Very elegant in color and stile, black glass cab vintage bracelet
Centered with a checkerboard cut Black Tourmaline vintage bracelet
Black Tourmaline stones, 3/4". Black sets has the checkerboard
cut on the sides, set in a detailed golden filigree setting. Bracelet
- 7 1/4"L x 1"W. Clasp is fold over and it too is beautifully detailed.
The top of the first stone next to the clasp has a tiny scratch. I can't
see it in the pics and I only seen it with a jewelers loop,
mentioning it for accuracy purposes.

(Item#Bracelet 1303, Large Black Stone Bracelet. Price $99.99)
A touch of history, amazing gold filigree victorian bracelet, antique bangle
Antique bangle bracelet forget me nots flowers
The bangle boasts intricate engravings across the front and back
with beautiful Forget me not’s decorating the entire bangle. Inside
diameter - 2 1/8" x 2 1/4". 5/8" oval shaped bracelet. The safety chain
allows it to open 2 1/2".

(Item#Bracelet 1307, Engraved Wide Golden Bangle. Price $89.99)
Bold & Glitzy! This brilliant antique rs bracelet makes a statement of love
Antique victorian paste stone gold bracelet antique thumbless clasp
Exquisite antique high set cusp crystal stones and multi circular
links which embellishes the design where they meet. Bracelet - 6
3/4"L x 1/2"W, unsigned gold content. Sports ring clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 1310, Exquisite High Set Cusp. Price $189.99)
Antique sim pearls surround the entire bracelet; closes with a thumbless nib-less spring ring
Imitation or pearls, heavy, 1cm/10mm. Bracelets chain appears to have a good
gold content, unmarked. Roll thumbless sports spring ring closure. Bracelet -

(Item#Bracelet 1315, Antique Sim Pearls. Price $109.99)
A very pretty golden woven high arched vintage bracelet
Woven vintage gold-tone bracelet. The center is arched, and a stylish design. Measures 7 1/4" long x 5/8" wide. Fold
over clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 13-047, Woven gold tone bracelet. Price $29.99)
Trifari T hang-tag bracelet, vintage jewelry
Trifari. Multi strands of milkglass, imitation pearls, faceted amber and green
round stones. Trifari hang tag - first used in 1954. The 1/2" spring ring clasp
is signed Germany. Bracelet - 8"L.

(Item#Bracelet 13-048, Trifari Multi Strand. Price $89.99)
One of the most amazing vintage bookchain bracelets
holds thLarge thick glass stones with cut flowers surrounded by faux pearls book link bracelet
Heavily made goldtone bookchain bracelet. Honey citrin glass
stones with cut flowers atop, white imitation pearls surrounding.
Wide connection links are topped with molded facet cut oval
stones. Elaborate mountings and quality. Light metal rubbing on
the clasp backside. 7"L x 1"W.

(Item#Bracelet 13-168, Carved Citrin Links. Price $149.99)
Frosted rounded oval glass and colored flowers succeeding each other continuously with a mix of colors in greens,
blues, pinks. Flowers centered with a colorful rs and sided with petite pearls. 7"L. Wider fold over clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 13-179, Various Cab Pastel Designs. Price $89.99)
Pastel frosted glass stones and color flowers succeeding each other continuously with a strong mix of vivid colors bracelet
Designer signed Trifari hinged vintage bracelet
Vintage Trifari bracelet hinged set with a large deep red simulated insert
Trifari, golden set with a large deep red sim insert
A beautiful link bracelet with a huge vintage cross in Silvertone
This bracelet is set in goldtone and styled with double strand links, blue swirl stones. 7"L x 3/4"W. Fold over clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 13-274-69524G, Goldtone Blue Swirl. Price $19.99)
Vintage cross in a silver-tone with crystal rhinestones. Cross - 1 1/2" L, links are 3/4"W, bracelet - large wrist 8 1/4"L
with a wide fold over clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 13-283-418-526, Heavy Vintage Cross. Price $24.99)
Trifari. Hinged Vintage Bracelet set with a large deep red thermoplastic insert. Spring hinge. Measures 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" on the inside. The red insert measures 1 5/8"

(Item#Bracelet 13-407-987252, Large Cab Trifari Hinged Bracelet. Price $79.99)
Regal vintage antiqued gold tone chunky bracelet features large ornate sections with book chain connections
Elaborate gold-tone book chain bracelet features large ornate sectional links of lavenders, facet stones,
teardrop, round, square, imitation pearls. The combination is beautiful. 7 1/4"L x 1".

(Item#Bracelet 13-402-84605N, Book chain Large Ornate Sectional. Price $79.99)
Gold tone with light blue stones link bracelet
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Incredible!!! Heavy rectangle golden panels filled with extremely
impressive carved celluloid pastel flowers, surrounded by gold leaves
with flowers and blue and purple glass stones with imitation pearls. 1
1/8"W carved celluloid bracelet. Teeny tip missing on one the flower
petal end. I've had this stored in a box for years and never noticed it till I
enlarged pictures, mentioning for accuracy purposes. Museum quality.

(Item#Bracelet 1504/12/13, Incredible Carved Bracelet. Price $379.99)
Rare antique bracelet, carved celluloid flower bracelet and museum quality
A gorgeous piece as well as very rare, carved celluloid bracelet, shop online today for antique bracelets