Square cut smoky blue stones nestled along side of a line of blue rhinestones, set in silver tone. Choker necklace
measures 14 1/2" in length with a J hook closure.
Item#Necklace 809
Price $69.99
A generously large agate pendent. Neutral tones with an ornate look while yet unpretentious attracting
attention. The pendant is ready to hang from a favorite necklace chain of any length. Some believe
they can see nature with mountains and clouds in this stone. Set in an elaborate silvertone setting. 1
3/4" in length x 1 1/2" wide.
Item#Necklace 807
Price $59.99
Signed Miriam Haskell vintage jewelry. Heavy white tumbler glass beads and brass color findings centered with an orange glass or a vintage thermoplastic. This
necklace is signed on both the J clasp and on the oval hand tag with stamp. c 1950. Signed Miriam Haskell necklace, 15" length.
Item#Necklace 802
Price $199.99
Antique necklace pendant, beautiful opaque deep blue lapis lazuli
Necklace Pendant Signed 925
Miriam Haskell Vintage Jewelry, center marbled orange are glass or lucite, unsure.
Miriam Haskell vintage jewelry necklace choker with white tumbler glass beads and brass color findings
Vintage matt smoke blue square moonstones and rs necklace
Antique necklace pendant. Deep blue lapis lazuli ultramarine.
Amongst one of the first gemstones to be worn by man. The
pendent is 1 1/2" in length. Signed 925.
Item#Necklace 801
Price $59.99
Tonight your looks
takes you to the max
with that feminine
knockout style.
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Miriam Haskell
vintage jewelry
brooch -
Our Haskell brooch
are goldtone and
would be amazing
with this necklace.
Love those Older vintage shell necklaces
Intricately constructed of natural materials, a lovely shell. Shads of rose red, cardinal,
cherry blossom pinks, to neutral whites. Signed Japan. 15" in length including hook clasp.
Item#Necklace 8-562
Price $29.99
Vintage Gold-Tone rhinestone necklace with a mix of colors, citrines, clears, and a wide mix of opalescents.  
Adjustable length shepherd hook closure, with dangle on end of the chain. Est. c. 1960s. 16 1/2" in length.
Item#Necklace 8-565
Price $39.99
Vintage blue rs silvertone necklace, brilliant chic choker necklace
Round crystal rhinestones and royal blue baguettes
Light blue octagon center dangle RS necklace
Choker vintage necklace, 14
Vintage silvertone rhinestone with 65 round medium/light blue rhinestones and a
center drop suspending a baguette. Fold over clasp. The necklace measures 14" not
including the clasp.
Item#Necklace 8-705
Price $33.99
Glamorize a jewelry wardrobe with a vintage blue and crystal rhinestone necklace. Features crystal rhinestones across the top row,
a center row of baguettes, and an outer row of square princess stones. Vintage choker necklace - 14" in length not including the fold
over clasp.
Item#Necklace 8-706
Price $54.99
This will knock-your-socks-off when you see it laying against your neckline. Deep red glass stones, triangular sections, beautiful
color motif. 16" in length including the hook style closure, 1" wide.
Price $49.99
A generous large vintage necklace pendant
Aget stone is set in an elaborate silver setting
Lots Of Class and Style, seven triangular sections which gives it a beautiful color motif
Deep red masterpiece glass stone necklace
A mix of rainbow colors vintage necklace, very good weight and hangs well
Ok gally gals, I must admit that this choker necklace shines like the sun. Two floral motifs at the sides connects three rows of glamor in the fronts. Single row in the
back. A large rs on one end and j fastener at the other end. Pristine finish. A small choker - 13 1/2"L (not including the length of the j fastener) x 5/8"W. c. 1940-1950.
Item#Necklace 8-961
Price $99.99)
A large rs on one end and j fastener on the other
Three rows of shine in the front connecting to a floral circle of RS
Ok gally gals, I must admit that this choker necklace shines like the sun
    Some claim the healing properties of this stone are numerous. It's a stone of protection,
    wards off stress, brings inner peace, and deep inner self-knowledge.
Blend in with the downtowns-cool patrons wearing some of BAVj's famous picks.
A stunning deep red necklace with your skinny blue jeans and your pointy-toe wedges.
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I fell in love with vintage jewelry when I reminisced through Grandmothers jewelry as a small child.