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Welcome to Sarah's Jewelry Shoppe where we showcase jewelry accessories that range
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We are a small entrepreneur business. We love to show our jewelry around the world.

My first piece of jewelry was inspired by my Grandmothers love for her dainty pins, the pins
she wore on Sundays to Church. That was 55+ years ago.
The family tradition continued as Mother loved her pins as well.

I own a small mom and pop store online:
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My bucket list journey, life is hard and life is wonderful! Everyone's journey is so different. I've learned you can look at someone and they may look like they have
everything, or they look complete, well, but what's on the inside? How many harsh life moments have they had? Unless you can see it on the outside, you don't know
what they are holding from the tought part of life on the inside. What has their path of life been?

I didn't pick up a hobby till later in life because I didn't have the extra money for myself. I bet you can relate. I picked up pieces of jewelry at estate sales, yard sales, etc. I
loved the styles and shapes. I plainly remember the day I told my youngest son I had to 'drop my hobby'. I told him that I had too many pieces of jewelry and I had so
many, I had to buy a few different containers for it all. I was hooked on jewelry! I whispered it was a hobby and not needed items...I should save my money for only
necessary things. My son didn't need to think about what I said, he quickly replied - Mom, you should start your own shop online. Sell or display your jewelry, throw your
heart into love your hobby and it's a good hobby. I want you to keep it.

As time went on something happened to my health and I nearly expired a few different times. I do have 24x7 pain as many many people do but this year I'm back more
on my own then I have been in the past 10+ years.  
now able to develope my online shoppe.
Please share our link and help others know our
website location. A big Thank You to you for your help.
Vintage unsigned golden mesh with blue and teal blue stones. A dozen crystal rs surround each of the three darker blue center stones.
Fold over clasp.  
Measurements:7 1/4"L
Marks: Unsigned
Item#Bracelet z-jewels 6632
Price $44.99
Sterling Silver floral matching bracelet and earrings. A rose
golden finish on this signed set. The bracelet clasp closes with a
wide j-catch. Clip earrings.
Measurements: Bracelet - 7 1/4"L x 5/8"W. Earrings - 3/4".
Marks: Bracelet - Mexico 925 TG-249
Item#Bracelet z-jewels
Price $49.99
Champaign Gold Bronze Pearl Glass Beads. The bracelet finishes with a Golden toggle clasp.
Measurements: 7 3/4", Locket: 7/8".
Marks: Unsigned
Item#BraceletEarrings z-jewels 9654
Price $24.99
Vintage brooch filled with three lines of color. Pink to gain energy,
yellow to symbolize wisdom, and a touch of blue for a stable, calm
conservative feeling.
Measurements: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4L.
Marks: Unsigned
Item#BRCH z-jewels
Price $24.99
Art deco nouveau pave rhinestone hat brooch, purple band
and bow, goldtone. Measurements: 1 1/2" x 3/4".
Marks: Unsigned
Item#BRCH z-jewels
Price $19.99

Item#BRCH z-jewels

Item#BRCH z-jewels

Item#BRCH z-jewels
Price $
chain drop set in repousse scroll work and
chain swags.
1970's Vintage Faux Turquoise pendant necklace and matching clip earrings.
Unknown maker. The pendant measures 2 in. x 1.5 in. and is hanging on a 18 in.
chain. The earrings are clip on and measure 1 in. in length.
Price $29.99
Dignified Sunshine citrin cut glass
stones in a golden setting.
Beautiful through and through. 1
3/8" in length. C catch round hinge.
Price $39.99  
1 pair intricate and fascinating goldtone mesh vintage post earrings. Dangles a glimmering golden color.
Measurements: 1 1/4"L x 1/4"W.
Style: Post.
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#ER -z-jewels
Price $19.99
1 Pair Chocolate Clips, 1950s to 1960s.
Chocolate enamel dome tops and golden backs.
Domes measures a nice looking 1/2" thick.
Measurements: 1" across x 1/2" thick.
Style: Clips
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#ER -z-jewels
Price $12.99
Goldtone metal wires woven into three
dimensional shapes that dangle from
pierced ears. The entire earring from top to
bottom measures 2 1/2".
Measurements: 2 1/2"L x 1 1/2".
Style: Post.
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#ER -z-jewels
Price $29.99
Shimmering while Simple and Classic, silver ball
earrings. Circular silver balls dangle from post, minimal
yet very stylish.
Measurements: Drop length when worn - 2".
Style: Vintage Post.
Marks: Unmarked.
Item#ER -z-jewels
Price $24.99
Please read: I purchased this at an estate sell a couple decades ago, purchased as: Native
American trade bead necklace with a hand sewn suede tassel with a Cowrie Shell. She remembered
this as being passed down from generation to generation, and as far back as either her great
grandmother or great great. This was very dirty when I purchased it. I washed it. I didn't think about it
at the time, but perhaps I shoudn't have.

I don't know anything about trade beads and I have not attempted to authenticate this. If you are an
expert and have knowledge on this, I would appreciate the information. If you need additional pictures,
including close-ups, I can supply them.

Description: Burgundy beads are likely wooden while the reds and blue beads are glass. The center
tassel is off white suede hand stitched to the necklace. The Suede is centered with a Cowrie Shell.
(More information above)
Price $299.99
Indian Made | Suede Tassel