Frank Hess
Miriam Haskell
bell necklace.
Astonishing unsigned Miriam Haskell necklace with long slender trumpet shaped bells. Bells are translucent colored lucite, flared openings with gilt metal trim. Inside
each bell is a movable clapper with random colored beads on a long metal stem. The bells alternate with several gilt leaves. Book chain, 15" in length. Thumbless
spring ring. c. 1920.
Item#Necklace 1008
Price $429.99
Signed Van Del 1/20121/20 12K GF. Golden cross necklace with multi colored glass rhinestones. Signed Van Dell
on backside, golden 16" chain.
Item#Necklace 1013
Price $39.99
Unsigned Czech necklace. Ornate golden brassy, topaz glass and cobalt blue glass ab stone. Detailed raised frame and links. Necklace - 18"L. Barrel clasp closure.
Item#Necklace 1010
Price $159.99
Beautiful Double sided Heavy necklace. Signed Avon. The pearl side is
surrounded with marquisette rhinestones, 1 1/2" in diameter. Silver. Medallion - 1
1/2" in diameter. Necklace - 31"L.
Item#Necklace 1012
Price $29.99
Collectible vintage neckace with foil glass pendant
Brassy Gold Filigree Punch Metal Necklace
Volumes Of colorful Bells with Clappers Miriam Haskell Necklace
Let the bells blow with this rare Antique Maskell Haskell Bell Necklace
Long Slender Bells with Clappers, Vintage Miriam Haskell Bell Necklace
Wonderfully embellished, each link is centered with a faux pearl with clear rhinestones on the scalloped edge. This
vintage jewelry necklace measures 14 1/2" with the chain.  Fold over clasp. Center sections is 5 1/2".
Item# Necklace 1003
Price $34.99
Vintage Necklace and complimentary earrings. Floral necklace white lucite flowers with red centers. Faux pearl
extension chain with a red glass diamond shaped stone. The earrings compliment the necklace. Clipbacks are
signed Charel. Necklace - 17"L. Clip earrings - 1"L.
Item#Necklace 1002
Price $59.99
Peppermint reds and whites floral vintage jewelry
Signed Van Del Vintage Cross Necklace
4 - leaf clover golden necklace features pearls and RS sets
Double sided heavy AVON necklace
Darling pink plastic florals with rs centers, vintage floral necklace and plastic chain
Vintage floral jewelry with pink plastic florals with rs centers. Flowers are 3/4" in diameter. Each flower intertwines with
a light golden shiny leaf. Necklace is 16" in length.
Item#Necklace 10-012
Price $39.99
An explosion of celestial vivid pastel blue RS
An explosion of celestial pastel vivid blue colors. Swags across the center hang
3/4". Necklace - 14 1/2" in length not including the hook clasp.
Item#Necklace 10-124
Price $44.99
Antique Unsigned Czech Necklace
A True Beauty - Paved necklace with 5 rows of colorful RS with a large pendant center front, turely amazing
The Pendant in the front is a thicker more glam cut
Full of color and charm, the stones are heavy, sizeable, and bright with AB opalescent colors. Large pendant center (a nicely thick stone) is surrounded by 2 rows of
stones, 5 on the outer rows. All set in a simmering metallic silvertone. The pendent area measures 1 1/4 inches and I would guess is at least 18 ct. Necklace - 18"L.
Item#Necklace 10-216
Price $139.99
Vintage necklace, a single strand of fascinating red ab rounds with swags of matching stones
Fascinating red ab rounds with swags of matching stones. All the rhinestones and center stone are prong-set.
Necklace choker - 14 1/2L; clasp: hook clasp.
Item#Necklace 10-890
Price $49.99

It's important to elaborate your style with jewels for that every day - busy day. A
necklace is perfect with your favorite ripped out distressed blue jeans or spandex.

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It's clear that the jewelry that attracts your attention is labored though workmanship in
appearance, materials, and styles. Every necklace features different styles throughout the years.
Frank Hess
Miriam Haskell
bell necklace.