A continued strand of brown tones nugget necklace
stranded heavily with hues of browns, blacks, quartz, and more. The multi-colored stones emit brilliant sparkles and is a
very fresh & splashy look. Measures 26" in length and closes with a silver barrel closure.
Item#Necklace 1403
Price: $19.99
Ravishing indeed, vintage pearl necklace and gemstones, long pearls fills this whopping 70" strand. It  is loaded with
amethyst, jade, lapis, blue...in a warm and lustrous look. Adding to the fabulous gems and pearls are tiny gold beads.
This long necklace can wrapped two to three times depending the look you desire.
Item#Necklace 1404
Price: $69.99
Gorgeous vintage signed LAGUNA black faceted glass bead necklace, J hook closure. The overall length is a little over
15 inches. These have amazing heft to them and you are sure to love them.
Item#Necklace 1405
Price: $39.99
Amazing strand of beads, shimmering black diamond pearls have a black hue with a hint of navy. Lovely necklace
measures 16 1/2 inches. Unsigned.
Item#Necklace 1406
Price: $34.99
Beautiful deep antique costume jewelry, carved plastic or bakelite necklace pendant. The leaf pendant measures 2 1/4
inches by just over 1 1/2 inch. It is on a black cord, above the carved pendant you will see vintage plastic beads with self
closing clasp. The necklace is over 24 inches in length.
Item#Necklace 1408
Price: $54.99
Very pretty jet black glass multi faceted necklace. The glass beads graduate in sizes, small faceted beads alternate
between large beads. Weighty and substantial.
Item#Necklace 1409
Price: $45.99
When you need just a little touch. Lovely pendant necklace is beautifully decorated on the front with three colors of
raised rhinestones. Light teal blue, teal blue, and crystal clear rhinestones on a gold tone necklace. The necklace
measures 23 inches in length.
Item#Necklace 1410
Price: $16.99
Beautiful faceted black glass alternating with filigree lucite beads. Each bead is connected with a chain bead. J hook
closure. This choker necklace measures 14 1/2" in length.
Item#Necklace 1411
Price: $17.99
Illuminating! Reach for the stars, yellow star sapphire vintage necklace. The front
center section holds stars, each separated by a crystal clear glass stone, and the
necklace strand is completed with lemon stones and finally an exquisite little golden
bow clasp. The color of this vintage jewelry necklace is fabulous. The necklace
measures 26" in length.
Item#Necklace 1401
Price: $79.99
Clear large crystal glass necklace with faceted sides. Simple and elegant, very stunning. Rare unique square box chain,
measures over 26 inches in length.
Item#Necklace 1412
Price: $19.99
Deep carved bakelite, vintage plastic jewelry
Round black pearl strand has a black hue with a hint of navy necklace
Multi faceted black sets, weighty vintage necklace
Black faceted vintage necklace signed LAGUNA
Silvertone beads, and black glass necklace
Vintage Pearl Necklace, long pearls fills 70
A touch of glam, vintage starish shapped pendent on a light goldtone necklace
Large faceted glass pendant necklace with a stunning square box chaing
Pink marquis dangles rolled mesh chain with an explosive burst of tantalizing pink marquis gems radiate out and dangle freely
Wear a unique necklace to work, but not one from the local
shopping mall that everyone else is wearing. This sexy
necklace puts your look at the top of the fashion list. Brilliant
goldtone rolled mesh chain with an explosive burst of
tantalizing pink marquis gems radiate out and dangle freely.
It's glitz is magnified with sparkling clear rhinestones and
shimmering golden beauty in its centerpiece. The necklace is
18" long, the center dangles 1 3/4" x 3 1/2". Closes with a push
in box clasp. Great for any wedding, prom, or a blue shirt and
blue jeans.
Item#Necklace 14-158
Price $69.99
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Somewhat a heavier necklace, yellow star star Sapphire vintage necklace
Express your inner rebel without going overboard with a Tantalizing and Illuminating Black
Necklace, Pearl Necklace, or a Star Sapphire Vintage Necklace! What's the first thing anyone
passing by is going to see? YOU!