Large centered high step cut emerald glass stone surmounting rectangular openwork metal. Three wide band sections are joined with matching wide links.
Thumbless sports spring ring clasp at one end, two chain links at the other. Gold Wash. Bracelet - 7"L x 1"W. Unmarked 12K clasp.
Item#Bracelet 407
Price $649.99
Antique edwardian bracelet bangl victorian age
Gold filled hinge bracelet antique with safety chain
Mid to late 1800's golden hinge bangle
Etruscan edwardian tube bypass bangle. Gold filled hinged bracelet - 2 3/8" x 1 3/4" inside measurement, fits about a 6 1/2" wrist. Decorative terminals with a heart lace
work. Secure push button closure at the side with safety chain attached.
Item#Bracelet 410
Price $359.99
Edwardian Cameo Bracelet! Hand carved Cameo in center front. Much detail and decoration throughout. Part of the ornamentation is done in gold, part a golden brassy
setting. Hidden spring latch behind the shell cameo. The back is incised PAT DEC 16, 1879!
Item#Bracelet 404
Price $799.99
Edwardian gold wide bracelet
Antique thumbless sports ring
Antique huge emerald glass center edwardian bracelet
Sapphire and light blue bracelet and earrings
Blue vintage demi parure. Multiple sized and shaped sapphire and light sapphire blue. Brilliant silvertone mount.
Bracelet - 7"L x 7/8"W. Decorative fold over clasp. Clip earrings - 1" x 7/8".
Item#BRACSET SET 4-460
Price $79.99
'Stretch' expansion bracelet in silvertone, a lovely weighty piece with 2 lengths of
crystals. You'll be happy how the crystals throw incredible prisms of light.
Unstretched it's 1 5/16" in diameter. 1 1/4" wide includes the band and crystals.
The bracelet fits my 7" wrist comfortably. Exceptional.
Price $59.99
Cha Cha loaded crystal expansion bracelet
Edwardian cameo bracelet! Incised PAT DEC 16, 1879
Cameo bangle antique edwardian bracelet
Women and men alike for ages loved to wear jewelry. It shows beauty and a sign of importance

Victorian Bracelets

One bangle, a pair with silk box sold for $2000
Antiuqe bracelet bangle filigree florets surrounds with projecting flanges
American and circa 1880 golden bracelet
14kt classic yellow gold antique bangle
Etruscan revival c 1879 bangle
ETRUSCAN REVIVAL - Stamped: PAT'D FEB, 25, 1879, OCT 14, 79
Exquisitely designed bangle. This bangle bracelet has projecting flanges along its edges and granulation decoration. They are 1/2" across and really dramatic. Yes a
little nicks and marks where there is no decoration. It has been left unpolished. The bracelet gold weight is unknown, no gold stampings but 14kt classic yellow
gold/overlay is usual for this time period. Oval in shape. Measuring 2 1/2 " x 1 1/2", 6 1/2" circumference, sm-med wrist. Unsigned.
Item#Bracelet 4-426-47152J
Price $599.99
(A set sold in the Magnificent Jewelry Auction at Sotheby's in 1993, their catalogue description which is " Pair of Gold Bangle Bracelets - American, Last quarter 19th
century - In revivalist style within borders of florets continuing to the back, stamped on the inside - Pat'd Feb 25, 1879 and Oct. 14th. 79.  With fitted box stamped on the
silk:  Mermod, Jaccard & Col, 4th & Locust Str., St. Louis, $2,000); research and the patents from jewelry designer Charles Hein from Corono Queens NY.

At BAVj's Authentic Vintage Jewelry, we sell eras of bracelets ranging over 150+ years.
An impressively timeless antique golden tube bypass bangle bracelet with an extraordinary
cluster necklace will bring the room of people in to surround you.
Enjoy etruscan antique Edwardian jewelry, bypass bangles, tube bangles, antique cameo's,
antique gold jewelry, buckle bracelets, and an antique bride's bracelet.
Edwardian bracelet. Metal band with creamy celluloid atop. Adorable
buckle is silvertone. Light edwardian wear to the band. Will fit up to a
6" wrist. Est. 19th century.
Item#Bracelet 409
Price $29.99
Antique edwardian metal and celluloid bracelet
Faceted crystal drop bracelet
Silver expansion bracelet loaded with crystal stones
Eye-Catching and flashy, the crystals shows the bracelet off by reflections of light. Silver-toned crystal vintage bracelet expanding
from 3" to 5" to fit just about any wrist. Excellent condition. Marked and looks never worn.
Item#Bracelet 01-266/4
Price $59.99
Golden Signed victorian MH & Co bangle bracelet
Antique 1800's golden bracelet
Signed MH & Co. Martin Hall Gold Shell Bangle Bracelet Late 1800s. Victorian, engraved design of floral and leaves, wide oval shape. Tiny push-in button to open and
close, hidden tongue & groove latch. Inside dimensions  2 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 7/16". Fits my 7" wrist easily. Inside is marked GOLD SHELL MH & CO.
Item#Bracelet 10-427/4
Price $149.99