Gorgeous vintage dress clip. Stylish golden victorian scroll on the front
side. Backside clip is very detailed.
Price $29.99
Vintage Rhinestone Dress Clip. Wonderful vintage dress clip. Emerald,
topaz, ruby, and garnet rhinestones fully faceted and prong set.  Each
flower petal is detailed (not seen in pics). Wonderful two-tone silver
setting. Measures 1 7/8" long and 1 ½" wide.
Price $29.99
Large Substantial Blues, Dress Clip. This large clip has a wonderful
vintage golden filigree design and features lots of open work in a beautiful
golden color. Very victorian, this beautiful dress clip is 2 3/4" high and 2"
wide. This will definitely make a statement at your next social event.
Price $44.99
Very beautiful dress clip showing artwork and craftsmanship. A victorian
designed, the golden clip has good raised relief that adds wonderful 3
dimensional height. It is a larger size so you'll sure want to wear it when
you need a bold look. It is slightly dented on the backside from the harp
being closed. It has a tape or price tag mark on the backside under the
clip, I did not try to remove it, and it's hallow on the inside. The harp is
detailed on both sides. The clip is 3 1/4" long and 1 3/4" wide. Very
Price $79.99
Black celluloid bakelite and clear lucite scarf slide. Intriguing Roman figure
is elaborately carved with an arched flowered headpiece, curly hair, and a
band of black pearls upon the neck.  Beautifully reversed carved too, beveled
clear lucite base. The cameo scarf slide is 1 1/2" in diameter. Great metal
prong heatset slide on the backside for your scarf. Perfect for you jewelry
collection or wear.
Price $39.99
Amazing Layered Carved Celluloid Carnation Dress Clip in a creamy
white. This exquisite pin measures 1 3/4" in length and is signed MADE
IN JAPAN on the back of the celluloid back, not on the clip.
Price $24.99
Deeply carved bakelite dress clip in a much desired tortoise shell color.
Top is 1 1/4" long and 1 3/16" wide. Signed on the backside clip, signed
Price $44.99
Deep Carved Dress Clip. This is a beautiful green, signed " PAT NO.
1892918", (1933). Antique clip is 2 1/4" long and 1 1/2" wide. The top
recessed center may have had an insert at some time, it measures 3/8" x
1 3/4".
Price $24.99
 A Substantial Blues Dress Clip With Golden Filigree Design
Victorian Dress Clip
SAPPHIRE BLUE Rhinestone & Crystal Dress Clip. This beautiful and
unusual dress clip is kind of an Art Nouveau style. The setting is gold
tone, almost a gold and brass color. It measures 3 1/4" by 2 3/4". It is in
excellent antique condition except for a little loss of the gold plate on the
clip on the BACK which doesn't show when worn...only when you look at
the back. The front is excellent. 1920's. The blues have a sort of slim
Price: $49.99
Paste Czech Rhinestone Large Filigree Clip
Exceptionally Detailed Front, Back, And Harp | LARGE Fur Clip
Pearls, Paste Stones, Layered With Detail For A Person Of Notability
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Vintage Accessories at Vintage Jewelry by Teresa. Bakelite scarf slides, rare revlon futurama lipstick case, signed hallmarked KA tigers eye hat pin and much more. Shop today!
Paste Czech Rhinestone Exceptionally Large Filigree Clip. Large over sized
filigree clip, measuring 2 1/2" x 1 3/4. This could easily be turned onto a
necklace by adding a few jump rings and a fabulous chain and would be
absolutely stunning. Very detailed front, back, and harp. Larger sim pearl
center encompassed by a line of bantam pearls, large row of paste stones,
a border of larger pearls, and a larger pearl atop. Gold wash has antique
wear. Substantial piece, probably for a person of notability.
Price $149.99
Layered Carved Celluloid Carnation Dress Clip
This little bug hat pin is soooo cute. Faux turquoise wings and ruby
rhinestone eyes. Silvertone. The pin measures just over over 2 1/4" in
length without the pin-cap measurement.
Price $9.99
Art Deco Carved Floral Dress Clip, Exceptional Colors
One of the best! As you make an impromptu appearance at the party, quietly
share your conversation, conversation, and expertise....A gorgeous
1920's-1930's Art Deco carved flowered Dress Clip. Floral is enameled in
multi colors.  Approx. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".  Silvertone clip. Wear clipped to your
collar or clip it on a necklace chain, and you will have a wonderful necklace
Price: $44.99
Sweater Guard - Vintage silvertone pressed metal chatelaine sweater guard. Pressed
hearts, keys, and angles. Open and closed back hearts with the largest measuring up
to 1" long. Silvertone vintage sweater clip has push pin backs at ends, and is appx. 7"
long. Hearts are 1" at their tallest. Much intricate detail.
Price: $44.99
Art Nouveau SAPPHIRE BLUE Dress Clip
SAPPHIRE BLUE Rhinestone & Crystal Dress Clip
Dress Clips:
*Dress up a
pocket on a blouse or jacket
*Deck your collar or wear it as a brooch
or pin
*Place a rhinestone dress clip on a
suit pocket
*Or on a neck ribbon for a
*Clip it on your favorite necklace
chain or wear on it on you evening gown
*Clip your favorite clip to anything that
will inspire you.
Victorian Fur Clip
Deep Carved Bakelite Dress Clip | Tortoise Shell
Deep Carved Bakelite Dress signed.
Antique Carved Dress Clip
Vintage Hat Pin Topped With Blue Red Bug
Blue Red Hat Stick Pin
Lined with Hearts, Pressed Metal Chatelaine Sweater Guard
Victorian Dress Clip
Black Celluloid Bakelite And Clear Lucite Scarf Slide
Reversed Carved Beveled Lucite Cameo Scarf Slide | Heat Set Back
Vintage Rhinestone Dress Clip
Scrolled Gold Victorian Dress Clip

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