Three line amber glass silvertone rhinestone bracelet. All stones prong
set. Slide in clasp, safety chain, 7" in length, vintage rhinestone jewelry.
Item#Bracelet 1601
Price $33.99
Antique 1900's bracelet, loaded with brilliant multi colors. Eight large
glass babbles, nearly 3/4" from corner to corner each, in transparent true
colors of red, crystal clear, cobalt blue, dark yellow, green, and purple with
machine made large flat golden brassy links. The bracelet length
measures 8", with 'OLD'
roll spring ring clasp (also know as a thumbless
sprin ring)
. A classic antique that translates so nicely today.
Item#Bracelet 1605
Price: $89.99
Rhinestone jewelry, vintage rs jewelry, crystal clear rhinestone bagette bracelet.
Colored ab rs bracelet, vintage rhinestone jewelry, two lines.
All prong set multi colored ab rhinestone bracelet with 2 strands of
rhinestones. They are set in rhodium silvertone. It measures 7 1/4"and
closes with a decorative fold over clasp.
Item#Bracelet 1609
Price: $27.99
Beautiful clear rhinestone bracelet in a silvertone metal setting. Two
strands with a center interest design, making this bracelet stand.  The
bracelet measures 6 3/4" long and almost 3/4" wide in the center front.
Elegant, all prong set with glass rs. Fold over clasp.
Item#Bracelet 1608
Price: $29.99
It's the extra polish on a perfect look that turns fabulous into beautiful bracelets. Blue glass wraps with large blue flowers,
twin row rhinestones, babbles and signed 12K GF.
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Blue RS wishbone golden bracelet. 1960's. Lighter in weight, each wish
bone centered with a large bright blue glass facet cut rs. 7" long without
the fold over clasp. When clasped, the clasp is hidden.
Item#Bracelet 1611
Price: $15.99
So much color here, you don't have to look closely to find its beauty.
Pink and purple rhinestone bracelet. Set in a golden setting, it has a
fold over clasp, 7" long, and the center diamond shape in the front is
7/8" across. Very simple, but sweet.
Item#Bracelet 1610
Price: $44.99
Rhinestones are set with prongs, vintage rhinestones surround the entire bracelet.
Vintage triple row rhinestone costume jewelry bracelet.
Antique bracelet, thumbless spring ring clasp.
Thumbless spring ring clasp, antique bracelet.
This sweet bracelet has lovely wish bone links.
Antique bracelet. Shinning and looks almost like it has never been worn.
Shimmers with alternating golden stars and blue green prong set glass
rounds. The blue green rounds are 3/8". The bracelet is 7" x 3/4" and
closes with a sports ring clasp (thumbless old roll spring ring). Has a
lighter weight. Signed on the backside of link - 12K GF 1.20 and I can't
make out the rest. Enlarge photo, maybe you can make it out.
Item#Bracelet 16-061
Price: $79.99
Signed on the backside - 12K... Antique bracelet.
Gold anyone? Vintage Gold Slide bracelet. Loaded with gold motifs that
surround the entire bracelet. Measures a little over 7" in length.
Item#Bracelet 1203/pg16
Price $9.99
Greens, reds, golden, slide bracelet.
Perfect for the lady golfer, slide golden golf bracelet.
This sweet bracelet vintage cuff bangle, signed Alpaca Mexico. Oval inlay
of red flower and white backdrop with silver divider strips. It looks like the
red and white may be some sort of resin, but I can not be sure. Great
Mexico cuff bracelet. Size: Diameter - 2-1/4" by 1-1/2", circumference
5-1/4" external (excluding the opening), the opening is 1-1/4" (the total
circumference is 6 1/2").
Item#Bracelet 1213/pg16
Price $34.99
Signed Alapaca Mexico bangle bracelet with inlays.
Antique Large Floral Blue Glass Memory Bracelet.
Antique jewelry bracelet.
Wonderful wonderful true antique memory wire bracelet. Bluish lilac glass
beads with large glass flowers tipped with "gold" trim and centered with
clear rhinestones. The bracelet is 3/4 inch wide and the flowers are over 1
inch across. The bracelet glass beads and flowers are excellent. The
metal shows a tad verdigris from antique age. Guaranteed you will love
the color of this unusual bracelet.
Item#Bracelet 1214/pg16
Price $169.99

Opal art glass, glass babbles, sweetheart, rhinestone bracelets.