Golden ribbon links wraps around a wide mesh chain. Vintage necklace. J hook style closure with bail at opposite. 17" in length x
1/2" wide. The necklace comes with a pair of post coordinating earrings, 5/8"L.
Item#Necklace 403
Price $44.99
Silvertone large black crystal stones alternating with clear crystal rs stones flow the entire length of the necklace from end to end. This
sexy vintage necklace is all glass and all prong set, 1950s, puts you in flashy fashions best. Measures 16" in length with j-hook closure.
Black crystal rhinestone necklace.
Item#Necklace 406
Price $44.99
Blue cab necklace holding three panels of glass blue rhinestones and blue lucite cabs. Along with crystal clear
rhinestones suspending from a silver tone chain. Spring ring closure. Vintage glue darkness shows on enlargement.
Measures 15 1/2" long.
Item#Necklace 408
Price $19.99
SIGNED green jade necklace. Stunning, made of glass beads that are all individually knotted. The beads are a beautiful soft green color with darker green swirls and
closely resemble jade. Molded floral clasp. The setting is marked JOSEPH MAZER. 31'' long and the stones are 10mm each. Excellent condition. A truly beautiful old
necklace. Excellent quality.
Item#Necklace 410
Price $79.99
Scintillating golden mesh chain with twelve ribbon links with etched design
Gold swrilled ribbons mesh necklace with earrings, not a married set
Lg black rounds and crystal RS rhienstone vintage necklace
Vintage jewelry store offering rhinestone jewelry, black crystal rhinestone necklace.
Vintage designer signed Joseph Mazer necklace
Eesembles green detailed molded decorative glass clasp, wear in front the side or the back
Egyptian drap gold tone necklace, beautifully detailed
Lovely Vintage brushed golden Egyptian drape necklace. Each scalloped textured panel measures 3/8" wide and 1/2"
across. Bright shiny goldtone. Very Mod and stylish, shows very well when worn! Measures 15 1/2".
Item#Necklace 4-083
Price $39.99
Antique celluloid necklace, two tone, with fringe of bells
The center dangle starts with 4 bell flowers, on each side is a cluster of 3 flowers, and then three clusters of 2 flower
You won't find another one. Antique celluloid necklace. Translucent honey amber celluloid chain with nine clusters of celluloid bell flowers. The center dangle starts with
4 bell flowers, on each side is a cluster of 3 flowers, and then three clusters of 2 flowers. Metal thumbless fastener. Length of chain is 18", center dangle is 2". Great
collectors piece or that rare piece you want to wear.
Item#Necklace 4-143
Price $149.99
Antique celluloid chain holds clusters of bells, ends with a thumbless fastener
Opalescent pinks, necklace is a continuous 49
Faceted Austrian crystal prisms forms refracted light throughout. Both the prisms and cut beads give off a radiance of crystal running water while they refract light like a
rainbow. The necklace measures 17" long. Each prism is 5/8" long. The necklace ends in a screw barrel fastener.
Item#Necklace 4-563
Price $69.99
Opalescent-pink vintage necklace, the strands twist and spirals around its length. Very versatile - you can wear it as a
long necklace, or wrap around your neck for a shorter length, and you can knot it in the front for a glam look. The
necklace is a continuous 49" flapper length with over 2,000 glass beads. Golden spring ring clasp.
Item#Necklace 4-564
Price $29.99
Vintage necklace, center has 3 blue cabs in detailed setting
Antique jewelry heritage heirlooms
Vintage heart necklace. The hearts hold charm with a variety of sizes, some are
puffy while some are open. Detailed and different sizes. The center heart is 1 1/4".
J hook closure. Necklace - 31"L. c1970s.
Item#Necklace 4-717
Price $44.99
Large vintage Puffy Heart necklace silvertone
Heavy crystal prism dangles glass necklace
You are styled to the tops with an usual vintage necklace. What's the
first thing anyone passing by is going to see? YOU!
Find the perfect necklace for the message you’re trying to convey.
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Austrian crystal necklace with beautiful dangling prisms