Detailed and boastful Juliana demi parure. The design is very
unique in choice. Light blue glass stones vary in cuts and
shapes, prong set, silvertone. The center ornament - 2"L x 1
3/4"W. Necklace - 15 1/2" end to end. Screw back earrings -  1
1/2"L x 3/4"W.

(Item#NECSET802, Blue demi parure. Price $169.99)
Some women have champagne, some wear it. Pink champagne glass stones. Starlite earrings - 7/8" across.
Necklace - they originally measured 15" in length. The previous owner added an extension chain to lengthen it to 16
1/2". The extension can easily be removed if so desired.

(Item#NECSET804, Pink champagne color Set. Price $109.99)
Demi parure vintage necklace set, light teal blue. Choker necklace 3 rows in front and 1/2" wide, necklace length - 13
1/4" (length includes the j clasp). Bracelet - 6 1/2" total length x 1/2" wide. Clip earrings - 1".

(Item#NECSET809, Teal blue Set. Price $109.99)
Three Strands of Blues Necklace Bracelet Earrings Parure
AURORA BOREALIS vintage necklace demi parure. The centerpiece drapes 1 3/4". Clip earrings - 1". Necklace - 15" in
length. At one time they had cushion pads added to the earrings that left a little residue, the pads could easily be

(Item#NECSET806, Aurora Borealis Set. Price $109.99)
Some women have champagne.....some have wishes of a night out on the town with jewelry
Luscious Peacock Pearls, necklace pearls are large with irregular shapes and are just stunning
Vintage prong-set milk glass and pastel rhinestone fringe necklace
and matching earrings. Very unusual color combinations like
Hollycraft or Weiss but unsigned.
Center fringe - 1 3/8" at front. Earrings - 1 1/8" diameter. Necklace
choker - 14 1/2"L.

(Item#NECSET8-460A, Multi color Set. Price $149.99)
Peacock pearl necklace - irregular in shape pearls, 8mm x 11mm, decorative silvertone box clasp, beautiful peacock
colors, 16" long. Complimentary multi strand pearl clip earrings - not an exact match, goldtone, dangles 2 7/8" long.

(Item#NECSET8-459B, Peacock necklace earrings. Price $149.99)
Full Necklace Parure Carved Coral Necklace Set
Bubble Glass and Round Chatons, Necklace Demi Parure
Pink thermoset necklace and earrings in a modern gold tone set
3 pc. Detailed carved coral thermoset. Roses nestled on a gold setting with green
enamel leaves. Necklace - 16"L. J hook clasp. Bracelet - 7" plus the fold over
clasp. Clip earrings - 1".

(Item#NECSET 8-661, Floral Set. Price $119.99)
Green bubble babble glass alternates with claw set peridot rounds, matching clip earrings.
Necklace choker - 14 1/2"L. Clip earrings - 1 1/4"L.

(Item#NECSET 8-662, Green bubbles. Price $139.99)
Pink thermoset necklace and earrings in a modern gold tone set. Clip earrings - 1". Necklace - 16"L.

(Item#NECSET 8-663, Pink thermoset Set. Price $79.99)
Pink lucite florals with a very classy look. The necklace is very intricate, and the earrings the same. Rhinestones with gold
leaves surrounding the florals. Earrings - 1 1/2"L. Necklace - 14 1/2". J hook clasp.

(Item#NECSET 8-660, Florals, Set. Price $89.99)
Pink Floral Necklace Parure Golden Textured Set
Baguette Demi Parure Vintage Necklace Set
Baguette demi parure. Vintage amber colored stones set in shimmering goldtone. Earrings holds the same sets. Clip
earrings - loops wrap around the ear, 1"L x 3/8"W. Necklace - 16" does not include the 1/2" J hook clasp length.

(Item#NECSET8-447, Baguette demi parure. Price $159.99)
Hello Spring and Summer with great colors in this necklace set
Superb vintage prong-set milk glass and pastel rhinestone fringe necklace and matching earrings
Brilliant AURORA BOREALIS Necklace Set
Juliana Demi Parure detailed and boastful
Juliana demi parure, the design is very unique in choice
We offer a large selection of vintage rhinestone jewelry to fit your everyday needs, or any
wedding jewelry needs. Baguette Set, Bubble Glass Set, capacious RS Set.
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