Pinks and blues and blacks with inlaid mother of pearl in this flower necklace. The circular pendant measures 2 1/2" across. A fine copper strip nicely separates the
colored section. 5/8" beads. Necklace - 24". J Hook closure.
Item#Necklace 901
Price $24.99
Pastel colors of coral, pinks, greenish blues, and ivory with inlaid mother of pearl. Center pendant - 3.5" across x 2" wide. Copper strips nicely separates the sections.
Faux pearl strand with 7/8" beads. 23.5" in length. Brass barrel closure.
Item#Necklace 902
Price $24.99
Monet Signed Necklace. Large white disc beads and gold tone front made of metal.
Necklace measures just under 17". Signed.
Item#Necklace 904
Price $22.99
Vintage white and tortoise chunky vintage neckace
Vintage chunky lucite tortoise and creamy choker necklace. Closes with a shepherd's hook. 16" in length.
Item#Necklace 910
Price $24.99
Black facet glass teardrop pendant, suspended from a line of green glass beads
1990s not so vintage necklace. A centered black facet glass pendant dangles from a black and green necklace. The
glass beads alternates with small "square" black beads. Necklace - 20"L. The center decoration - 1"L.
Item#Necklace 916
Price $24.99
Pink thermoset pink squares and silver leaves necklace
Pink thermoplastic necklace! Pink squares with leaves and light golden setting.
Adjustable length necklace with shepherd hook clasp, adjust up to 15 1/2" in
Item#Necklace 905
Price $26.99
3-D articulated antique necklace jewelry, ornate golden chain suspends a large mass of light golden-yellowish balls
Filigree center front, filigree motifs filigree wire twisted into refined motifs centered with elegant little balls
Articulated detailed gan link chain
Filigree necklace links sort of twist into refined motifs. Suspending from them are a cluster of goldenish balls each capped with a filigree cap. The pendent has
microscopic verdigris on a couple ball caps that is left unpolished. I only noticed when greatly enlarging photos. Necklace - 17"L. Pendant -  3"L.
Item#Necklace 9-685
Price $169.99
Victorian Necklace Cobalt blue hand cut paste shinning stones, stamped brass filigree, nestled with long slender green glass or chalcedony
A Statement Piece that everyone is talking about! Victorian Necklace
Victorian Necklace Stamped Brall Filigree
Open Metal Victorian Necklace, a huge masterpiece measuring 18 inches around
Elaborate Victorian Blue Paste Stones
Green Chalcedony Stones And Blue Past Stones | Victorian Jewelry
Multiple Layers Victorian Necklace
Bountiful and refined. Nestled in this stamped filigree golden brassy necklace are cobalt blue hand cut paste stones
and long slender green glass or chalcedony. The centerpiece is an astounding 3 5/8 inches across by 3 1/8 inches
high. Necklace measures 17 1/2". The chain has a design and it closes with a large 1/2" sports ring clasp aka
thumbless clasp. A few bits of original patina left unpolished. A substantial antique.
Item#Necklace 9-688
Price $449.99
Floral MOP inlaid mother of pearl of pinks and blue, with black lucite
Mother of pearl heavily made vintage necklace
Mother of Pearl floral necklace with brass barrel closure
Mother of Pearl laminated necklace
Shope Cheap Vintage Estate Jewelry
Vintage designer signed Monet necklace, gold center decoration, white disk bead chain
Wear a simple or complex necklace style and add in a bit
of attitude and you will shine with elegance.
Liquid silver tube beads, heishi, silver beads, centered with a seafoam turquoise nugget. Measures 15" in length.
Item#Necklace 907
Price $39.99
Native American Liquid Silver Tube Bead Necklace
Heishi and Turquoise Indian Necklace
Hand Split Silver Tube Bead Heishi Necklace
Tube Beads Heishi Necklace
Heishi Necklace
Liquid silver tube beads, silver ball beads, and heishi beads alternating with turquoise nuggets. Screw cap closure. Each tube bead is split and rolled. Measures 14 1/2
inches in length. Purchased at an estate sale that offered numerous Native American pieces.
Item#Necklace 908
Price $39.99
Check the flashy glitzy jewelry or the slim-line necklace. No matter
what your favorite is, you'll find it here in various styles.
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