Huge victorian revival vintage earrings. These are stunning, golden
filigree setting centered with large green lucite cabs. Green glass
rhinestones on top and bottom. Clips. Measures 1 1/8" x 1" x 3/4"deep.
Item#ER 1302
Price $44.99
Deep Green carved bakelite vintage jewelry earrings. 1 1/2" across. Early
post bakelite earrings. The post stops have been replaced. These vintage
earrings are ready to wear, and ready to go.
Item#ER 1304
Price $29.99
Great looking apple green dangle earrings. One fixed apple green bead
and a larger one that dangles. Clipbacks measures 1 1/2".
Item#ER 1306
Price $6.99
Antique silvertone earrings, garnet, signed, bakelite, turquoise earrings...
Vintage glass JULIANA earrings. Teal blue navettes and rhinestones. The
navettes are open on the backside and do show signs of little vintage
wear to the backs. Silvertone screwbacks. 3/4" in length.
Item#ER 1309
Price $17.99
The best of the best, signed carved pastel flower dangle screwback
. Beautifully detailed, 3 dimensional pastel bluish, pink, and light
yellow flowers. On one earring back you can see a couple black stamped
letters "AN" showing from under the screwback fitting, which leads me to
these are Japan. A true garden bouquet to wear on your ears.
Dangles are 1 3/8" in length. Est. c. 1920s.
Item#ER 1307
Price $49.99
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Exceptional Color, Carved Pastel Flower Dangles
Deep Carved Bakelite Earrings
Deep Teal Blues Screwbacks
Victorian Revival Earrings
Apple Green Dangle Clipbacks
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Dangly Acorn Earrings
Well Nuts! Large Vintage Dangly Acorn Earrings. These earrings measure 2 1/2" long
and the top silvertone piece measures 1 1/8" wide. The Capped Dangly acorns are dark
reddish, a brownish, and orangish. Bakelite, Catalin an older plastic.
Item#ER 13-639
Price $39.99
Black facet cut lucite button screwback earrings. The black cabs
are surround with clear chatons in a brassy setting. Good vintage
condition, needs a little cleaning. Measures: 1" in diameter.
Item#ER 13-649-773043a
Price $7.99
Black round lucite button clip back earrings. The black cabs are surround
with clear chatons in a brassy silvertone setting. Good vintage condition.
Measures: 1" in diameter.
Item#ER 13-654-773043b
Price $7.99
Old old post earrings. Foiled backed teal blue large 3/8" stones
are multi-pronged in a goldtone setting. Post nuts are silvertone.
Could use a dusting.
Item#ER 13-zxcvbn27
Price $9.99
Crystal clear rhinestones taper to a voluminous poise with an upper class
appeal. The earrings are post for pierced earrings. They measure 1 1/4" x
Item#ER 13-982
Price $21.99

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