Golden and silver, the silver cross holds a very petite diamond in it's center. Adjacent to the diamond on the backside, there is a hole that allows light to shine through
making the diamond sparkle more (see last photo). The oval ring is marked 925 Italy, the bail and clasp are marked 925 . Pendant - 1"L x 7/8W. Necklace chain - 18"L.

(Item#Necklace316, Petite diamond, gold and silver cross. Price $34.99)
Hallmarked NC. Millefleurs decorative patterned of interlaced lines, vintage lucite hollow cabochon. Signed 1/20th 14kt
with hallmark of NC.

Price $24.99)
Crystal Necklace, such a shimmering beauty it could also be used in a Wedding
More than one hundred twenty five crystal simulated diamond rs, antique rhinestone jewelr
One hundred twenty five crystal simulated diamond rs in chatons, and bell
shaped crystals. Natural vintage yellows in glass. Necklace - 16" in
length, and just under 2" long on the front. J hook closure and silvertone.

(Item#Necklace301, Spectacular Multi shaped chatons. Price $149.99)
Six large fanned leafed motifs filled with textured leaves, brilliant
emerald cut and round cut clear stones. Necklace - 17 1/2"L
including the Shepherd's hook, x appx. 3/4" wide. Signed "STAR" on
the back of the link closest to the J hook end.

(Item#Necklace305, Star fanned necklace. Price $34.99)
Venetian glass necklace with a ruby red hobnail glass center
bead. Hobnail bead is 1/2" diameter. Upon close inspection, this
appears to have been restrung at some time. The entire necklace
is 16 1/2" long, not including the barrel closure.

Price $24.99)
Millefleurs delicate decorative patterned of interlaced lines
Rare Signed Coro Jewelry
Enamel Necklace, or visit
Kramer Vintage Enamel
Necklace Set.
Vintage Cameo Vintage Neckalce Pendent
Vintage cameo black galalith, large necklace pendant. Clear rectangular lucite back with scalloped
edges. Silvertone bail at top ready for your necklace chain. 2 3/4"h x 2" w and has a 1/2" thickness in
the center.

(Item#Necklace3-463, Black clear cameo. Price $89.99)
This is the most beautiful Red. Varying sized red glass with dark swirls like marbles. Large red clasp at end. The
underside of the clasp is darkened with vintage age. Signed Japan. 17 1/2" in length. Clasp - 10mm.

Price $34.99)
A beautiful golden necklace and silver cross signed Italy
Red White Venetian Hobnail Vintage Neckalce
A venetian glass necklace with a ruby red hobnail glass center bead
Faned leaf motif necklace, emerald and round crystals
Signed Star Baguette Necklace
Beautiful draping necklace of multiple golden box link chains and beauty
Two types of metal beads - long slender melon beads and round beads
Designer Korea vintage necklace which features 2 strands of sim pearls
Vintage necklace features 2 strands of imitation pearls and 3 clear facet cut lucite hearts. Necklace - 17"L. Hearts - /2".
Spring ring clasp. Signed Korea.

(Item#Necklace 3-889, Hearts beads. Price $29.99)
Vintage Gold Tone Slide Chain Bolo Necklace. Mesh rose center. Necklace measures 28" in length. Rose - 1 1/4" across.

(Item#Necklace 3-888, Slide Bolo. Price $24.99)
Draping double golden box link chains necklace. Instead of the chains laying in one straight strand, they are looped between each
ball giving it fullness and elegance. Two styles of metal beads. Measurement: one strand measures 19"L the other 19.5"L. The fold
over clasp has a nice decorative appeal.

(Item#Necklace 3- 891,Draping double golden box link. Price $39.99)
Bolo necklace, rose slide
Antique black jet chocker
A vintage beauty, a beautiful vintage green iridescent rs necklace
Vintage green iridescent rs necklace. Multiple sizes of stones, multi-prong set, all beautiful colors. The necklace is 15
3/4" long counting the hook clasp, and dangles down 1/2".

(Item#Necklace 3-725, Green iridescent. Price $44.99)
Antique black jet chocker. Black faceted glass crystal on double black cord. The cording is in tact but possibly getting
fragile so I would suggest not wearing till it is restrung. Sold as is and no returns. It's beautiful. Size: 15 3/4"L x 5 16".

(Item#Necklace 3-886, Jet black choker. Price $29.99 (sold as is and no returns)
Jewelry can create lasting impressions. Signed and unsigned jewelry, vintage
crystal jewelry, vintage enamel necklace, hobnail necklaces, vintage jewelry.
Glass Red Bead Necklace, varying sized red glass with dark swirls