Vintage articulate light pink thermoset floral necklace. Pink plastic petals with crystal clear
glass rhinestones in the center of each flower. Each petal is set with a gold tone metal.
Measuring 16" long by 5/8" wide. The end is finished with a pink faceted bead and a j-hook
closure. Vintage flower necklaces, vintage flower jewelry.
Item#Necklace 3505
Price $44.99
THREE STRANDS FLOWER BUDS...!!! Great color and fab
design to this lovely vintage c.1930-40s pale champagne
beige, shabby chic floral design thermoset. Triple strand
necklace! Neat looking beads that look like flowers and are
in this neutral, beautiful color! Measures 24" for the longest
strand, 16" for the shortest. Total wearable length is 20".
Golden filigree decorated triple end connector holds three
full strands of beads. Looks great on and will dress up your
spring outfits!
Price $34.99
Summery vintage thermoset turquoise floral necklace
Vintage floral necklace. Thermoset turquoise colored petals and a rhinestone center in a gold tone setting make up this
fun choker in a floral design. It has an adjustable chain with an open hook.  Measures 17" with the chain.  The floral
center section measures 6 1/2".
Item#Necklace 3510
Price $44.99
Summery vintage thermoset pink floral necklace
Pink plastic petals with crystal clear glass rhinestones in the center of each flower
Vintage necklace, two thick strands of pinks beauty
Signed West Germany thick floral necklace
Antique Crystal Necklace, center cut oval glass stone
Beautiful fancy vintage amber necklace
Vintage simulated pearl and pastel crystal bead bib necklace. Vintage 3 strand gold tone bib necklace set with simulated pearls
and faceted pastel crystal beads. The necklace measures 16 1/2" and is adjustable with a hook clasp. Three strands of crystal
prism glass dangles with a cluster of sim pearls. The dangles measures 3/4" long.
Item#Necklace 3520
Price $139.99
Beautiful fancy vintage amber necklace. Amber and topaz glass stones and rhinestones. Beautiful vintage necklace
measures 15" from end to end and the center drops 1 5/8", adjustable J hook. The large canter stone is 3/4" x 1".
Unsigned but very well made and obviously a designer piece, the colors are very "OH LA LA".
Item#Necklace 3521
Price $119.99
Antique necklace fifty six inches in length, beauty and simplicity. Flapper purple glass necklace on golden brassy
necklace. Slip it over the head, no clasp to worry about. This can be looped once or twice, or add a clasp on it and loop it
three times. Elegance in a long necklace, 1/4" wide.
Item#Necklace 3522
Price $49.99
Designer signed West Germany vintage necklace. Two thick strands of beautiful pink and
rose beads and flowers. All beads are lucite; facet cut beads of various shapes and sizes
alternate with flowers and leaves. The large 3/4" facet round pink bead push in clasp can
be worn at the side or back. Est. c. 1940s.
Item#Necklace 3524
Price $39.99
Antique necklace. A center cut oval glass stone surrounded with two baguettes and
rhinestones. This antique necklace is measures 16" in length, with a 1" drop
centerpiece. Silvertone, push in hidden clasp on backside. Est. 1900's. Light cloudy
age in center stones only seen with a jewelers loop.  Makes a glamorous statement.
Item#Necklace 3523
Price $49.99
Textured oval links gold vintage costume jewelry
Vintage plastics, Cherry red necklace
Beautiful vintage necklace. Golden textured oval links. Vintage choker necklace,
adjustable 14 1/2" x 5/8" necklace. J-hook fastener with a dangle at the opposite end.
Very-light vintage wear.
Item#Necklace 35-010
Price: $14.99
Shop Vintage plastic jewelry. CHERRY RED NECKLACE VINTAGE JEWELRY. Bright red hard plastic composite cherry
bomb beads are 1 1/2" x 1". Hook clip-clasp. Strung on red cord. The Large O-Ring chain is hand-tied. Length
adjustable from 17" to 20". Age unknown.
Item#Necklace 35-011
Price: $
Vintage designer signed TARA golden necklace
choker is designed with a brilliant & shiny polished goldtone rope chain link with a center bow-tie and tear drop pendant
as its focal point. This is a very solid and heavy necklace so typical of great craftsmanship back in the 1960's. Designer
signed TARA choker necklace is 15 1/4 inches. Designer vintage jewelry.
Item#Necklace 35-013
Price: $39.99
Lavish crystal bib vintage necklace, three lucious strands
Fifty Six Inches, Flapper purple glass necklace
Molded vintage plastic necklace, three strands of flowers
Light champagne beige floral buds three strands
Golden filigree tripple end connector with a j hook fastener
Golden slider necklace with a golden floral center
Golden slider necklace, floral center. Two slides allow the piece to be a variety of lengths, providing an understated addition to
your jewelry wardrobe. At its longest, the necklace is 26" and single stranded. At its shortest, it can serve as a choker right up
against your neck.
Item#Necklace 35-964
Price $19.99
When the JEWELRY IS HOT, so are you. Wear lavish floral arrangements, a big and bulky red necklace,
or a crystal stone bib vintage necklace. Don't forget a Vintage Juliana Necklace, or a Designer Signed /
Designer Unsigned Vintage Jewelry Necklace.