Blue Milk Glass Necklace Set
4-Row Necklace Matching Earrings Blue Moonstone Rhinestone
Take a good, long look at this jewelry set, because you're viewing A Fifties
Glitzy Full Parure, well made and glamorous. Goldtone with Peridot Green
and Hunter Green. The necklace "chain" is actually dozens of beautiful
glass colored rs ending with a brass chain with a hook and ball closure.
Appx. 16" long. Matching bracelet is 7" long and slightly over 1/2" wide,
matching stones. Clipback earrings. All pieces are prong set and all
stones are glass. There is nothing that surpasses the fineness and
extraordinary beauty of this necklace, bracelet, and earring parure, and
they command awe and respect.
Item#NECSET 1304   
Price: $199.99
What a gorgeous silvertone demi parure set!  Large chunky blue green sparkling
iridescent glass rhinestones with smaller blue green iridescent stones in between. The
rhinestones just sparkle and shine. All are prong set in two rows on the necklace, with a
rhinestone chain.  The necklace measures 15" not including the j fastener, that can be
adjusted smaller. The matching clip back earrings are 1" round.  This set is beautiful.
Quality of unsigned vintage Regency. I've seen other sets go much higher.
Item#NECSET 1305
Price: $149.99
Upscale pink opalescent demi-parure. A dazzling set,
loaded with the most gorgeous pink oblong stones that
run down the center of the necklace, and dark pinkish
lavender rhinestones on each side. A couple stones
slightly darker, but who cares with this beauty. The
oblong stones sits up tiered and gives the necklace a
nice 3-D appeal. Sparkling prong set. Necklace
measures 14" not including the j-hook clasp and the
dangle ball. Earrings are screwback and are 1 1/2" long.
Est. c. 1950s.
Item#NECSET 1301
Price: $169.99
Blue demi parure filled with an abundance of love. Double strand vintage necklace holding two
sizes of cloud blue glass cabs and shiny blue rhinestones, filling the necklace. The necklace
measures approx. 14 1/4". Silvertone, sparkles and shines as well. Matching screwback
Item#NECSET 1306
Price: $99.99
Grand, gorgeous demi-parure of 2 strand blue aurora borealis crystal necklace with
matching clip earrings. Silver tone loop decorated double end connector holds two
strands of glass beads. Approximate lengths on necklace measure between 15' and 17"
and the wearable length is 15" not including the j hook closure. Matching clip earrings are
1" in diameter. Swarovski crystal.....a beautiful shade of blue.
Item#NECSET 1302
Price: $99.99
Vintage 2-Strand Blue Crystal Necklace Earrings Parure Set
Vintage Blue Crystal
Exceptional Large Chunky Deep Colors Large Stones
Unsigned vintage Regency Necklace Set
Juliana Grand Parure Necklace Bracelet Earrings
Matching Clip Earrings in Goldtone
Large Deep Green Stones and Chaton Stones
Bright Ruby Red Colored Molded and Chaton Stones
Unsigned Kramer of New York Bracelet Set
Elegant and enticing with fascination and excitement. This vintage glamour is heavy
and well made. Reds and crystal whites, the necklace length measures 14" from
end to end not including the shepherd's hook. The center drop is 1". The bracelet
measures 7" across including its fold over clasp, and 3/4" across. All stones are
prong set. Unsigned but quality looks like a Kramer Of New York.
Item#NECSET 1308
Price: $169.99
For Ladies only: You won't have a more appealing look than when you wear the jewelry of your dreams. Antique vintage necklace
parures, shop Vintage Jewelry at Teresa's.
Lg Ovals Rounds Chatons Ruby Red Necklace/Bracelet Set says it all
Upscale Pinks Lavenders Opalescent Demi-parure
Rhinestone Sphere Orb on Necklace End
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3-Piece Set Turquoise Vintage Plastic Leaf Necklace Set
THREE Piece Set. Turquoise blue plastic leaf necklace set. Complete with Necklace, Clip-On earrings, and Bracelet.
Nicely detail molded leaves, set in a shiny silvertone. Necklace measures 16" x 3/4". J hook closure. Bracelet measures
7 1/8" long x 3/4" wide. Earrings are 2" long and go up the ear. Tiny vintage loss on the clip of the earrings.
1950's-1960's. Sharp looking set!!!
Item#NECSET 13-039
Price: $69.99