CIRCLE BROOCH PIN. Beautiful red and green vintage Micro Mosaic.
Great workmanship in beautiful colors. 50s-60s. Safety catch on the back.
Measures 1 1/4" across.
Price $24.99
Very detailed vintage micro mosaic guitar pin. Beautiful guitar pin for all
music lovers. Just under 2" long and 3/4" wide in a gold tone with a c
clasp on reverse. Micro mosaics designs are intricate, and very fine.
Price $14.99
ROMA Micro mosaic Pin. Antique  pin/brooch. Excellent  example of a
antique souvenir micro mosaic pin broach from the Eternal City of
Rome. Beautiful and striking coloration. The diameter is 1 inch. Safety
pin type closure on back.
Price $29.99
Antique Micro Mosaic, much showy detail top and bottom. Measures 1"
x 3/4". Late 1800s-early 1900s safety pin type closure on back. Ornate
detailing on back, Micro Mosaic Made In Italy.
Price $34.99
Richness shows though with this little simple bar pin and it adds a
classic touch to any outfit. You may want to have it monogrammed for a
special person in your life. The pin shows normal antique age wear.
C-clasp on backside, 1 1/2 inches long. Mid to late 1800's.
Price $13.99
Monogrammed bar pin. This looks to be an old gothic style writing and
looks to be initials of DF. Bar pin measures 1" in length.
Price $9.99
Glass micro mosaic tiles, closes with a safety pin clasp, and measures
just over 1 1/4" in length. So much colors, stars, and shapes.
Price $29.99
Antique Tile Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin and showy. Older, in a brass round
setting and sits up in a dome shape. Signed Made In Italy. The side of this
pin has detailed knob edging. Old style safety pin back. Dates to the late
victorian to Edwardian era, circa 1880's-1910's. Measures 1" in diameter.
Price $34.99
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Micro Mosaic with Safety Pin Clasp
Antique Tile Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin | Signed Made In Italy
Antique Bar Pin Un-Engraved | Pin Clasp
Monogrammed Bar Pin Gothic Writing initials DF? | Pin Clasp
Circle Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin
SUPER.....ALL PIECES SIGNED LISNER. Vintage lisner jewelry, truly a
stunning set! Large golden flower brooch with crystal rhinestones and
matching clip back earrings. The brooch measures a large 2" x 2" and
stands up about 3/4" with the locking clasp. The clip back earrings are 1"
x 1". Very exquisite and heavy set.
Price $39.99
CLIP EARRINGS. These are lovely and the pinks match so well I've
grouped them together. The brooch is heavy, oblong, shimmering with
faux-pearl & crystals, measures 2" x 1-1/2". The earrings shines with
pink crystals and measures 1". ~ All beautiful and if you love shades of
pinks, this will be your favorite!
Price $39.99
Vintage SIGNED LISNER Brooch Set | Vintage Lisner Brooch Demi Parure
Designer Signed Lisner Brooch Set | Lg Golden Florals
The brooch is an amber color glass with a wave of darker amber running
through the middle, and surrounded by small diamond shaped glass
rhinestones in a lighter amber color, bordered by oval glass amber
navettes. The brooch measures 2 1/4" long by 2" wide. The earrings are
matching in the same style and colors as the brooch and are designed to
run the outer border of the ear. The earrings are a clip ons and both
earrings are
RARE to find them signed MADELEINE. The earrings
measure 2" long by 3/4" wide.
Price $109.99
Rare vintage signed
. This set is
exquisite in a dark
amber color and style.
Weighty mammoth
pieces, large brooch
with matching earrings.
Rare to find signed
RARE Signed MADELEINE Vintage Jewelry | Madeleine Signed Brooch Set
Vintage Victorian Revival Gold tone Fold Open LOCKET Signed CORO. Authentic
vintage Coro Pegasus brooch that is also a picture frame. It unfolds to reveal four (4)
places in which to hold a photo. Two places have no plastic on top or metal frames,
two does have and with original photos. The brooch/frame was part of Coro's Family
Album Locket Series, and is hanging from a lighter golden colored fleur de lis pin. The
outside is decorated with etched front and back. The front holds an emerald colored
center stone, round, matching an emerald green stone, square, on the fleur de lis.
This Chubby Fold Open Locket Measures 1" Wide, Approximately 3/8" Thick and about
1 1/4" High (Bale is Included in this Measurement). It Will Hold Pictures Measuring
5/8" Wide. To open, press the locket snug together with thumb and finger, pull back on
the bail. Pressing it insures you will never wear the bail out. NOTE: Too many of these
precious lockets are lost due to opening improperly but not this one!
Excellent vintage crystal clear rhinestone bar pin. Late 1960's era,
Sparkling clear rs line up the 1 1/8" bar pin, silvertone.
Price $14.99
Vintage Micro Mosaic Guitar Pin
Antique ROMA Micro mosaic Pin | Signed ROMA

Vintage lisner jewelry, vintage estate pins, micro mosaics...