Turquoise glass beads 24 inches in length. Signed sterling vintage necklaces.
Item#Necklace 2005
Price $39.99
Vintage Divine White Floral Flapper Tassel Bead Necklace! 50 inch long flapper rope necklace in a stunning white/green
floral color. There is no clasp, these were made to loop or knot around your neck, or move the slide up and down.  It is
made entirely of tiny glass beads, with a tassel at each end.  A very unusual color and in excellent, clean vintage
Item#Necklace 2001
Price $29.99
Loaded with blue and whites, florals. Vintage Loom Beaded Flapper Necklace, fabulous necklace from the Jazz age.
Glass beads. 48 inches long - the beading slide moves up and down the double strand to adjust for tightness.
Item#Necklace 2002
Price $29.99
Busy with watermelons, bananas, oranges, strawberries, and more. Vintage wooden necklace is loaded with fruits and
beads. Rose colored wood beads with the centerpiece of leaves, disk, beads, moons, watermelon, hand carved
oranges, banana, lemons, carrots, squash, and strawberries. 23 inches in length. Vintage J hook and 8-shape bolt end.
Item#Necklace 2003
Price $34.99
Vintage Plastic Fruit Necklace
Plastic fruit necklace. Necklace features red apples, lemons, oranges, red cherries, bananas, pears, and green leaves
on a faux pearl lucite strand. It is very eye-catching and graceful, and would look great worn with a black dress or grey or
pink or white or green or beige or blue casual clothes, or jeans. It is 21.5” long. Seven bunches of yummy fruit. Est. c.
Item#Necklace 2013
Price $23.99
Signed Sterling, turquoise glass beads 24 inches in length necklace
Huge Pink Florals and Huge White Leaves Vintage Neckalce
Pastel Pink and White Lucite Necklace
An Amazing Blue Teardrop Rhinestone Necklace
Vintage blue teardrop rhinestone necklace. Vintage choker necklace with a strand of light blue rhinestones - suspending tear drop
stones, a round cabochon, and darker blue rhinestones. Glass stones are prong set, silvertone setting, choker 14 1/2" from end to
end, hook clasp.
Item#Necklace 20-073
Price $44.99
Pastel pink and white lucite necklace. Very pretty, summery vintage. Not all necklaces are
weighty, this is lightweight with large pink flowers and translucent white large leaves. Each
flower is centered with a simulated pearl. Great for summer or anytime of the year, and a
real attention getter. 17" necklace, flowers measures 1 1/2" and the leaves measures 2" x
1 1/2". Oblong slide in closure.
Item#Necklace 20-074
Price $34.99
White and blue vintage Loom Bead Flapper Necklace
White Floral Flapper Tassel Necklace!
French Jet Black Glass with Channel set RS
Large Amber Emerald and Citrin RS Vintage Jewelry
Large Florals Choker Vintage Neckalce
Large 1/2 in round crystal blue vintage necklace
Elaborate with Large Blue and Med Blue Rhinestone Vintage Neckalce
Beautiful vintage goldtone choker with pastel color rhinestones. It measures 16" in length  and has a sturdy Shepherd's
Hook Clasp at one end and a spear-bob at the other - which is not included in the length mentioned. The front measures
4 1/2", with the center flower being 1 1/8" long. Excellent and stunning.
Item#Necklace 20-222
Price $39.99
Vintage Graduated French Jet Black Glass Bead Necklace with Channel set RS. This stylish, elegant necklace consists
of a single strand of French jet faceted black glass beads. The beads are graduated, with the largest at the centre of the
necklace measuring over 1/2" diameter. Each bead is separated by a small black glass bead. Necklace measures 14.5"
in length and has a sturdy Shepherd's Hook Clasp which is not included in the length mentioned, signed Royal.  
Item#Necklace 20-213
Price $49.99
Large 1/2" round crystal in blue. They alternate with clear white disk, and smaller
matching stones on the extension chain. The total length is 15.5" and has a sturdy
Shepherd's Hook Clasp which is not included in the length mentioned, the front
larger crystal section is a stunning 12" (not including the extension chains).
Item#Necklace 20-189c
Price $39.99
Vintage amber and dark amber Rhinestone Necklace. All prong set in goldtone, all stones have closed back. 14 1/2" with
a 3/4" center pendant. This necklace gives a grand stunning look, amazingly it looks great with dress or jeans. Large
emerald cut stones in various sizes, larger rounds and rs rounds.
Item#Necklace 20-453
Price $139.99
Vintage Blue Rhinestone & Glass Moonglow Cabs Necklace. It is unmarked but definitely a quality vintage necklace with
all prong set heavy stones, in silvertone. Blue cabs are flanked on each side with rows of rs. It measures 15" long and is
7/8" wide in front, but can adjust to a shorter length if desired.
Item#Necklace 20-189a   
Price $49.99

Alluring jewelry that dares to be worn! For those who all love vintage. Antique necklaces, bracelets, rings designer signed and unsigned.

Vintage fruit necklace, watermelon, bananas, oranges, strawberries
Shop for a fabulous necklace for the gal that is wanting a touch of color and dazzle. Layered
necklaces can give your several glamorous looks.  
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