEC SET 1505, Gripoix Givre Set. Price $119.99)
Brilliant full parure. Silvertone. Necklace - a fringe center of light blue glass rs, J hook closure, 15" length. Bracelet - 3
row, marque cut and round rs, fold over clasp, 7"L x 1"W. Clip earrings - facet cut rs earrings and teardrop.

(Item#NEC SET 1515, Blue Parure Vintage Jewelry. Price $139.99)
Varying reds and garnet reds. Necklace - red elongated pearl shapes, red
crystals,facet round spacers, two strand necklace, J hook closure signed W.
Germany, 16" in length. Clip earrings - brassy earring backs signed Made in
Western Germany, 1" diameter. Set is all glass and nicely heavy.

(Item#NEC SET 1507, Varying reds necklace and earrings. Price $129.99)
Love the Reds in a splashing necklace and earring vintage set
Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set
Pink Demi Parure holds multi-faceted pink glass rhinestones and larger cabs
BSK, outstanding demi parure. Light lavender lucite cabs alternate with whitish enamel metal flowers that are all
centered with glass ab stones. Necklace - 15 1/2"L x 1/2". Bracelet - 7"L x 1/2", closes with a silvertone fold over clasp.
Signed BSK.

(Item#NEC SET 1516, BSK Set. Price $189.99)
Vintage Necklace Parure Set. An abstract and exceptional design with large and small rs and high set links in goldtone. Necklace -
15” from end to end. Bracelet - 7"L x 5/16”W, and hidden clasp. Screwback earrings - 1"L x 1/2"W.

(Item#NECSET 15-155, Large and small rs and high set links Set. Price $139.99)
A stupendous butterfly vintage jewelry set, red and pink rhinestones, goldtone. Necklace - 16 1/2" without including the
J hook clasp. Clip earrings - 1 1/4".

(Item#NECSET 15-157. RS butterflies, Set. Price $99.99)
Avon goldtone set. Aurora borealis faceted stone, necklace - 17 1/2"L. Clip earrings - 3/8"L x 1/4". AB stones are blues
with opalescent colors.

(Item#NECSET 15-175, Avon Set. Price $29.99)
Vintage AVON necklace and earring set
Vintage Amber Crystal Pendant Necklace with clip back earrings
Vintage pink cab rhinestone necklace and bracelet
Amber Crystal Pendant Necklace with clip earrings, golden setting. Necklace - 15 1/2". J hook clasp. Earrings - pull up
clips, signed on the inside of the clips “Sterling”, 3/4".

(Item#NECSET 15-338-62661E, Amber baguettes, pear and rounds. Demi parure. Price $139.99)
This parure is so distinctive and charming! White enameled flowers centered with
pink rs in each piece. Golden settings. Choker necklace - 14 3/4" with fold over
clasp. Bracelet - 6 1/4", fold over clasp. Screw back earrings - 7/8”.

(Item#NECSET 15-301-90545k, Flowers Set. Price $149.99)
Pink pearlized teardrop glass cabochons and sparkling rhinestones. A platinum-like rhodium setting. Very little to no
wear to the plating. Necklace: 15 1/2"L. Bracelet: 6 3/4". Both have a 1” pink cabochon.

(Item#NECSET 15-593-81841p, Pearlized Set. Price $59.99)
Vintage Glass Teardrop and Navette Necklace Set
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace Demi Parure
Full Necklace Parure Necklace Bracelet Earrings
BSK Vintage Jewelry Necklace Set, white enamel metal flowers that are all centered with glass ab stones
Butterfly Vintage Jewelry at Necklace and Earrings
A fringe of green emerald baguettes and opalescent blue AB chatons
A fringe of green emerald baguettes and rs, and opalescent blue AB rs. Silvertone. J hook closure. Necklace - 15"L x
3/4"W. Complimentary clip earrings - Marquise and round rs. Silvertone. 1 1/8"W. They compliment the necklace

(Item#NECSET 15-718, Fringe of greens. Necklace and earrings. Price $79.99)
This floral enamel parure is so distinctive and charming
Matching necklace bracelet and earrings, each piece has depth with a triple row of gold and style
This unique vintage parure is most interestingly styled with depth and texture

Buy yourself a vintage necklace parures or a demi parures.
Why wait for a gift? I buy for myself. Way wait for a gift that may never come.

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