1930's-1940's, very vintage earrings are encompassed with silvertone
filigree and a full row of ab glass stones centered with a single traditional
black diamond rhinestone. These are just beautiful pair of vintage
earrings and oh-so-comfortable on. Layered RS. Measures almost 1" in
diameter. Rhinestones vintage jewelry earrings.
Price $29.99
Antique victorian earrings. A collection of three large oval paste stones in
yellow-orangeish with a wonderful glow.  When the light catches the many
cuts of the collet cut stone, it reflects and gives off a magnificent fiery glow.
These are VERY OLD and such a great find. Shows minimal antique
wear, mainly from being stored. Hand set. Screwbacks.
Price $129.99
Stylish and graceful silver amethyst earrings. Vintage earrings are
feminine and elegant, and measure 2" in length including the ear wire.
They dangle with delight and show off their amethyst globe. When looking
into the atone, reflections appear to be upside down. Although these
vintage earrings are unmarked, they appear to be silver plated.
Price $19.99
Alexander The Great Antique clip earrings. Golden and very detailed older
vintage/antique clips.
Price $29.99
SIGNED CORO vintage jewelry.....Coro Flower Earrings, they are a very
pretty lucite white with golden branches of flowers centered with ab
stones. Signed Coro in script. Est. c. used after 1919– pre 1955 by mark.
Price $22.99
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Tiered Layers Of AB's Vintage Earrings
Amethyst Silver Earrings
Faux pearl large round faux clip button earrings. The center holds a light
pink moonglow, surrounded by carved flowers and simulated pearls. One
earrings has a mark stamp but I can't make out what it says. Darling
vintage earrings!
Item#ER 8-164
Price $19.99
A pair of Gorgeous Vintage Earrings. Large flowers show a 3-D effect, Extremely Elegant
vintage earrings, top quality, unsigned but should be signed. Sprint colors layered glass,
clustered flower clip-on earrings. Bright golden colored clips. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x over 1/2" high,
and in excellent condition. These are much more beautiful that I can photograph and I
guarantee you'll love them!  
Item#ER 8-165
Price $44.99
Popping summer colors of coral colored earrings. Coral colored sim vintage plastic
pearls cover the earrings. Corals are set into a stunning golden setting. Unsigned but
should be designer signed quality work. 1 1/2" in length.
Item#ER 8-180
Price $39.99
Gold Sim Coral Earrings | Older Vintage Earrings
Double loop vintage earrings. AB prong set opalescent stones with crystal
cut flashy dangles. The double loops are difficult to notice in the photo but
they give the earrings elegance right along with drama. It has four facet
cut glass stones that dangle, everything is layered in a stacked design.
1-3/4" long.  
Price $29.99
Vintage Juliana Earrings | Pinks and Greens
Antique Victorian Ovap Paste Stone | Antique Earrings
Alexander The Great Antique Clip Earrings
Signed CORO Earrings
Double Loop AB And Crystal Drops Earrings
Vintage post earrings for pierced ears. Black pear stones, crystal chatons,
centered with a larger black chaton. All prong set. Silvertone backing. 1
1/8" x 3/8".  
Item#ER 8-966
Price $24.99
Earrings never stop amazing me with their pristine rays of sunshine
glowing from their crystals. Comprised of a center large stone with small
crystal chatons completing a circle around it. 3/4" across. Silvertone. Post
for pierced ears.
Item#ER 8-968
Price $34.99
Truly beautiful blues with a princess cut is set with crystal clear chatons. It
is one in my personal collection that I've had for many years. The antique
screwback earrings are adorable. They measure 3/4" across.
Item#ER 8-506
Price $34.99

Vintage earrings, antique earrings, weiss, juliana, 975

Lg Round Clip Earrings | Pink Moonglow and Carved Flowers