Exceptional HUGE silvertone demi-parure necklace and earrings
set.....large pink rs, round and oval cabochons, and a rectangular
cabochon, with the center stone measuring 3/4" x 1/2". The necklace
center section is 5". The overall length of the necklace measures 14 1/2"
long not including the j fastener, that can be adjusted smaller. The widest
part at the center is just under 1". Earrings are clip and measure under 1
1/2" long x 1 1/4" across. All opaque set glass stones are prong set. This
is really a beauty. Est. c. 1940's.
Item#NECSET 1203
Price: $89.99
An exquisite Demi
Parure necklace and
matching clip earring.
Pink Rhinestones with
Glass Cabochon. A
real show stopper.  
Juliana parure sets, demi parure, push in clasps, filigree earrings, signed amerique, antique jewelry, full parures, and rhinestone sets.
Golden necklace and matching earrings. Ornate center mount with
brilliant crystal clear glass rhinestones in an elaborate golden setting
suspended from one line of crystal rs alternating with golden square
metal sets, oblong linked extension chain with Shepherd's hook and
golden ball at opposite. Same feather like setting, matching screwback
earrings. Necklace measures 16 1/2" long, earrings are 1 1/2" long,
giving a charming silhouette of curves and lines around your neck. So
cute and pretty when you see it on yourself.
Item#NECSET 1201
Price: $69.99
Beautiful crystal AB Necklace Demi Parure. Three lines smoke crystal
AB's suspended from the a beautiful three end connector. The end
connectors hold five crystal clear rhinestones on top. Extension chain of
matching smoke crystal AB's, finished with a silvertone Shepherd's hook.
Measures 16" long. Matching clip-back earrings measures 1" across.
Item#NECSET 1208
Price: $69.99
Beautiful pinks sought after thermoset art deco long bead necklace and
matching earrings. Nine strands of pinks ranging in colors suspended
from a three end silvertone connector. Necklace measures 18" long.
Shepherd's hook closure with matching bead extension chain at
opposite. Clip-on earrings match the necklace and are designer signed
MADE IN W GERMANY, 1 1/2" across. c. 1945's.
Item#NECSET 1204
Price: $89.99
Loaded with Heavy Pink Oval Cabochons, Rounds...Vintage Jewelry Set
Pinks | Vintage Demi Parure
Who knew Glamour could be so darn good? Choose a red, crystal, golden or topaz set and add a glamorous polish to your outfit, no
matter what the occasion. A golden snake chain, amber crystal jewelry, or unique art deco lucite jewelry.
Loaded Art Deco Thermoset Parure
 Nine Strands Thermoset Art Deco Jewelry Set Matching Earrings
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Opal Ruby Pearl Vintage 3-Pc Necklace Parure Set
Opalescent Opal Necklace Bracelet and Earrings
Shimmering Opalescent Ruby Stones and Pearls Parure
Ribbon Vintage Demi Parure Rhinestone Necklace Bracelet
Baguette Tear Chaton Vintage Rhinestone Necklace Parure
Roses and Rhinestones | Vintage Jewelry Parures at Teresa's
Two dozens pink and red roses, with this pink and red rhinestone jewelry set. Yes, we are ready for
anything today. A beautiful necklace of large red tapered baguettes and small pink stones. Necklace
measures 14 and 1/2 inches in length. The vintage necklace has matching clip-on earrings that are 1
inch in length.   
Item#NECSET 12-682
Price: $89.99
There is no such thing as too much style. Go out in style today with a
gorgeous golden topaz prong set rhinestone demi entwined with clear
baguette rhinestone bow shaped loops. Necklace loop is 1 3/4 inches
across. Golden topaz rhinestones continue as a double dangle through
loops for an additional 2 1/2 inches ending in 2 teardrops with 3 prong set
round stones. The necklace is 14 inches not including the clasp. Bracelet
is two strands of golden topaz prong set rhinestones highlighted with bow
center with golden topaz teardrop shaped stones above and below bow.
Bracelet is 6 inches not including the clasp. Stunning glowing jewelry,
Item#NECSET 12-188
Price: $139.99
Huge Set with Opalescent Opal like stones (not signed but who cares!).
Vintage Goldtone/Rhinestone/Pearl, magnificent size with necklace
brooch bracelet and earrings. Oh does it sparkle. It is goldtone with dark
red rhinestones and tiny seed pearls throughout. The center of each is an
opal like glass stone with schillers effect. The necklace is 15" and the
medallion in the center measures 2". The earrings are screw back.
Bracelet is 7" long and 1" wide in the center. The brooch is 1 3/4".
Stunning set.
Item#NECSET 12-184
Price: $89.99
Vintage goldtone segments centered with crystal clear rhinestones. The
necklace is designer signed Kramer of New York. Matching demi parure
set. Lovely squares, 15" in length,
Kramer of New York. Matching clip
earrings are
signed Kramer.
Item#NEC SET 2110/pg12
Price: $89.99
This set is absolutely stunning.! It is heavy, and the quality is evident as
soon as you see and hold this! The setting is a bright gold tone with lots
of texture, topaz and yellow colored faceted glass rhinestones. 17"
wearable length and adjust down, and 5/8" wide. The matching clip back
earrings are 1 1/4" by 1/2". This set is in pristine condition....totally
exquisite all the way around.
Price: $89.99
Vintage rare carved bone or lucite necklace and earring set. Intricately
carved beads.....beautifully hand carved and dyed a rose pink.  The largest
central bead approx.  1/2" diameter and the smallest beads are approx.
1/8" dia.  Necklace is 16"' long with a screw in barrel closure and the
earrings are  7/8" across with silver tone clips.
Item#NEC SET 2107/pg12
Price: $39.99
Pink Carved Necklace and Earrings
Beautifully Hand Carved Vintage Set
The "G" of green, "W" of white and "V" of violet was clearly understood: To
the Suffragettes' determinations through many decades, we modern
women own our right to vote. That right was finally extended to all in
American and Great Britain from 1920-1928. Although most of the jewelry
is Victorian, some dates from the Art Deco era. In this case, we have to
rule out Edwardian because it's so substantial; Edwardian jewels tended
to be delicate in style. Thus, it must be Victorian or post-World War I, the
design is Art Nouveau, being loaded with curves and scrollwork, and
domed plaque. Either way, it's antique. Beautifully measures: Necklace -
16 ½” x 1 ½”, Clip Earrings – 1 ½”. Both pieces are ½” thick. In addition to
the 5 big cabochons of faux jade (very beautifully marbled), there are
faceted amethyst pastes and white faux pearls. Suffragette jewelry has
steadily risen in price with serious investment value.
Item#NECSET 12-300-38761R
Price: $99.99
Ornate Center Mount with Brilliant Crystal
Heavily Made Texturized Topaz and Yellow Chatons ATop
Exquisite Chaton Vintage Necklace Set
Signed Kramer of New York Golden Set
3-Strands Smoke Crystal ABs Necklace and Earrings