Vintage rhinestone necklaces. A pretty vintage silvertone aurora borealis rhinestone choker necklace that measures 15
inches end to end.  Scalloped front edging centered with large stones. All stones have beautiful coloring, glitzy, bright and
prong set. Little vintage wear to backside. Vintage necklace is adjustable with a J hook.
Item#Necklace 2101
Price $39.99
Very elegant and gorgeous necklace! Vintage frosted white glass necklace with a double
strand of aurora borealis rhinestones, and crystal rhinestones. Stunning beauty, all prong
set, and measures 14 1/2 inches in length.
Item#Necklace 2102
Price $54.99
Antique carved celluloid necklace. Carved rosettes graduate in sizes up to just under 3/4 inches and makes up 15" of the
necklace while the more simple bud beads makes up the rest, totaling 23". Slight rosette darkening from antique age.
The box clasp is beautifully decorated.  I have not tried to clean this.
Item#Necklace 2106
Price $39.99
Red Golden lariat wheat chain with red molded glass necklace.
Each glass is accented with a golden filigree cap. Larger glass with
cap measures just over 1" x 3/4", and 3/4" x 1/2". Straight strand 29
inches in length. This is a wrap necklace - in other words, it has no
clasp but just wraps around at the neck to leave as is, tie, or have
one end in front or over the shoulder in back.
Item#Necklace 2107
Price $39.99
Marked 925. Signed KY. Beautiful Amethyst necklace. One strand of amethyst nuggets, a translucent violet precious
stone, and a variety of quartz. Golden clasp is signed. 18" long.
Item#Necklace 2109
Price $34.99
Stunning beauty in vintage necklace chains and antique heart lockets
Aurora Borealis silvertone necklace
The prettiest frosted white glass and colorful abs
Red Golden lariat wheat chain with red molded glass necklace
Marked 925 and KY Amethyst vintage jewelry necklace
Antique Carved Celluloid jewelry necklace
Long Necklace of Blacks, Purples, and Whites
Black, Purple, and Clear Satin Frost Glass Necklace. Molded glass beads and one long strand. Measures 23 inches in
total length. 3/8 inches width. Closes with a silvertone screw barrel clasp.
Item#Necklace 21-070
Price $39.99
Stunning AB Set Stones with Large Frosted Stones
A Divine RS of Crystal and Amethyst swag necklace
Round black glass pearl necklace 16.5 inches in length
Large Lavender Stones, Med Stones, Rounds and Crystals
A feminine divine, dramatic rush of cascading beauty awaits you with dainty rs and an amethyst marquise center stone.
Layers of crystal rs lay in sweeping swags along your neckline. The rhinestone necklace measures 17 inches and is set
in silvertone. All stones are prong set. The center dangles 1 1/2".
Item#Necklace 21-218
Price $69.99
Round black glass pearl necklace, 16.5" in length. Black glass are one size and surround your neckline from the front to
the back, 5/16". Closes with a golden barrel clasp.
Item#Necklace 21-212
Price $39.99
Center stone 22+ ct Necklace. A necklace filled with lavender and large purple prong set sets in goldtone. The large
center stone I would guess is at least 22+ ct. Measures 14.5" not counting 1/2" for the j clasp. The center drop is 1
1/2". Three large stones are open backed and alternate with the rs and rounds. Most definitely 1930's with its weight.
Item#Necklace 21-214
Price $119.99
Locket with charming engraved design is marked 1/20 12K G.F.
Signed. Antique locket with charming engraved design will be a special addition to
your collection and will be a pleasure to wear! Etched design of flowers and other
embellishments. The inside is marked 1/20 12K G.F. The Chain is marked Union
1/20 12CT and has an antique thumbless/small ear spring ring closure. The Locket
and Chain are exceptional, and the finish has a nice warm sheen with no wear other
than the age appropriate fine scratches. The Locket measures 1" in diameter and
the chain is 20" long.
Item#Necklace 21-183
Price $129.99
Gold Chain, Rope Gold Necklace
Necklace Chain. Vintage-1970's. A pleasurable women's gold
plated 18 inch necklace.  Rope necklace shimmers with refractions
of light. From the Ambassador Collection. Lobster claw closure.
Excellent vintage  condition. You will be pleased!!!
Item#Necklace 21-442
Price $19.99
Imagine yourself
walking into a fine
lunch restaurant, a
formal gathering, or
a wedding, wearing
"your" choice of an
impressive necklace.
Many are made of gold
or silver links with
a locket or glass
pendant, and various
shapes and styles.
The dresses, the jewelry, the shoes, all can make the most of your personal style. Look into the
mirror, this heart locket can be yours. YES! BAVj's sells every style and color of vintage jewelry
for your fashion needs.
Signed locket necklaces, glass necklaces, juliana's, facet cut crystal necklace, carved celluloid
Authentic Vintage Jewelry
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