Juliana Necklace with large blue stones
Pastel Crystal Jewelry multi chain swag
Festoon Antique Necklace
Carved Celluloid Bracelet
Weiss Earrings a shimmering glowing green
Some of the most amazing Carved Celluloid Earrings
Rare Art Deco Necklace Earring Set
Topaz Necklace and Earrings
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Wide mother of pearl necklace with earrings
Vintage Flower Necklace Earring Set
Necklaces, sleek and supple necklaces that are exciting and captivates
Bracelets, shop till you drop. Cover yourself with a radiate beauty. BAVj's
online shop is filled with vintage jewelry throughout the store.
Earrings, the most amazing designer signed and designer unsigned
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Women's Accessories, darling and distinctive antique and vintage jewelries
and accessories
Indian artifacts, they are located on the surface of plowed fields in freshly
washed creek beds, and along the draws in the pastures. Exciting look into
the discoveries of prehistoric Indian finds.
Hello Teresa,
A few years ago I bought a friend an aristocratic,
vintage necklace with matching earrings. I had a
hard time deciding what to buy because jewelry
interests me. It ‘caught my eye’, it was quite
exclusive because of the signature and style. It
was not the piece that you would to wear everyday
unless you had the budget to do so.

I am looking for another piece or set. I am wanting
a necklace with paste stones. They are highly
sought after and IMO, highly attractive to wear.
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Rings from antique to vintage, children's to vintage costume rings
Mens, a smaller but bold collection of men's estate jewelry
We have a huge collection of antique and vintage
bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings,
demi parures and other sets. Also, signed designer
by Art, Austria, Bogoff, Boucher, Ciner, Coro,
Czechoslovakia, Florenza, Hattie Carnegie, Hobe,
HollyCraft, Juliana, Japan, Lisner, Marvella, Mazer,
Napier, Regency, Robert, Trifari, Weiss, West
Germany, Whiting and Davis, 14KT, 925, Anson,
Sterling, Denton China, Fred Gray, Major, Miriam
Haskell, Napier, NC, Park Lane, Renoir, Robert
Rose, Sarah Cov, hallmarked jewelry, Speidel, Star,
Van Del, Weiss, Monet. As well as designer
unsigned jewelry vintage jewelry, antique jewelry,
and contemporary estate jewelry.
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Craft, repair, or wear as is jewelry
  • Sometimes when I buy jewelry and get them home, I find an
    occasional one that has flaws. Some can be sold as-is at a low price,
    others can be repurposed.  Crafts, repair, or wear as is vintage
    jewelry items.
Spoons, these stir-spoons are made with an antique silver REIS coin, long
handle, stone at the top end. wist shaft. We did have an H. Stern pick and
spoon but it is now sold.
Victorian Jewelry, Edwardian jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry.
Red White and Blue Jewelry
Your purchase is authentic vintage and

Our jewelry generally starts in the 17th
century, but occasionally we are honored to
display from the 16th century jewelry as
well. We offer several Victorian bracelets,
victorian brooches, filigree rings, antique
parure necklace sets, demi parure sets, the
list goes on and on to art deco jewelry and
more.Men adorned jewelry as well as
women, although our line features chiefly
women's, we have a selection for that man
in your life too. Enjoy art nouveau cuff links,
sterling silver cuff links, when we find it we
list it.

Our women’s line offers a wide variety of
collectable jewelry. Search through
hundreds of pieces including filigree
necklaces, antique necklaces, costume
vintage necklaces, vintage estate rings,
unique brooches or pins, a bracelet, and a
collection of jewelry accessories. There is
great history behind the eras of these
pieces and the unbelievable stories they
could tell.

As with vintage and antique, pre-owned
jewelry is expected to have a little degree of
ware, but many we find do not as they have
been kept in a person’s celluloid or cedar
jewelry box most of its life.
Garnet Sterling Wire Earrings