Vintage whistling dog estimated from 1950s. For collectors
only and not intended for toys.
Price $6.99
Wear it as a pin or add a chain. Antique celluloid necklace
pendant pin. Drum and sticks decorates this pendant. Pin on
back rotates/swivels side to side to fasten. It has two red chain
fittings. Measures 1 1/4" wide and with the sticks it is 2 1/4". C
clasp back. A rare novelty antique.
Price $24.99
SET OF TWO (2pc.). Antique Dust Crumb Set. This matching vintage crumb set/dust pan is great! The front of the tray features a Gold
tone and beautiful blue with cascading flowers and leaf design. The back is Gold tone. These crumb pans have been used and shows
wear on the front and the back but oh so cute! Metal pans, one large and one small.
Price $39.99
Antique Dust Crumb Set
Above the Eagle Reads E Plurisus Unum Celluloid Antique Necklace
Antique Celluloid Necklace Pendent
1700's -1800's Large Rosary
Victorian Antique Bog Oak Rosary
Antique Rosary | Bog Oak
Large antique rosary. Estimated mid 1700s -1800s. Beads carved from bog or
other similar material. Very collectible and rare rosary.
Price $1999.99       Sold to US only
Large Victorian antique powder puff box. Date of 1830 is on the front below Mary and
still contains its brown mesh cloth in the bottom of the puff box. Almost 200 years old.
Price $109.99
1830 Mary Powder Box
Large Victorian antique powder puff box, antique
Large 1830 Powder Puff Box
1830 Powder Puff Box Contains Its Brown Cloth Inside
Whistling Dog 1950's Plastic Whistle
Antique Plastic Dog Whistle
Antique Dog Whistle
Antique Celluloid Brooch Pin
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Elephant and a Donkey Charm
Two pieces, these cute little charms are adorable. The elephant charm has black painted eyes. The donkey is taller, it
has a yellow glue spot on the backside. Celluloid or an older vintage plastic. 1 1/4" long.
Price $19.99
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