Vintage Art Deco necklace loaded with ripples of red and white plastic disk of various shapes. 24" necklace. Spring
ring clasp.
Item#Necklace 1102
Price $29.99
A voluptuous vintage necklace with reds, greens, blues, and yellow thermosets.
Yellow facet beads line the backside. 14 1/2" choker, 1 3/4" wide and 1 3/4" high. J
hook closure.
Item#Necklace 1101
Price $149.99
Floral lucites, each link contains frosted scalloped etched white petal caps and
alternates with green centers. Pull over necklace, 28 1/2" in length.
Item#Necklace 1104
Price $34.99
Molded beads of multiple natural colors, vintage plastics. Push in pop clasp. 18" in length, signed Hong Kong.
Item#Necklace 1112
Price $29.99
A fun vintage lucite necklace, remember those teenage years!. Milk white lucite beads interspersed with leaves and
grapes, oranges, bananas, and pears! 29 1/2" long, no clasp, slips over the head!
Item#Necklace 1108
Price $14.99
Antique vintage plastic signed Hong Kong necklace
Vintage carved vintage lucite, closes with a snap together end
You said it all, a very collorful rare large lucite vintage necklace
Spring time two tone and double layer of green flower buds vintage necklace
A vintage Art Deco loaded with ripples of red and white vintage plastic disk
Signed Art large 2-strand bead necklace, links of detailed orange and white alternating
Signed "CORO" with a Pegasus and copyright. Glowing smoky light blue
thermoset square cabochons set in a silvertone setting. Cabochons are 1/2"
square, silvertone setting. 16 1/2", J hook closure.
Item#Necklace 1120
Price $39.99
Art. Double strand necklace with textured chunky beads in mottled opaque white, lustrous
white and coral colors! 22", hook clasp. Signed ART.
Item#Necklace 1119
Price $29.99
CORO Pegasus 1950 thermoset silvertone necklace
Long white flapper necklace, glam white milk glass
One strand milk glass 49" flapper necklace, bolt ring clasp. The beads are all the same size approx 5/16" across. This necklace
can be worn around the neck once, twice, or three times. Or wrap it in the front. Each glass bead is hand knotted in between.
Item#Necklace 1118
Price $44.99
Six aqua/turquoise glass stones, three teardrop and three chaton cuts, with strands of crystal swags
Aqua and clear glass stones are reflected in shapes of teardrops and rounds. All are prong set stones. 15 1/8"
necklace. Fold over clasp.
Item#Necklace 11-123
Price $79.99
A fun not so vintage white bead necklace with oranges grapes lemon and cherries
The thermosets, lucite's, art deco vintage necklaces, carved lucites, all holds
grace and poise. Your friends will surround you asking where did you buy it!
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