Heishi shell. Take a break and have a fresh cup of Mocha and a brownie.
Browns and grays are in. Sleek and sexy, this necklace is stunning with
its wet looking shell. The pieces measure 3/8" in the front and tapers as it
flows around the neck to the back. Closes with a screw barrel clasp.
Great looking colors from browns to grays.
Item#Necklace 2301
Price $39.99
Golden colorful rhinestone necklace. Handcrafted with prong-set
rhinestones. Estimated newer vintage..... a  beautiful ab and ruby red
crystal rhinestone heavier and substantial quality necklace. The
centerpiece measures 2 1/8" x 3" and the entire necklace measures 18"
in length. Adjustable j-hook closure and is beautiful. Probably Czech in
Item#Necklace 2304
Price $39.99
Heavily made two tone yellow, two layer necklace. This vintage necklace
looks distinguished and rich with a high collar, low or no collar. It also
goes well with your favorite t and jeans. Est. c. 1950-60's. The overall
necklace is 15 1/2" and can be adjusted down in length. Metal and
enamel with golden trim. Quite a unique look. J hook fastener.
Item#Necklace 2306
Price $89.99
Blue Vintage Rhinestone and Pearl Necklace
Blues, Pearls, and Golds Intertwined In Each Cab
Vintage Designer Coro, Green RS and Pearls
Vintage coro necklace. Emerald green glass rhinestones and faux pearls
all set in a swirled gold tone setting. Stunning vintage
designer signed
on the backside of the front center section! There is a little
make-up on some of the links that the buyer can easily rub off. All in
excellent condition. 16 3/4" in length.
Item#Necklace 2309
Price $42.99
Blue vintage rhinestone and faux pearl gold tone necklace. Great vibrant
blue stones  of two sizes intermixed with pearls. Heavy and quality made.
16 1/4 inches long.
Item#Necklace 2310
Price $44.99
Super flashy jewelry with creamy thermosets or an antique enamel necklace, and eye-popping  rhinestones let you own a look like
no other woman can!
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Add a beautiful statement piece to your little black dress.
Rare ENAMEL Shudder Necklace
Pink Thermosets In Front, Pink Link Chain in Back
Vintage 1950's thermoset plastic pink leaf shaped necklace signed
STAR. The chain of the necklace has alternating pink with gold tone metal
links. The pink color is vivid, shimmering, and beautiful. Measures 17"
long and 7/8" wide.
Item#Necklace 23-117
Price $34.99
Red and Crystal RS Motif
Heishi Shell Necklace
Marvella Pearl Necklace with a teardrop pearl center with small iridescent
rhinestones. Simulated white with cream overtone pearl strand, 18.5”,
signed Marvella. Est.1970's.              
Item#Necklace 23-233
Price $19.99      
Crown Trifari Necklace. Steaming snake chain necklace holds an art
deco front of gold’s and silvers. The chain measures 15.5” in length not
including the fold over clasp length. The crown is above the T, signed
TRIFARI with the copy writeright.
Item#Necklace 23-239
Price $49.99
Top quality vintage pearl necklace. On each link is crystal rhinestone and
below it rest a sim pearl and a silver tone leaf which holds another crystal
rhinestone. Twenty-six links of pearls. All set in a heavily made silver tone
necklace. Measures 15.5”; designer unsigned.
Item#Necklace 23-257
Price $44.99
Tri color pearly moonstone acorns in silver tone with rhinestone leaves.
Slight darkening of glue residue on some of the rs seen with the jewelers
loop. 15.5” in length. Very pretty vintage necklace.
Item#Necklace 23-258
Price $19.99
15” of beautiful crystal stones in varying shapes and sizes, so elegantly
feminine, it begs to be worn. A rich blue emerald-cut stone measuring ¾”
x ½” is draped and surrounded by clear rhinestones in marquise. Stones
are prong set. Its design features rigid metal “branches” extending out 1”
from the stone, then flexible clusters on the necklace chain. This necklace
is in excellent condition. It is missing only one stone, a tiny one on the end
link that hooks onto the foldover clasp. All bright and lively and sparkle
Item#Necklace 23-245
Price $49.99
Antique Necklace. Art Deco golden topaz and crystal necklace. 14 ½” x 1
½” choker necklace. Each segment holds a hand set, deep colored,
brilliant full cut stone in an articulated setting with a capped stone
dangling. The back of the necklace also has great detail (see photo).
Item#Necklace 23-261
Price $319.99
Unsigned Designer
Antique Necklace

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