Beautiful filled with white round, tear drop, navette glass stones in a golden setting. Necklace measures 15" in length,
pendant measures 2 3/4"
Item#Necklace 1302
Price: $44.99
Delightful with colors, translucent red and green glass beads shimmers along side metal beads. 16" in length. A
collection of winter colors, cute with a striking design.
Item#Necklace 1305
Price $14.99
1980s Clear Crystal Glass Necklace. Wonderful clear crystal glass beads trim four strands of fine chain in this 13 ½ inch
contemporary collar necklace. 1 1/8 inch wide with a bottom row of dangling glass beads.
Item#Necklace 1307
Price: $12.99
Vintage jewelry 1950s silver and gold tone. Each panel is set with a beautiful gold swaying ribbon that holds to faux
pearls. Lovely and measures 17" in length. J hook closure.
Item#Necklace 1308
Price: $19.99
A newer 1980's necklace, stems of sim pearlized flowers, blue rhinestone centers, marquise cut tigers eye cabochon
petals. Beautiful center pendant dangles. 18" in length.
Item#Necklace 1303
Price: $14.99
1 3/8" wide rivoli necklace pendant with filigree bail. This thick pendant reflects beautiful colors in a spectacular vintage
pendant, thick glass, silver backed.
Item#Necklace 1304
Price $34.99
This creation is wove with the tiniest beads, over a thousand. Lovely antique glass reflects deep black ab colors
surrounded by amazing green glass beads. Arranged in a beautiful 1/2" wide decorative open work design. Antique
Flapper Glass Necklace flows to a V shaped front center. Measures 37 inches in length, 1/2 inch wide.
Item#Necklace 1310
Price $44.99
Park Lane Necklace. This necklace is 2 strands of gold tone chains with a wonderful Floral Rose Guilloche medallion on
the center chain. The medallion has an ornate filigree edging that encases the painted glass rose segment. Designer
signed Park Lane. The inside chain measures 16"and the outside chain measures 24".
Item#Necklace 1311
Price $24.99
Comtempory clear and dangly chain necklace
Vintage Gold and Silver linked vintage necklace, set with beautiful swaying ribbons
Art Deco Triangular Vintage Lucite
Pretty lucite beaded necklace with hidden screw type barrel clasp. Art Deco Triangular panels in front suspended from
black disk beads and oval round beads. Necklace measures 17". Unsigned.
Item#Necklace 1312
Price $19.99
Juliana milk glass vintage necklace
Loving colors, wide blue rivoli necklace pendant with bail
Contemporary necklace features florals
Antique Flapper Glass Necklace, over 1000 glass beads
Park Lane necklace, 2 strands of gold tone chains with a wonderful Floral Rose Guilloche
Reds greens and metalics one strand necklace
A very old vintage pearlized thermoset necklace with plastic extension links. It has alternating panels in a pearlized
molded shell in silvertone. The backs to the shells are open. Adjustable, total length is 16 1/2", 3/4" across, and 3/8"
thick. Little vintage glue shows on the sides and back, which is normal to these period pieces. Chain needs a little
cleaning, will leave that up to you. Unsigned designer necklace.
Item#Necklace 13-080
Price $24.99
A very old vintage pearlized thermoset necklace with plastic extension links
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Golden oval white pearl cabochon necklace
Golden necklace long strand holds the prettiest cabochon of a pearlized sim stone, and a faux pearl. The chain is 29
inches in length and is so versatile that you can remove its original necklace pendant to add another necklace pendant,
giving you the look of different necklaces. This necklace is unsigned, c. 2000's. Closes with a lobster clasp.
Item#Necklace 13-693
Price $15.99
Rounded Baguettes lay in swags, most amazing piece you'll find
The juxtaposition mix of articulated blueish green and crystal baguette necklace
Articulated Blueish Green and Crystal Glass Baguettes
Antique victorian lavalier with turquoise colored cabochon stone
The teardrop is multi cut on top and bottom, hand set with a golden band
The chain is not single loops, but every two loops are actually one, they are hand welded - fused together
Antique victorian lavalier with turquoise colored cabochon stone. The stone is infused, slag
glass giving it grand elegance. I want to take time to describe this necklace. The chain is 18"
in length and has an unsigned gold thumbless spring ring closure. The chain loops are
petite, they ARE NOT single loops but are double loops hand welded - fused together. The
chain is a golden brassy goldwash. The lavalier is a brassy golden with pink glass teardrop
dangle. The teardrop is multi cut on top and bottom, hand set with a golden band, and is 1
1/4" wide and 1 1/2" long.
Item#Necklace 13-696
Price $319.99
The juxtaposition mix of articulated blueish green and crystal glass baguettes and crystal glass rhinestones, this antique necklace brings together a medley of smoldering
smooth colors and glow. Silvertone finish, necklace measuring 14 and 1/2 inches in length. V-spring and concealed box clasp, baguettes atop. c. 1910
Item#Necklace 13-697
Price $329.99
See our pair of Dress Collar Pins. They aren't an exact match but go very well with this antique art deco necklace.
Crystal rounds and maruqise sets, rs covers this necklace from front to back
Perfect for a wedding or for a shopping spree, the center draws attention to this necklace
Opal AB dangle vintage rhinestone necklace features large round dangles
necklace is full of charm color and beauty. Measures 17.5". Pendant section measures 1
1/4 inches. Rhinestones dazzle, all stones are prong set.
Item#Necklace 13-219
Price $46.99
Opal AB dangle vintage rhinestone necklace features 'large' sparkling opal ab's. The center of the necklace is
accentuated by dangling stones! The stones are all prong-set in gold-tone. The necklace measures 15.5" long (not
including its j hook fastener). This is in excellent.
Item#Necklace 13-744
Price $49.99
What makes a piece of jewelry great? Is it the style you want? The colors? Pairing your jewelry
to your wardrobe can be a fun task. Top styles can lead you to the path of success.