Orange coral scalloped thermoset panels each with a curved shell shape flanked by a narrow silvertone arch.
Vintage thermoset bracelet, 7" L x 1" W.

(Item#Bracelet 902, Scalloped coral thermo. Price $34.99)
Snake wrap bracelet beautiful large pearls and rondells
Pearl Cuff gold-plated snake wrap bracelet with rhinestone rondelles, capped with large faux pearls. The pearls are
1/2", each end has two pearls. The pearls laying side by side gives a dramatic effect. In excellent condition, possibly

(Item#Bracelet 904, Coiled rondells and pearl. Price $49.99)
Coral wide thermoset bracelet
Art Deco Antique diamond rhinestone bracelet. The bracelet features brilliant, sparkling circ crystal rhinestones, holds
two rows of rs on each of its twenty four marquise sections. Set in silver tone. Bracelet - 7"L x 3/8"W.

(Item#Bracelet 909, Art Deco Antique circ crystal chatons. Price $149.99)
Art Deco antique diamond-like bracelet
Beautiful Florenza signed bracelet
Florenza. Designer signed goldtone flowers set with tiny seed pearls with double rings encircling them. This
bracelet is a heavy made. The fold over clasp is signed Florenza. Bracelet - 7 1/8"L x 5/8"W.

(Item#Bracelet 9-033, Florenza linked. Price $79.99)
Leru signed thermoset wide bracelet
Leru. Vintage chunky turquoise color, double thermoset/lucite cabs with silvertone metal backing and safety chain.
A little original glue residue that shows, and a little plate loss on the top of the fold over clasp. Bracelet - 7 1/2"L x
1"W. Fold over clasp signed Leru.

(Item#Bracelet 9-477A, Chunky turquoise thermoset. Price $29.99)
Vintage victorian revival bracelet
Stunning colors bangle bracelet
Antique Gold Plate Wide Bracelet
Antique gold plate three panel bracelet
Beautifully detailed Gold Plate Hinged Bangle Bracelet. Teal blue
faceted oval stone with two dark/deep pink faceted stones on each
side. Bracelet swings open from the side hinge. Bracelet - Just
under 7" interior diameter x 1/4"W. Reminiscent of a Florenza

(Item#Bracelet 9-476A, Teal dark pinks bangle. Price $59.99)
Antique bracelet. Three solid curved panels with a nice decorative
design on top, with a darker rosey goldenish finish. The bottom is a
smooth golden brassy finish. The bracelet chain has oval stamped
alternating links with round links - a couple darker spots. There are
a couple rub scuffs to the top shown in the second photo. A very
lovely bracelet to wear. Fits up to a 6 3/4" wrist. Add a bracelet
extension chain for a larger length.

(Item#Bracelet 9-475A, Wide Antique C clasp. Price $109.99)
Wide green bakelite bangle
Bakelite bangle. Highly polished wide bakelite bangle, light shade of green with a hint of amber color. This bracelet
test bakelite and is guaranteed. Bracelet - 2 1/2" diameter x 3/4"W.

(Item#Bracelet 9-665, Wide green bangle. Price $99.99)
The buckle is signed BB (for Binder Brothers), and hard to read but incised on the band: 55-347. A flower and leaf
design all around the bangle. Obviously a gold count, either a rolled gold, gold plated, or gold filled as most items of
this era were - Unsigned for gold content. Small wrist or childs, 2" x 1 3/4" - when closed on the first catch hole. Has 4
holes. Impeccable antique condition. Antique bracelet.

(Item#Bracelet 9-664, Buckle BB Bracelet. Price $89.99)
Childs victorian bracelet signed BB ( Binder Brothers)
Clear rs rhinestone bracelet, a big, bold, statement
Sophisticated with warmly colors and weight. Thick crystal topaz amber stones sided with light amber, and joined with pave set
Swarovski crystals. Bracelet - 7 1/2"L. Bracelet center - 1 1/4". Bracelet band - 3/4". Likely unworn.

(Item#Bracelet 9-279-77301H, Heavy Pave Set topaz and ambers. Price $149.99)
Big and bold clear rhinestone bracelet. Three rows, two of round rs and the center row of baguettes and round
crystals. All hand set in silvertone. Bracelet - 7"L x 1/2"W. Larger fold over clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 9-405-10845D. Clear triple row stones. Price $44.99)
Bracelet with beautiful golden scrollwork and center cab
A beautiful golden filigree centered vintage bracelet
Vintage filigree bracelet. The front decoration is a nice 1 1/2"W and centered with a 3/4" vintage lucite cabochon with scalloped
edging. Fits up to a 6 1/2" wrist. An extension chain can be added to make it a bit larger.

(Item#Bracelet 9-428, Domed set with stone. Price $49.99)
Stunning and Marvelous heavy made bracelet
Magnificent heavy made bracelet. Swarovski crystals.

Sassy and daring pave set vintage bracelets amp up an outfit with crystals.
Shop for a vintage filigree bracelet today. Vintage jewelry at BAVj's.

Vintage iridescent bracelet. Five rows with golden elegance. This bracelet is embellished with two sizes of stones. RS
and pear rhinestones. 7 1/4"L x 3/4"W.

(Item#Bracelet 9-346-10, Iridescent chatons 5 row. Price $49.99)
Wide hinged lattice expansion bracelet. Bright gold-tone metal bars are hinged together in a lattice design.
Triple rows of deep pinkish rs. Fully expandable and will fit any wrist, 1 1/2" wide.

(Item#Bracelet z-jewels 9-468A, Wide lattice expansion. Price $19.99)
Purple RS golden expansion wide bracelet, fits any size wrist
Yellow daisy's and RS expandable bracelet one size
Daisy's Wide Lattice Bracelet. Vintage plastic yellow daisy's on top of brassy gold-tone metal bars that are hinged
together. Each hinge expands. 3 1/4" across when closed, fully expands open to fit any wrist. 1 1/2" wide. A couple
flower petals have an orangish tint, somewhat stiff when opening and closing.

(Item#Bracelet z-jewels 1028, Floral wide lattice expansion. Price $19.99)