Vintage lucite bead necklace. Amber and black beads. 23"L. Spring ring closure.
Price $9.99
Imagine this vintage bead necklace with a Lafayette 148 New York Turtleneck Sleeveless blouse or tank. Pink beads with a white swirl effect, one line of beads
graduate in sizes from 1" to 3/8" diameter. Necklace - 22" length. Signed Hong Kong.
Price $25.99
Vintage, three strands of matte lucite beads, solid amber beads, glass beads, and lucite nuggets. Necklace - 16"L. J
hook closure is signed Japan.
Price $11.99
White beads are accented by assimilating tied knots or yarn balls. 30" length. Closes with a white barrel closure.
Price $14.99
Vintage beads, three strands of matte lucite bead necklace
Quality vintage colorful jewelry beads, bead necklace
Vintage plastic jewelry, chunky beads
Pink with white swirls graduate in sizes from 1
Three strands drapes eloquently, bead necklace
Vintage bead necklaces, vintage jewelry for jewelry lovers
This necklace drapes eloquently with three strands of satin reddish brown and creamy brown lucite beads. 15 3/4" longest
wearable length.
Price $19.99
Three strand vintage costume jewelry necklace. Nice weight, strands of ab satin white glass beads and shimmering
pink lucite beads. A great mix with a round Pill Box Clasp backed with rhinestones. Golden clasp - 1"W. Necklace 17".
Price $29.99
Triple strands of pinks/whites with a golden pill box closure topped with rs
Summer yellows. Two strands. Yellows, pearlized yellow, and translucent yellow.
Multi-cut glass spacers and golden caps. Necklace measures 16" in length, from tip
to and including the shepherd's hook.
Price $24.99
Summer colors vintage yellow bead necklace
White vintage texturized link bead necklace
Vintage LAGUNA necklace, with tags
LAGUNA necklace. Jade bead necklace is a double strand of Glass beads, each bead is hand knotted in-between,
and it retains its original ribbon and foil tag. The clasp is a hidden box push pull type, topped with a matching smaller
bead. 15 3/4" length.
Item#Necklace 41-444
Price $79.99
All beads are beautiful. Grandmother wore and loved her beads. She always looked beautiful.
Choose a bead necklace that compliments your wardrobe.