Victorian Revival Celluloid Necklace.  Yellow segments are girdled by ribbons of elegant gold on each scroll panel. Imitation pearls
on each side. 16" in length. Each yellow link is 1" x 5/8".

(Item#Necklace 1901, Yellow segments girdled by ribbons. Price $79.99)
Wine-red thermoset cabs in a golden necklace. Measures 18" by
6/8" approx., and closes with a J hook clasp.

(Item#Necklace 1905, WineRed Thermosets. Price $19.99)
Signed filigree necklace. Tortoise-caramel colored glass cameo, in high
relief, is surrounded with imitation pearls and prong set with filigree prongs.
The pendent measures 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" and over 1/2" in depth. Detailed
filigree chain, 24" in. The flat ring by the clasp is marked MADE IN WESTERN
GERMANY. The necklace back is marked W Germany (in reverse letters).

(Item#Necklace 1906, Tortoise-caramel colored glass cameo. Price $49.99)
Swags filled with light creamy and deep champagne sets, with
crystal stones. All stones are glass, faceted, and pronged. 17" in
length. Brassy backside with silverish points showing.

(Item#Necklace 1907, Filled Swag necklace. Price $54.99)
Vintage crystal clear rhinestone necklace filled with shimmering
crystal round rs and elegance. Unique dangling centerpiece.
Silvertone. Choker necklace, 14"L.

(Item#Necklace 1909, Crystal clear RS. Price $29.99)
Unsigned Czechoslovakia Heavy Swag Necklace
Large Rhinestone Necklace
Thick lovely cameo necklace and exquisite detailed filigree chain
Silver Rhinestone Necklace
Crystal RS Bow Necklace
Vintage red thermoset golden linked necklace
Bold reddish thermoset necklace
Golden necklace cages five yellow celluloid segments girdled by ribbons
Collectable vintage plastic jewelry, celluloid
This antique celluloid necklace is beautiful for so many reasons! The carved rose
front shows a beautiful contrasted center, 1 1/8" long by 1 1/8" across. The links
are thin, the necklace is choker style, 14" in length.

(Item#Necklace 19-195, Celluloid Rose. Price $119.99)
Robert Rose. Vintage lucite sea life, golden sea horse and imitation pearls as bubbles. Larger heavier ball chain, chain
is 35" long. Golden setting. Pendent and bale: 2 1/4". Signed Robert Rose hang tag.  

(Item#Necklace 19-192, Robert Rose Sea. Price $29.99)
Intricate Carved Leaves, Red white blue celluloid plastic leaf necklace
Antique carved celluloid rose necklace chain
Celluloid link necklace with connecting thin links, choker style necklace
Antique plastic jewelry, Celluloid Plastic Fruit Necklace
Carved Red White Blue Leaves Celluloid Necklace, antique plastic jewelry
Robert Rose fishbowl nautical sea pendant necklace
Antique celluloid plastic fruit necklace. This necklace has large enameled fruits on a darker green celluloid chain. The
chain is double looped chain in the front along the fruit. The fruit dangles 1 1/2". The necklace measures 15" including
the clasp. Closes with a sports ring. Antique plastic jewelry.

(Item#Necklace 19-676, Antique Fruit Necklace. Price $99.99)
Multi-dimensional red white blue celluloid plastic leaf necklace. 15
1/2" in length. The large hoop in the back has a slit in it that the
chain slides through to fasten the necklace.

(Item#Necklace 19-675, Red White Blue Leaves. Price $139.99)

Pull your hair back and show off a stunning vintage thermoset necklace.
Thermosets come in an array of fresh and stylish colors.

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