Vintage thick tortoise translucent bangle
bracelet with a darker swirling effect.
Standard opening of 2 1/2" inside diameter
x 3/4" wide.

(Item#Bracelet 803, Tortoise. Price $39.99)
Wide yellow-rayed sunflower lucite bangle. Thick and fabulous vintage costume
jewelry. Standard opening of 2 1/2" inside diameter x 3/4" wide.

(Item#Bracelet 815, Yellow bangle. Price $24.99)
Antique snake bracelet
Celluloid snake bracelet bangle
Antique jewelry, celluloid detailed snake bracelet
Vintage chunky tortoise bangle
Tortoise bakelite bangle
Antique art deco charm cuff bangle
Vintage Plastics: Red vintage plastic or bakelite bangle bracelet. Inside measurement from side to side is 2 1/2"
across. A true beauty in vintage jewelry.

(Item#Bracelet 804, Red. Price $24.99)
Chunky heart charm bracelet. Eleven solid plump vintage plastic/lucite hearts. Charms are green with a swirl though
them. Golden chain - 7"L. Hearts - 1/2" long and dangle 1" from the chain.

(Item#Bracelet 806, Green Puffy Hearts. Price $89.99)
Bracelet with thick carved green hearts suspending from wrist
Red vintage bakelite bangle
Vintage bangle bracelet - slips over the wrist
A bold and daring style to wear. Very heavily made, neoclassical cut engraved glass. Extraordinary navettes with
reverse carving, foiled green/gold. Great depth with bright green cathedral glass. Bracelet - 7 1/3"L x 1 3/4"W. Earrings
1 1/2" by 3/4", signed PAT. PEND.

(Item#BRACSET110/830, Mammoth Set. Price $199.99)
The set holds shimmering blue glass sets atop the bracelet and
earrings. Bracelet, 7"L x 1"W with a permanent safety chain. The
safety chain helps hold the bracelet in place while it's being
fastened. Screwback earrings, 1"L, marked - TOR 1/2th 12K G.F.

(Item#BRACSET107/831 Soft Blue Set. Price $59.99)
Blue carved glass bracelet
Vintage jewelry blue carved bracelet and earrings
Antique celluloid snake bracelet with snake characteristics that surround the entire band. Signed in blue MADE IN JAPAN. There is a teeny age fracture at the buckle
area (first photo). A wonderful bracelet, 'small' wrist or child's size. 2 1/4" in diameter.

(Item#Bracelet 801, Antique Bracelet. Price $29.99)
Vintage Plastics: Very cool Hip Hop Plastic Bangle Bracelet. Pinks, yellows, black
and turquoise green with mod designs and 3D welded zigzag turquoise sections
(2 on front and 2 on sides). 1"W x 2 1/4" inner diameter across the inside oval
length with a slip on opening. Will fit a small or medium wrist.

(Item#Bracelet 807, Colorful wide black. Price $39.99)
Clamper bangle with pearls
Vintage pearaled clamper white and gold bracelet
Pearled clamper bangle, golden bracelet with a garland of different
sized seed pearls across the enameled front. Hidden push in clasp
and a guard chain. 2 1/4" oval diameter x 1/2" wide, fits a 7" wrist.

(Item#Bracelet 8-zxcvbn22, Intricate metal. Price $69.99)
Opal aurora borealis RS clamper and earrings
Paved Clamper bangle bracelet with clusters of rs, and earrings
Ice blue rhinestone bracelet
Paved Opal Aurora Borealis RS Clamper Bracelet and Earring Set. The
sparkling jeweled curved centerpiece holds volumes of opalescent
stones. Bracelet - 2 1/4" x 2" oval, opens on the front side to slip over
your wrist. Likely never worn. Clip earrings - 1 1/4".

(Item#BRACSET 8-zxcvbn21, Paved set. Price $79.99)
Blue stones shimmer throughout with incredible colors with dynamic design. High-spirited silvertone bracelet is 7"L x
3/4"W. Two matching stones on top the fold over clasp.

(Item#Bracelet 8-248-574820, Blues RS. Price $49.99)
A glorious RS gems combination of colors
A combination of lemon yellow rectangular stones is set with amber stones on both sides. Nice wide fold over clasp
with fancy end connectors at both ends.

(Item#Bracelet 8-302-725236, RS bracelet. Price $39.99)

Loving the best of the best in accessories. Vintage plastics, bangles,
snake bracelets. For me, it's all about what I want to wear!

Neoclassical large navettes with reverse carved
Earrings with matching bracelet carved glass centers
available on
orders of $80
or more.