Three Strands of Red, Vintage plastic necklace. Wine red beads
are fused together at the end of the strands while flowing into the
connectors. All beads one size. Necklace - 26 1/2"L. Spring ring

(Item#Necklace 2801, Three strand red. Price $29.99)
Vintage lucite necklace with various shapes and sizes. Larger
beads have a extra flair added with a filigree cap. Natural buffed
appearance on bads. Gold tone, 15" long, J hook closure.

(Item#Necklace 2803, Vintage bead necklace. Price $15.99)
Double strand vintage lucite necklace with various shapes and sizes of beads
These necklaces are not just for dresses, today they are for jeans too
Amazing Molted Glass Beads, Extra long 46 inches
Amazing molded beads with large deep purplish nuggets,
translucent violets, small yellows, golden oblong beads. Versatile
necklace, wrap once or twice for a two strand look. Necklace, pull
over no clasp - 46" long.

(Item#Necklace 2807, Molded glass beads. Price $29.99)
Flowers Completely Line the Necklace Chain Vintage Jewelry
A continued line of enchanting florals in a silvertone necklace
Vogish Iridescent Reds Rhinestone Necklace
Hues of multiple colors, pink, blues, red ab iridescent aurora glass stones.
Rounds and emerald stones are prong set. Necklace - 16 1/4" long.

(Item#Necklace 2813, Multiple red hues. Price $79.99)
Long 46 Inch Vintage Necklace with Amazing Glass Beads
3-Strand Red Vintage Bead Jewelry
Three Strand Simple Red Necklace
Walter Lampl's Antique Necklace, New York, NY -- 1921 - 1959
Terrific dangle rhinestone necklace
Rhinestone necklace suspending rows of glamor. Vintage brilliant clear stones with a center design.
Necklace - 14 1/2"L. Fold over clasp.

(Item#Necklace 28-468, Chaton dangle. Price $29.99)
Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry
Bright and shinning silvertone necklace. 1 1/2" long dangling strands at front. All rhinestones are prong set. Necklace
- 16" long not including the hook closure.

(Item#Necklace 28-475, Chaton vintage. Price $26.99)
Vintage necklace filled with chaton rhinestones with a silvertone setting, all prong set. Necklace - 15 1/2'' in length
does not include the length of the hook clasp. The extension chain has a light gold hue and ends with a larger chaton
stone. Light vintage age wear.

(Item#Necklace 28-476, Chaton strand. Price $22.99)
Enchanting floral ab necklace with silvertone, flowers line the
necklace "one after another".  Each of the 32 flowers holds a
rhinestone in the petal and centers.
Necklace - 15 1/2"L.

(Item#Necklace 2812, Floral paved. Price $119.99)
Walter Lampl, signed on both sides of the bib back. Snake chain with a 3 swags
and set pink rhinestones. 1/20 12K and the "WL" in a shield for Walter Lampl.
Antique necklace - 15"L.

(Item#Necklace 28-071, Walter Lampi signed. Price $139.99)

LAMPL, WALTER -- New York, NY -- 1921 - 1959. During his jewelry making years,
his jewelry was very detailed including Stanhope charms, and gold jewelry.
Signed Monet, couble row silvertone geometric modernist necklace
Monet. Double row silvertone vintage geometric modernist necklace/choker/collar. The necklace measures 17" x 3/4".
This simple yet elegant style will brighten up your evening, adding flair to any outfit.

(Item#Necklace 28-960, Monet vintage. Price $34.99)
Jewelry worn for a night out should make you feel good. Have fun with it!
Wear what you love!
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